Monday, January 07, 2019

Gun use surges in Europe. Unexpectedly!

This article really is an example of how bad its gotten in Europe. Check this out:

Europe is still far from facing the gun prevalence and violence in Latin America or the U.S., which lead the world. World-wide civilian ownership of firearms rose 32% in the decade through 2017, to 857.3 million guns, according to the Small Arms Survey, a research project in Geneva. Europe accounts for less than 10% of the total.

The first thing to know is that the Small Arms Survey is a Leftist peacenik appendage of the UN, and pretty much everything they say is suspect. The USA did NOT lead the world in "gun violence", whatever that means.

But even using their own bent statistics, they're flipping out.

But Europe's shift has been rapid, and notable in part because of strict national restrictions. In most European countries, gun permits require thorough background checks, monitored shooting practice and tests on regulations. In Belgium, France and Germany, most registered guns may only be used at shooting ranges. Permits to bear arms outside of shooting ranges are extremely difficult to obtain.

Strict registration requirements don't account for—and may exacerbate—a surge in illegal weapons across the continent, experts say.

Europe's unregistered weapons outnumbered legal ones in 2017, 44.5 million to 34.2 million, according to the Small Arms Survey. Many illegal weapons come from one-time war zones, such as countries of the former Yugoslavia, and others are purchased online, including from vendors in the U.S.

When the Lord Mayor of Cologne told women to stop dressing slutty so the Mooselimbs would stop raping them back in 2016, a lot of people were listening. The communication was pretty clear. "Ain't nobody gonna help y'all bitches! Get off my lawn!" According to the article, both gun crime and legal gun ownership are up ~10% since then.

If the Small Arms Study says gun ownership increased 10%, you can bet it went up a lot more than that. And if they say there's 44.5 million illegal guns in Europe, you can probably add a decimal point. This despite them all having gun control since the Nazis. (Yes that's right, you NPC snowflakes, Hitler invented gun control. Easier to shove a Jew in a cattle car if he doesn't have a gun.)

Gun ownership is both expensive and tedious in Europe. The governments have done everything they could to take all the fun out of it. But despite that social and legal oppression, people are still buying them. Legally, or illegally. Gun control doesn't work,, not even in Holy Europe the land of Big Brother.

What's Trudeau want way more of? Gun control. Inevitably.

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