Monday, March 19, 2012

I know you people all think I'm mental for posting this flying drone crap all the time...

... but I'm SO not.

The world's largest and most resilient BitTorrent site plans to redefine "cloud computing" with a plan to move at least some of its servers onto unmanned drones miles above Sweden. 

In a Sunday blog post, The Pirate Bay announced new "Low Orbit Server Stations" that will house the site's servers and files on unmanned, GPS-controlled, aircraft drones.

To me its just obvious. You want to put your stuff someplace where the cops can't just kick in your front door anytime they want? Put it on an autonomous aircraft or an autonomous zeppelin/balloon/blimp whatever. They are CHEAP, they are easy to make in your mom's basement, they can do the job you want them to do be it file server or phone sniffer/cracker/whatever, and the best part is the cops can't get to them. Physically can't get there.

I mean, are we going to have police units running around Europe and North America shooting down glorified model airplanes all the time? Unlikely! 

But even if they do try to shoot them,  shooting them down with what? Stinger missiles? AAA cannon?  Jet fighters? You put a drone up higher than the airline industry goes and have it stay there stationary for a couple of days on solar power, that's going to be a hell of a thing to try and stop. The cost of such an aircraft would be considerably less than the cost of the fuel for the jet that's going to go shoot it too.

It is also the answer to Barack Hussein Obama's fabulous Internet Off-Switch. Sail a few of these things over every city in the country, you've got basic text internet instantly for anybody willing to aim a TV dish at it.

Way to go Pirate Bay!

The Phantom


WiFi Lunchbox Guy said...

Nah. All the cool kids are building them.

Knight 99 said...

“I know you people all think I'm mental for posting this flying drone crap all the time...”

Nah, people should be concerned about any government surveillance and technology that is beyond the average citizen’s ability to shut it down if misused against them.

Another issue that’s way off the public’s radar is the development of AI technologies. Everyone assumes people concerned are tin foil hat types that watched too many Terminator movies. Yet many credible scientists estimate that genuine AI may be achievable in the next 20 – 100 years.

The reality is that you can never be sure who eventually takes control of superior computing systems be they dictators, terrorists or activists. Even with all good intentions of developing AI technology that supersedes human intelligence, what would be the economic and social fallout of not needing human intelligence?

No need for universities, engineer’s, physicists, city planners, etcetera......