Thursday, September 13, 2018

Why SJWs fail at brain.

Well, the sorry, soggy saga of the flopping camel turd blog continues. [Still not linking, y'all can look it up.]

Today's special contestant is Bonnie McDaniel. She's got lots of posts at the camel flop blog, she's got her Special SJW Official Faerie Wings and everything. She's been calling me everything but the kitchen sink for a while now.

But this was Tewww Good! to pass over. The complete comment was...

I see Bonnie is melting down and accusing me of an attempt to stifle free speech now, as well as saying I’m advocating genocide. Classy, Bonnie.
Well, you know, Phantom, I visited Hoyt’s place and saw that thread, in which you were participating, where BobtheRegisteredFool (and someone else, can’t remember the name now) were bleating about it being A-Okay to wipe out the Japanese and Indigenous people.
Did you step up and say, “Hey dude, that’s not cool?”
Did Sarah Hoyt step up and say, “Hey dude, I’m not hosting that shit on my blog. If you want to say that, take it elsewhere?”
The answer to both questions is no. In fact, Hoyt said she found FoolBob…”still interesting.”
As the saying goes, “The standard you walk past is the standard you accept.” So if you don’t object when somebody says terrible things like this…well, that means you’re consenting to it, now doesn’t it?
And if you think it’s “classy” to call you out each time you pull this crap…well, hey, yeah!! I’m class all the way.
In Bonnie's universe, we are all Nazis because we did not instantly gang up on BobtheRegisteredFool (henceforth BtRF) and eject him from our midst, lit on fire.

Also there's some alternate universe reality bending going on here. Bonnie says "Did you step up and say, “Hey dude, that’s not cool?” and helpfully answers "no" for me. As if I was totally down with the Nuke Japan Moar plan.

Which is not true. Rather than scream-and-leap like some demented ratcat, I explained my thoughts on why "Kill them all, let God sort them out" is a bad idea. Historically it never ends well. Not once. BtRF was unmoved, oh well, I'll try again another day.

But, according to Bonnie, I have sinned mightily! Quoth she: "So if you don’t object when somebody says terrible things like this…well, that means you’re consenting to it, now doesn’t it?" Yes, by engaging BtRF in a civil discussion where I strongly disagree with him, including historical references etc, I am consenting to his belief/argument/statement.

So basically, I'm the hate-filled hater of free speech because I didn't DEMAND that BtRF be de-platformed. On somebody else's blog. Because brain.

Shown actual size.

Because I engaged in a discussion, with some guy who has views I disagree with, I am both advocating genocide and also stifling free speech.

That's where we are with the SJWs now, my friends. The One True Way is de-platforming followed by punching punching the Nazi. Anything less and you are a Nazi too.

So much for collegiality and civil discourse, eh?

Currently in the Province of Ontario where I live, the provincial government is threatening to de-fund public universities if they don't knock this shit off. There's Real Life consequences to booing a guy off a stage and then beating his ass, which are you go to jail and live there for quite some time.

But, given Bonnie and taking her to the logical conclusion of her views, what can we expect? Un-civil discourse, obviously. Lots of punching people in the face, lots of doing unto others before they do unto you. Whoever has the most thugs wins.

What does that look like historically? Well, we've seen that shit before in the 20th Century. Civil war, followed by warlordism, followed by foreign invasion, famine, pestilence, and death. Otherwise known as China from about 1900 to 1950. Over a hundred million dead of one thing or another, mostly famine, ALL of it 100% avoidable. In fact they're doing it right now in Syria and Venezuela, with Mexico not far behind. Seems fun, right?

But wait, there's more! Two of the Four Horsemen got upgrades! With modern weapons like plagues, nukes and nerve gas, they can probably beat the Chinese record. Predict 200+ million dead in North America. Two of three. More in the cities, they starve faster and diseases spread in hours.

Doesn't that sound like a party? Two out of three dead right across Western civilization, sign me the hell up for that, Bonnie baby!


Anonymous said...

Bob the Registered Fool has been with us since Baen's bar. I have no clue if those are his opinions but I doubt it. He's a sort of uber troll but not one who calls us names, so I let him present the repulsive persona he wants to. Most of the time I ignore him but he's a good barometer. If I find myself agreeing with him, my thinking is off.

The reason I don't think they're his real opinions but a sort of performance art, is that he's quite NORMAL on subjects that aren't as... bombastic?

Seriously, for someone to come to my blog comments, read, and decide we all agree with the resident troll is bizarre. Unless you know the blog particularly when it's a community, you have no clue if this is a long running joke (which I think Bob is running) or the real opinions of the blog.

You can usually tell, though, when everyone ignores someone or only engages them with tongue in cheek that this is not the opinion of the blog.

I also find it hilarious that she thinks you have to suppress free speech in order to save it.

I HOPE her minders don't let her leave the house without protective mittens and helmet and prevent her from licking windows.


Foxfier said...

He usually gets stuff actually hauled out and discussed-- very handy when the justifications offered don't match up with the results.

Game out the likely results.

A reoccurring pattern seems to be that Bob makes a "practical" solution...taken to actual practical extremes. Which shows the horror.

The Phantom said...

Hi Sarah,

At least Bob is presenting a wrong argument in an interesting way. Probably so smarty-pants like me can bang on about how wrong it is. I don't really care, to be honest, he's a polite dude, that's good enough for me.

Bonnie is pretty much limited to shriek-and-point. Not interesting after the second or third time you see it. Given what I just said, she's probably frothing and chewing the carpeting right now.

I hope nobody dares her to touch the flagpole with her tongue this winter.

Emmett Fitz-Hume said...

I blame the Internet. Not just Social Media but the whole shebang. It's an Illusory Equalizer but not in a good way: it gives everyone access to a forum where they can talk and talk and talk.

They can go to some places and its an echo chamber: The Dumbening.

They can go to some places and stir crap up: That's like watering the Dumb with Attention.

They get enough of both the echo chamber and the attention and the Dumb spreads like Herpes. And the Internet is the Petri Dish.

It deludes the Moron Side of the Bell Curve to think it has intellectual parity with Einstein Side. Worse, it convinces the middle,through the same mechanisms to think they're on the Einstein side too. And I think they do most of the damage.

This idiot looks like a text book case.

The Phantom said...

Emmett Fitz-Hume said: "It's an Illusory Equalizer but not in a good way: it gives everyone access to a forum where they can talk and talk and talk."

Naw, I LOVE this! These idiotic notions are mainstream Ivory Tower these days. Bonnie represents a common thread running through universities and colleges, there are people literally getting beaten up over this shit.

The way you beat a stupid idea is you talk about it MORE. You give Bonnie baby a platform, and you let her go. Every time she opens her mouth she rams her foot farther in there.

Emmett Fitz-Hume said...

You’re correct that you let them talk. After all, censorship is wrong (and counterproductive)*. But still, the unfortunate side effect of giving every Tom, Dick and Harry their own Intarwebz Soapbox (ahem, not referring to yours) is the rapid spread of idiocy.

* I don’t want the trolls and fascists et. al. to be censored and forced underground. I want to let them speak so I know who they are so that I never invite them in and break bread with them.

The Phantom said...

"But still, the unfortunate side effect of giving every Tom, Dick and Harry their own Intarwebz Soapbox ... is the rapid spread of idiocy."

Emmett, I'm an old guy. I graduated with my BA in 1979. I can assure you that the idiocy was spreading faster and harder back then than it is now.

The difference is that now you can SEE it, so things look worse. But all that shit used to fester in the shadows and in behind the baseboards, under the carpet, it was there the whole time.

Ever wonder where the whole "War On Poverty" jackassery came from? That's where. A million unexamined stupid ideas from the Ivory Tower, now being examined and mocked to death.

Robin Munn said...

I'm starting to understand why the left-wing blogs are such echo chambers. If they think that merely allowing an opinion to stand means that they agree with that opinion... then no wonder they "disappear" any WrongThink, so that their comment sections can be full of Pure Approved GoodThink™. And thus, they never learn a darn thing.

The Phantom said...

Oh yeah. Any time you make a comment outside the unstated arrangement some place like the flopper blog, or Vile666, Jezebel, i09, whatever, some little hall-monitor like Bonnie will be right there to denounce you and see that you either shut up or get shut up by the moderators.

Its worse than that they don't allow argument or dissent. They actively seek it out, hunt it down and kill it.

Because that is Free Speech, Robin. ~:D

Orvan Taurus said...

I have nothing cogent or intelligent to add, I admit. So I suppose I must settle for the low-hanging fruit(cake):

You are a kitchen sink!

...and at that, have genuine utility, which is far more than can be said of some.

Emmett Fitz-Hume said...


I defer to your age, wisdom and experience.