Sunday, June 17, 2018

Police in England stopped arresting criminals.

Lately we've been seing lots of new calls for knife control from police and professional hand-wringers in England, Scotland and Wales. In case it was unclear -why- all these murders and maiming have been taking place the last little while, it has become clear that the UK police as a whole have stopped arresting people for doing actual crimes, and have instead started arresting anyone who criticizes the government.

Police data shows that the percentage of all crimes solved by police has plummeted from 19 per cent in 2013 to just nine per cent in 2017.
Perpetrators in violent and sexual offences were brought to justice only in eight per cent of cases last year - a mere third of those in 2013.
So much for the government taking down all those rape-gangs, eh?

To be clear, this is in a nation where every telephone pole, streetlight and fence post has a CCTV camera on it.

Then there's this:
There were 159 robberies in Holloway Road and Highgate Hill last year, making them the streets most plagued by moped gang crime. 
However, just one offender was caught and punished.

A "moped gang" is a bunch of stupid teenagers on Vespas and other similar crap bikes, who rob people in their cars in broad daylight in the middle of the street. Despite the nature of these dickheads, they caught and prosecuted ONE out of 159. Given CCTV they already know who the robbers are. They just aren't picking them up,

Meanwhile the leadership is moaning about "lack of resources".

To me, troglodyte Conservative rural Canadian, that looks like an undeclared, slow-motion police strike. You pretend to pay us, and we pretend to work.

But seven cops are available to arrest and subdue a guy standing on a street corner with his cellphone out. Also deny him a call to his attorney, and have him shipped off to the slammer in under six hours.

That looks more like the Gestapo. Maybe the KGB, or the Stazi. They liked that sort of thing.

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Highland Fiddler said...

There is a concerted effort by the Feckless Liberal Government of Canada to catch up to the United Kingdom in Feckling the Citizens.

Canada's Sharia Law implementationis still in Phase One moving towards Phase Two. As y'all understand the U.K. is well along in Sharia Law Phase Three and apparently will reach Phase Four and finality of Free Speech within a short period of time.

One step into Sharia Law Phase Four in Britain is described in Phyllis Chesler's publication of 2017 on the barbaric "gender apartheid" in All Muslim Dominated Countries in the World.

Possibly due to the geographic proximity of Canada to the remaining Sovereign Ordinary Citizen Of America (U.S.A.) we have been able to remove the notoriously corrupt Liberal Party Government of Ontario from having access to the Tax-Payer's Funding Faucet.

We who still care about Canada's Culture & Values will continue the struggle to remove the more, if possible, corrupt Liberal Party of Canada Government in the 2019 Federal Election. If not, and if there still is an open Society in the U.K. you may find Canada becoming another barbaric "islamic gender apartheid" Country in 2020.

dhl said...

I remember visiting my sister many years ago (probably about 35 years) and asking what were all those red boxes mounted on the walls of houses. They are burglar alarms. Oh, so the citizens cower in their houses while the thugs rome freely.
Yep, ya got it.