Monday, June 17, 2013

Why do Lefties always assume Big Government will be on -their- side?

LAX TSA officer to 15 year old girl: "Cover yourself!"

Dear Lefties, you are not the only intolerant statists in the world. What on earth make you think religious fruitloops won't get jobs in the Big Brother Corps and push your skinny little Lefty asses around?

Definitely a thong wearer, am I right?.

By the way? Lulu Lemmon see-through yoga pants and a too-small tank top are -not- an appropriate travel outfit for a 15 year old girl on a school outing with no parents. You're welcome.

The Helpful Phantom

Update: Some boneheaded Grrrrl thinks this bit of official harassment is a reason to "Be Shameless!" Like that's going to help.

Some of the comments are hilarious! From "Azteclady":
Where, pray tell, is the responsibility of the attacker?
You are implying that it’s the responsibility of women to keep themselves safe–is it not the responsibility of men NOT to attack women?
Man, you just can't make this stuff up.

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