Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Another day, another lesbian blocked on Farcebook.

Big Tranny is flexing it's muscles these days, beating up women and getting them kicked off social media.

On Sunday evening, Miriam Ben-Shalom, the first lesbian to be reinstated to the U.S. Army after being booted over her sexual orientation, told PJ Media she had been banned from Facebook for 30 days. Her crime? Saying that lesbians like her are not interested in intercourse with males who have male anatomy. She has been outspoken against transgender activists, who — among other things — insist that males who identify as women are really women, so lesbians must be romantically interested in them.
When PJ Media asked about the offending post, Ben-Shalom pointed to a photo with two t-shirts.
"It is a picture of 2 red t-shirts in 'Your photos,'" she wrote in an email. "One says 'D*kes Don't Want D**k Get Over It' and the other says, 'Women Have V*g*n*s Get Over It.'" The vulgar photo may be seen here.

So vulgar! I'm clutching my pearls!

My second most favorite part of this story is that the Farcebook page is private, for members only. The "offending" picture (of t-shirts with printing on them, for fuck sakes) is not public and no one can see it. So Farcebook management is looking pretty red-handed today, censoring an old lady over nothing.

Of course to the Woke(tm) activists, Ben-Shalom is literally worse than Hitler, for daring to suggest that men can't be lesbians. They called the cops on some radical TERFs the other day in England for the same thing, a banner that said "Lesbians do not have penises."

There's something about a bald statement of the obvious that sends these tranny-activists into a frenzy. Meanwhile, actual transgender people are starting to disavow all this stuff. Blair White, for example.

But then actual transgender people tend not to be pedophile perverts trying to rope town councils into paying for "topless pool parties for 12 year olds" and using the law to make unwilling immigrant women wax their balls. Which they still have, while declaring themselves a whamyn.

My most favorite part is that radical lesbian man-hating feminist Miriam Ben-Shalom is being defended, not by the Left, her comrades in arms, but by PJ Media. The Right. The horrid NeoCons, the Hitler Youth, the Nazis, the Fascist swine that Antifa exists to punch. Yeah.

Dear Lefties, we can see you for what you are.


Anonymous said...


A "lesbian. TRAPPED in a man's body"

One of my favorite bar lines from a few years ago. If I say it now, all the woke, SJWs scurry around like an ants on an hill hit with a stick.
Not worth the hassle.

But really, isn't every hetero man truly a lesbian, trapped in a man's body - in a sense?

And what a scam to claim to be a tranny girl, but still wants to stick it into another girl (lesbian or not).
We are living in the crazy years.

Orvan Taurus said...

Well, I for one am NOT willing to "transition" so maybe I'm really just male?

The Phantom said...

How many people are we talking about who legitimately have such a thing going on? A man who thinks they're a woman, and they're still attracted to women. Maybe five? In all of North America, -maybe- there's five people really like that.

The rest are poseurs, using the political climate to find opportunities for their own brands of mental illness.

What I can't stand is the government weenies taking these poseurs seriously. Whole new departments springing up to managed the Great Transition.

Reziac said...

"...using the law to make unwilling immigrant women wax their balls. Which they still have, while declaring themselves a whamyn."

Castrating a tomcat takes 30 seconds, and is so easy anyone can do it....

The Phantom said...

Reziac, I suspect this is why Ms. Yaniv does not visit Greta the shot-put champion. Greta would yank "her" junk clean off.