Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Supremes: Yes, Trump IS the commander in chief.

Today, to the sound of great tooth gnashing and wailing from the fruitbat Left, the Supreme Court held 5-4 that yes, the President does get to decide who is allowed in the armed forces and who is not.

Here is what they're screaming about:

The president abruptly announced on Twitter in July 2017 that the military would not permit trans personnel to serve. Thereafter, former Defense Secretary James Mattis convened a panel of military experts to conduct an independent review of the subject. Their findings served as the basis of Mattis' February 2018 memo which implemented Trump's request.

What does that all mean, exactly?

That memo provides that individuals with a history of gender dysphoria — a clinical term referring to anxiety triggered by the conflict between one's biological sex and the gender with which they identify — may enlist provided they are willing to serve in their biological sex and have not suffered gender dysphoria for a continuous three-year period prior to recruitment. Active personnel who are diagnosed with gender dysphoria may continue to serve provided they do so in their biological sex.

Basically, despite the shrieking and wailing of the Left and their paid character-assassins in the media, nobody is "banned" from the military any more than any other medical condition is banned. It does mean that the military has chosen not to go along with the gender-dysphoria cosplay that so many Lefties seem to consider mandatory. 

Update: To illustrate the point, here's the downside of getting your bowels in an uproar about "trans-inclusion" and "cismale white hetero patriarchy!" in the military.

As for readiness, it is not solely a Navy problem. Over the holidays, I talked to an Army dude who has been in for 17 years (and is really looking forward to getting out in 3 more years). He was bitching about readiness and how it has taken a back seat to SHARP. He was really irate about this.
“What’s SHARP”, I asked.
He told me. SHARP is Sexual Harassment/Assault Response and Prevention. According to him, that is much more important than readiness training. He’s had to stand down from a training exercise to attend a SHARP class. Can you imagine that?
Yes I can, because I've seen the same shit at hospitals. You get one (1) class on infection control. You never stop getting Wokeness and harassment classes. Because that's what's important in a hospital, y'know. 

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