Thursday, July 04, 2019

What white people -really- are.

I hear a lot of chatter on the Interwebz about Whiteness this and Whiteness that. 

Dear Ivory Tower Socialists and Feminist Theory weenies, you have no idea what the hell you're talking about. All those micro-agressions and colonialism this and every other thing you think white people are, we're not those things. 

Our culture, our nations, our Western civilization, this is us trying to be good. That's our nature harnessed and made to work. Unleashed, its so much worse than that.

Do not pull on this thread. You will not like what is in there.

(And all you White people who watched the whole thing, go ahead and tell me you didn't feel the monster trying the bars of its cage.)

The Phantom


Reziac said...

Yeah. You really do not want to experience the Saxon's hate.

Rattlesnakes put me into drop-everything-hunt-it-down-and-kill-it mode. That's the monster, licking the bars...

Anonymous said...

Creativity and superior intelligence - added to malevolence. Stripped of our Christian/Western moral code, whiteness would be make every monster of history seem tame.

The Phantom said...

A whole continent filled with Vlad Tepes imitators and modern weapons.

The Soviet Union is the model, 30 million starved to death over politics. That's what happens when Christianity is stripped from the ruling class.

We haven't seen what would happen when it is stripped away from the whole population, and we all go Full Viking. The Four Horsemen would be telling us to dial it back a bit.

marc in calgary said...

It's coming.

Don't be surprised when it arrives, embrace it and seize your victory.

Anonymous said...

Western-style democracies when pushed and pressed too hard quickly turn medieval as a necessary survival mode. It is never a pretty sight - we do what we must when we must for as long as we must to obliterate existential threats. When enemies are annihilated and threats removed we return to our peaceful creative ways. Prolonged provocation will most certainly "loose the dogs of war" and unleash unimaginable havoc.

Foxfier said...

It's just Human.

Post-Christian human is nastier than pre, and that's from someone who keeps up on the archaeology of human sacrifice.

Pre, there was less stored resources to build on.

*points at the Soviet Union* Example, right there.

OvergrownHobbit said...

On a brighter note, there's,this

I quite like the bit at the five minute mark.