Tuesday, January 29, 2019

TERFs beg Conservative men for help.

Radical lesbian feminists seem rather bewildered at being left standing on the platform while the Gravy Train rattles off down the tracks on its biscuit wheels.

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Kara Dansky, a feminist lawyer and spokeswoman for Women's Liberation Front (WoLF), spoke against the so-called "Equality Act" at the Heritage Foundation on Monday, denouncing the transgender and gender identity movement as anti-women and anti-lesbian in particular. Her remarks echoed the London Pride March sign declaring that "Transactivism Erases Lesbians."

Did you get that? The WoLF spokesbabe giving a talk at The Hertiage Foundation? BWAHAHAHAAAAAA!!!!  But wait, it gets better! This is my favorite part:

"This is a men's Rights movement — this is really a men's rights movement," Dansky declared, calling for men to stand up for women and denounce the transgender movement.

So why are these Lefty radical fruitbats talking at the Heritage Foundation? This is awesome:

"The completely illogical statement that 'trans women are women' is recited like a Big Brother mantra in every Leftist space," Beck declared. "No one really believes it, but saying so will jeopardize your career, your community, and your life."
Beck, Dansky, and Chavez only spoke at the conservative Heritage Foundation because no liberal organization would welcome them, despite the fact that they are liberals — radical feminists!
These radical feminists received a standing ovation at the conservative Heritage Foundation on Monday. Their bravery in speaking truth to the Left's increasingly intolerant orthodoxy inspired an audience that would normally grimace at the idea of siding with homosexual activists.

Yes, those horrifying Nazis at the pro-gun, anti-abortion Heritage Foundation gave the Grrrlz a standing ovation.

Proving once again that everything you ever hear in the media about Republicans, conservatives, gun owners and what have you is always, always bullshit. Lying Lefties always lie.

The Phantom

Update: Andrew Sullivan noticed the lesbians at the Heritage Foundation.

The core disagreement, it seems to me, is whether a trans woman is right to say that she has always been a woman, was born female, and is indistinguishable from and interchangeable with biological women. That’s the current claim reflected in the Equality Act. But is it true that when Caitlyn Jenner was in the 1976 Olympics men’s decathlon, she was competing as a woman, indistinguishable from any other woman? Contemporary orthodoxy insists that she was indeed competing as a woman, and erases any distinction between a trans woman and a woman. Similarly, public high-school girls track or wrestling teams would have to include female-identifying biological males — even if they keep winning all the trophies, and even if the unfairness is staring you in the face.
Post-Modernism meets Reality, crumples up and goes on fire.


WiFi Lunchbox Guy said...

This looks more like "conservatives" solidifying the gains of the Left 20 years after the fact.

It won't help this time. I can't see any Gen Z alt-righters buying into any of this, especially not after feminism's #metoo own-goal.

The Phantom said...

"I can't see any Gen Z alt-righters buying into any of this, especially not after feminism's #metoo own-goal."

The Narrative, capital N, is what is cracking here. The narrative, my whole life, is that the Lefties are the hip, cool, tolerant people. They're the ones who will save you when you are in trouble.

But now we see radical femmy/lezzie fruitbats getting BEAT UP at, I'm sory, gay pride parades. Which are put on by and for lesbians to party with their friends at. So lesbians are getting kicked out of their own club by straight, white Lefty fucktards.

And I mean physically kicked out. If you're a 40-50 year old lesbian that HATES men with a fiery passion, who is not going to play nice with the man in a dress who says he's a lesbian too (which used to be humor but now is an actual thing) then you are going to get beat up at Gay Pride this year. Antifa will be coming for you.

But where are crazy, wild-eyed man hating lesbians given a platform and allowed to talk their crazy man hatred out loud?

Heritage Foundation.

You can hear the cracks spreading in the frenzied tweets of 40 million Lefty sock-puppet accounts. The Lefty Rainbow Coalition is like the Titanic. It looks big, it looks strong, but those wide riveted plates are crystallized cast iron. Once a teeny little crack starts at a hatch cover or a port-hole, it moves at supersonic speed across the whole plate. BANG! Another plate gone.

How many hull plates can they lose before the ocean comes in and sinks them? We are going to find out.

WiFi Lunchbox Guy said...

Well, those wild-eyed TERF lesbians were/are the backbone of Second Wave Feminism, who gave the world such joys as Cash-and-Prizes Divorce, the Duluth Model and Socially Constructed Biology[*].

So this is "conservativism" (specifically the pre-Trump Republican establishment) dyeing Second Wave Feminism into the political fabric, just in time for the Left to tear it all to shreds.

Luckily for all, the Left is caught in a purity spiral. The TERFbians were some of the most capable Leftist activists in the West after '68, with teh Gheys following in a distant second place. So they're really own-goaling in the name of the Tranz Train.

There never was a Rainbow Coalition, just a bunch of bought and paid for grifters trying to grab a slice of a shrinking pie.

[*] Which has blown up thanks to trans-athletes stealing female athlete's lunch.