Saturday, April 04, 2020

Masks for COVID-19: Wear 'em.

New video about masks from the Czech Republic.

Lately we've seen the various cabinet ministers and the Prime Minister out there on TV saying that wearing a mask is the wrong idea. The reason they state for this claim is that the mask "gives people a false sense of security."

Translated from Official Speak: You people are too stupid to live. This is all far too complicated for your feeble minds to comprehend. Just shut up and do what you're told.

Wear a mask when you go out. Even a sock or a bandana over your face is better than nothing. Sew something up and wear it.

Fuck Health Canada, they're lying.


Glen said...

The masks that the public are being asked to wear are not to protect the individual wearing the mask. They're to keep that individual wearing the mask from spreading the virus.

The Phantom said...

Hi Glen. Hope you're staying well.

Yes, the home made masks do not filter the virus out of the air for the wearer. They filter it out for everyone else.

Obviously if no one is spreading the virus because everyone is wearing a mask, then it isn't spreading.

Dr. Tam seems to have accepted the obvious, finally, as she has mentioned that fabric masks do protect others, if not the wearer so much.

Just remember, Glen, that the reasons you can't buy a proper N-99 disposable right now is:

A) They are all made in China, and China is not delivering to Canada right now.
B) The government is supposed to have a massive emergency store of PPE including masks. There's a whole agency in charge of having it. But they DON'T.
C) Hoarding, which is 100% predictable in an emergency like this.

I wore my dorky makeshift facemask to the store today. It looks stupid, and people look at you funny but that is going to change over the next few weeks.

I fully expect masks to be mandatory by middle of May, and there may be fines or even jail for not wearing them.

Because that's how socialists roll. Do nothing until the problem explodes, then go completely overboard.