Monday, June 25, 2018

Hollywood: Would you all just die already?!

The creator of the critically acclaimed TV show "Westworld"Jonathan Nolan shared his creative vision and his "take" on Humanity as a whole.

"No, it's a f—ing disaster," he said. "It's a f—ing total disaster. And every time I turn on the news I'm provided with fodder for our discontent. I think our timing might have been exactly right on. Listen, I'm surrounded by the wonders of the creations of human beings. I have children and [co-showrunner Lisa Joy] and I are reminded daily of how much beauty there is in humanity. But yeah, you turn on the f—ing news and it's a s—tshow. And I've been reading a lot of history this season, a little bit connected to the show, but also just following the train of things I'm interested in, and it's depressing to realize how familiar some of these problems are, right? It's like we just can't figure these f—ing things out. We come back to them again and again. It's as if there's a flaw — and this is very much the premise in our second season — there's a flaw in our code and it follows us around. Wherever we go, there we are. And we just can't get out of our own f—ing way. All the beauty and incredible things we brought, and we just consistently find a way to f— it up."

If this sounds familiar, it ought to. It's Mary Shelley. That's the theme of Frankenstein. It is the theme of every Liberal-leaning book, magazine, movie and TV show out there right now.

Put in its simplest terms it is this: People are stupid. They have to be controlled. Reduced. Contained. Boxed in so they can't do what they always do, which is destroy everything.

Now, in all fairness Mary Shelly was a good Christian lady, and believed in redemption. That's where she and Mr. Nolan part company.

Continued Nolan: "Much of [dramatic storytelling across the ages] has concerned itself with 'how will we overcome?' and personal growth and change. At a certain point you gotta f—ing call it. We're not going to fix this s—, we're not going to figure it out. But there's an opportunity for the things that replace us to do so. And that's the dream of every parent, right? That their child doesn't face the same things they do, that they make better choices? But there does seem to be a pattern of behavior that follows us, that history echoes from the past, the same mistakes, the same foibles. So you say: At what point does this fix itself? Or are we just stuck this way?"

Going by the Westworld show, Mr. Nolan has drunk deeply of the Liberal kool-aid. His world view is one where humans are irredeemable wreckers, agents of destruction and doom. Just like every other pseudo-intellectual in Hollywood.

I posted this because, like the Mark Hughes thing the other day, Nolan spells it out for us. Until we all repudiate this odious worldview, we can look forward to ever-more-concentrated doses of the same thing in our entertainments and media sources. What will be required is the realization by people like Mr. Nolan that a movie, TV show, book or piece of music that has "People Are Stupid!" as the theme, it will be a sales failure. We have to stop paying them for this bullshit, in other words.

The best and fastest way to make that happen is to start writing screenplays, books and music with a different theme. ANY different theme will do at this point, because anything other than "People Are Stupid" will be a brand new experience for the whole audience. That's all most people have ever seen who were born after 1980.

The Thematic Phantom

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