Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Idiot Leftist endangers kids to make a point. Must be Tuesday.

My Month With a Gun: Week One

Heidi Yewman, author and stupid person.
Yes, I bought a handgun and will carry it everywhere I go over the next 30 days. I have four rules: Carry it with me at all times, follow the laws of my state, only do what is minimally required for permits, licensing, purchasing and carrying, and finally be prepared to use it for protecting myself at home or in public.
Why? Following the Newtown massacre in December, the NRA's Wayne LaPierre, told the country, "The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun."  I wondered what would it be like to be that good guy with a gun? What would it be like to get that gun, live with that gun, be out and about with that gun. Finally, what happens when you don't want that gun any more?
I decided to find out.

Here's what she found out:

Today, I'm surrounded by five-year-old boys sitting with their moms at the next table. Now I'm the one with a gun on her hip. The gun makes me more fearful than I could have imagined.
In some way, I feel a certain vindication. I was right to protest Starbucks policy. Today, they have a woman with absolutely no firearms training and a Glock on her hip sitting within arm's reach of small children, her hands shaking and adrenaline surging.

Translation, she's an incompetent idiot with a shaky grasp on reality who is complaining that Big Brother won't stop her from endangering others with her incompetence and incipient lunacy.

If she was one of my relations I'd slap her. How selfish and stupid is this woman?

The SLAP HER! Phantom.


Knight 99 said...

“Today, they have a woman with absolutely no firearms training and a Glock on her hip sitting within arm's reach of small children,............”

When has a owning a firearm stopped the Left from messing with other peoples kids?

This is why I DO believe in mental health checks for people owning firearms. She never would have had access to a “legal” firearm had she received a proper mental health evaluation by real medical professionals (not to be confused with liberal PC hacks with a BA).

I believe this is the number one reason that the Liberal Left hates Conservative firearms ownership:

#1. Previously diagnosed mental instability excludes most legal Liberal ownership.

#2. Previous criminal backgrounds, including minor offences such as pot possession or lewd conduct.

#3. Totalitarian worship, or anarchy when their “guy’s not in”. Conservatives gun owners are a roadblock to tyranny.

#4. The inability to comfortably get in strangers faces that piss them off indiscriminately, example Road Rage, and mess with people shopping. = BRAIN - “oh shit, what if they own a gun and get pissed off”.

#5. Crazy Liberal kids – They raised them on Ritalin and Play-station 3, the last thing they trust is their drug addicted mental health addled children to live in the same house with a gun.

The Phantom said...

Knight, nice ta see ya!

Wanna know the very, very best part of this? She's supposed to be a FEMINIST. She's a Feminist posting that women are too emotionally unstable to be trusted with guns.

Gawd I love that! Its like burning stupid being used to light off a pipe-bomb made of highly refined and condensed weapons-grade STUPID.

Knight 99 said...

Always around looking in and reading, not allot of time to “seriously” comment these days after taking on new job position. Mostly tongue in cheek one-liners if at all.

Still reading though, keep up the good work!