Tuesday, September 11, 2018

A reply to cacophonous fornication.

It seems that the floppy camel turd blog has decided it is not enough to slander Dave Freer and Sarah Hoyt, he's inviting comment on said slander.

I will not be linking to the floppy camel turd, because I might get some on me. But, for the record, this is my comment, which he has no-doubt blocked.

Since you asked so nicely:

"On that, don’t you think there’s something a bit weird about that defence given that it is literally an admission?"

An admission of what?

That the Europeans have a long, long history of pointless wars and random genocides? They do.

That the Romani (and the Travelers, and lots of other wankers) commonly abuse and steal from welfare systems across Europe? They do! (Go on, tell me they don't floppy. I've got a whole bag of popcorn here for that show.)

That the European welfare states will be looking for scapegoats as soon as the checks bounce?

Dear floppy, Greece is already doing that. Everybody is to blame but them. A whole war was fought the last time Germany did it, you might recall the Great Unpleasantness of 1939. Migrants are already being force-marched through Hungary, there's pics of it on my blog. Sweden just took a hard Right turn at the voting booth on Sunday. Britain voted itself out of Europe.

Who are the very first people that are going to be targeted by frantic bureaucrats when everything goes wrong? People who everybody knows are crooked and steal from Welfare, followed shortly by those of mere bad reputation, and proceeding to people who wear funny clothes in public and/or are the wrong colour. Oh, and the Jews. Can't forget them. Nothing is going to save those guys except Israel, poor bastards.

Because when you've decided that it is morally acceptable to purge undesirables, (as WorldCon did, I remind y'all Puppy kickers, love rubbing that in!) forced deportation vs. just killing them all is the next discussion. And it will be the Left which makes that decision, the same as they always, always do, when they inevitably run out of money. The difference between a National Socialist and a Communist is the uniform.

All of the above is why I like personal freedom, smaller governments and tax cuts. Because bureaucrats are cowardly murdering assholes waiting for their chance to shine. Don't matter what flag they do their murdering under, even lily white Canada has done its share. We are better off with fewer of them.

So, floppy, now I want you to show me where Sarah Hoyt said deporting/murdering all the Romani was a great idea, and Europe should get on with doing that. Popcorn's ready, take your best shot.

The Phantom


In the comments, floppy has of course been playing fuckaround with my remarks. That's why I post things here, for the record. Fuckers want to slander me, its nice to have what was said someplace public for all to see.

The only published comment of mine was: "Hope you feel proud, taunting a woman like that when she’s ill. You’ve really surpassed yourself this time. Try taunting -me-, floppy. See how somebody healthy deals with your shite."

This response is classic SJW Puppy-Kicker. Perfection.

thephantom182: Hope you feel proud, taunting a woman like that when she’s ill.
If Hoyt is genuinely ill, then she should be taking care of herself instead of posting wildly irrational, unhinged rants on the internet.
If she is ill, where are the people who care about her? Why aren’t they looking after her and helping her to take care of herself, instead of letting her engage in deeply emotionally-unhealthy activities? Does she actually have any friends, or just hangers-on who sadistically enjoy goading her on and watching her implode on the internet?
With “friends” like that, she doesn’t need enemies. 🙄

In Bizzaro Universe, its perfectly acceptable to slander a woman online. Its perfectly acceptable to slander the woman every couple of weeks for four or five years. When she's already announced that she's sick and under medication, she's still fair game.

The bad guy is the one who mentions to her that she's being slandered. Got that? That's SJW logic.

Hey JJ. Never change, dewd. We LOVE you, man!

Upperdate: the flopper responds. My comment:

"Your upset about me disagreeing with people and things you like. Now think about that for a moment. Do you actually value my opinion that much?"

One does not "value" slander. And you are not denying you've slandered me, Sarah, Dave and Chris Chupik with untruths. Which is actually a step up for you, floppy. Normally you'd have some legalistic walk-back, where you'd claim you didn't say what you said.

So why bother? Because the internet is increasingly being used for marking targets, floppy, and that's what you're doing here. So and so author is a racist, or a Nazi, or a creeper, or Pro-Life, so and so commenter has a "deep searing hatred of free speech," and currently this carries with it Real World consequences. Which are getting worse. As you well know.

This week, people are getting security details assigned to them by their local PD over tweets. That is thanks to target-marking by little slandering shits on the interwebz, Twitter shirt-storms, and etc. Imagine what's waiting for next week.

That's why.

You got anything? Put it up. Call me out, big boy. You got nothing? Well, now everybody knows you've got nothing, and you're just trying to gin up another witch burning.
I'll add that it is very tedious cutting and pasting things for the record. I think I'm done here unless the camel flop has something truly noteworthy. Which does seem unlikely, I must say.

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