Sunday, June 10, 2018

Liberals Go Full Monty:Trump=Hitler!

The full Monty is when your "adult entertainer" takes it off and is left standing on the stage in a pair of shoes, letting it all hang out as it were. On Thursday night, June 7th, the Liberal Party was handed an historic defeat in the Ontario provincial elections. They were not decimated, a loss of one in ten. They were obliterated. Seven seats left standing, and Krazy Kathleen Wynne, Ontario's most powerful substitute high school librarian, won her seat in the safest Liberal riding imaginable by only 200 votes.

So today, Sunday June 10th, the Federal Liberal Party is going full Monty and letting it ALL hang out.

In the New York Times magazine:

During our conversation, Freeland — who insists that everyone call her Chrystia — came off as acutely conscious of the perils of the moment, of how a provocation or an insult, perceived or real, could damage Canada's relationship with the United States, or at least with the current president. What has been the most durable and reliable alliance on the planet for the past century now seemed to hang on one man's easily excited sense of grievance.

This is going well, right? Seems promising, fair and balanced so far. Go all the way to the bottom, you find this:

America's closest friend and ally and a country that might see America more clearly than it sees itself now offered a dire warning about the perils to liberal democracy in this "fraught" era. Freeland said she had recently come across a "terrifying" quote from Adolf Hitler, explaining his rise to power in Germany in a time of economic uncertainty and grievance. "I will tell you what has carried me to the position I have reached," Hitler had said. "Our political problems appeared complicated. The German people could make nothing of them. ... I, on the other hand ... reduced them to the simplest terms. The masses realized this and followed me."
She leaned forward, a look of concern in her eyes. "How do you attract voters and public support compared with the flashiness of exciting, chaotic, fact-ignoring populism?" she asked. "The reason Hitler won was because all of the other politicians were giving complicated and difficult explanations about difficult things. Hitler just told people simple things that they wanted to hear."

Full.Monty. The federal Liberals just dropped trou and showed us what they got.

And the resounding cry from the electorate is not applause. It is a cry no stripper ever wants to hear: "Chrystia, for the love of god, put it back on!"

The Phantom

 Update: Welcome, unruly horde of Instapundit deplorables.


WiFi Lunchbox Guy said...

This, right after Trudeau's long-buried groping scandal comes roaring back to life in a #metoo environment.

Something tells me fabulous hair may not be enough to keep the feminists from taking him down.

WiFi Lunchbox Guy said...

...almost forgot the possibility of the Auto Pact being binned.

If it does happen the PC's could run a bust of Mike Harris and win.

andycanuck said...

Canadian domestic politics is involved because Justin doesn't want to get wiped out like the provincial Liberals in Ontario were on Thursday so he's running against President Trump for the next federal election in October 2019...

Anonymous said...

AKA,the "Hope & Change" President.

The Phantom said...

Greetings all. Sarah dropped another link on me, and very welcome it is.

The Liberals are peeled down to nothing in the last couple of days. Their whole constituency is essentially people getting handouts. That's why the Supreme Court of Canada found that it is still illegal to buy a case of beer in Ontario and drive to Quebec with it. Protectionism and government supply management are the keystones of their political existence.

Trump is dealing with a Canadian government that won't allow free trade between its own provinces, much less with the USA. The Liberals were never going to move on any of this stuff, they're too focused on pushing their SJW agenda because they think that's what's going to get them votes.

The other thing is, the Liberals owe a LOT of favors. They have to make good on a lot of back room deals, and they need money to do it. Adding tariffs gives them lots more money to throw around, short term. Long term its a disaster, but they don't care. They know they will be long gone by then. Out of power and out of reach.

Emmett Fitz-Hume said...

Someone should tell Chrystia, just because Hitler said it, it doesn't mean its incorrect. And to stop using things Hitler said that almost make sense to try and paint Trump as Hitler because it only makes the accuser look more deranged. Adolf Hitler said many horrible things, and did many more horrible things. Choose that stuff to draw your parallels.

But unfortunately, going the Full Monty as you say, is usually counterproductive. Because Trump isn't Hitler. But the little children crying "Hitler!!" are going to make it awfully hard to stop the next Would-Be Hitler.