Monday, September 10, 2018

Media turns on Amazon!

I suppose it was only a matter of time. The US media is the mouthpiece of the DemocRat Party, and the Party has moved on from Hillary. She's yesterday's bagel, baby.

The new sweetness? Bernie! Who's Bernie targeting lately? Amazon!

A patent Amazon has received would pair humans and machines. In this case, the humans would be in a cage.
Illustrations that accompany the patent, which was granted by the U.S. Patent and Trademark office in 2016, show a cage-like enclosure around a small work space sitting atop the kind of robotic trolleys that now drive racks of shelves around Amazon warehouses.
The patent was called "an extraordinary illustration of worker alienation, a stark moment in the relationship between humans and machines" by researchers who highlighted it in a study published Friday.

The caged human forced to live in an environment ruled by soulless robots! METROPOLIS!!! FRANKENSTEIN!!! TERMINATOR!!!!

Or, we could use our tiny little brains, and wonder how do you keep a maintenance guy from being killed by the robots in the warehouse without shutting them all off? Because he has to go in there and pick up a box that fell off a moving robot, and it would be nice if he didn't DIE in there. And shutting them all off will cost $300,000 dollars every time you do it.

You put the guy in a safety cage mounted on a robot platform, give him a robot arm to pick up the box, and carry on.

F- you, US media. We can see you hiding behind that curtain.

The Phantom


Orvan Taurus said...

Humans already work in cages.. around other humans. They just call the cage a "forklift" is all.

The Phantom said...

I was thinking Bobcat. Or backhoe, crane, front loader... car...

Walter said...

Scary thing is they got a patent for it.

Protective cages and robots have been around for decades. Combining the two is hardly innovative.

The Phantom said...

Patent office clearly has its favorites, eh?