Sunday, June 30, 2013

Guardian UK increasingly becoming a Conservative newspaper?

The Guardian, that bastion of freakazoid Lefty progresive-osity is more and more these days starting to sound like a Conservative rag. Today's evidence:

Hollywood's refusal to stand up to Alec Baldwin is shameful

Alec Baldwin uses homophobic slurs against a gay Daily Mail journalist, and nobody says anything? Welcome to Tinseltown.
"Can you hear it? The stampede of Hollywood actors scrambling to condemn Alec Baldwin? The cacophony of icy tweets and acidic statements snarled by publicists like demented pantomime horses? That din of Tinseltown turning inwards when, in a rare fit of righteousness, of actually believing in something real and heartfelt and important, it stands up, en masse, to one of its own?
No? That'll be because there is no sound. Put a glass to your ear, press it up against the Hollywood sign and all you'll hear is the crashing Pacific – and of course, the daily wail of punctured dreams.
Baldwin, that tornado of toddler behaviour, still stands aloft, unscathed. This is after an incident of such violent, naked homophobia that it bears all the nuance of a brick lobbed through a gay bar"

Patrick Strudwick, the author, is appalled at the number of Hollywood types jumping to defend Alec Baldwin. He compares and contrasts this circling of the wagons to the ongoing Paula Deen slaughter, her eradication from public life because she said the "N" word once.

Alec Baldwin.

Alec Baldwin has the freedom to say and do literally anything he wants because he's a Leftist, he's famous, and because he supports all the correct causes with the correct amount of money. As in, lots and lots. Paula Deen by contrast is not a Leftist, has a Southern twang and probably didn't contribute a huge amount of money to Obama's re-election campaign.

But the real thing that Mr. Strudwick doesn't understand is that Alec Baldwin isn't a bad example of Hollywood lefty types, or lefties in general. The truth about the American Left is, they don't like fags. They hate 'em. They also don't like Blacks, Hispanics, union workers, women, Muslims, Jews, et cetera. Listen to a Big Lefty talk for ten minutes off camera, your ears will be assaulted by the most disgraceful blast of hate for pretty much everybody and everything you can imagine.

All completely normal and expected.

Dear Mr. Strudwick, welcome to the Post-Christian, Post-Western barbarism your paper has labored so long and hard to create. You've finally awoken to the ugly reality of your situation. Presto, you are now a Conservative. Congratulations.

The Phantom

Paula Deen is confused. She paid protection already, but look what happened!
Update: I am informed via the grapevine that Paula Deen was an Obama supporter. Making her time in the Political Correctness stocks all the more interesting.


John The River said...

What is it? Do the progressives have the same impulses of primitive tribes to select a sacrifice and torment and kill it?
Do they do this, every now and then, just to prove they can? Remember Don Imus, the only thing missing from this spectacle is “Rev” Al Sharpton.

The Phantom said...

There's a whole industry devoted to this kind of pillory of public figures. They build them up, then they tear them down. They need new blood to spill pretty much every week.

My favorite example is Britney Spears, who now exists in some kind of post stardom has-been phantom zone, where people know who she is but roll their eyes when you say her name. Even Madonna, who successfully surfed the media riptide since the 1980's, is getting treated like a creepy old cougar these days.

There's money in it, basically.

The Paula Deen thing, I'm starting to think that's pure class warfare. She's viewed as jumped-up trailer trash in the Northeast establishment, so she makes a perfect log to throw on the PC fire.

Alec Baldwin by contrast is "One Of Us" to the same people, so he's teflon.

The rest of us, predictably, are out buying Paula Deen's cookbook. Eventually this disconnect between the Big Media and the rest of us will eventually end in bankruptcy all 'round.

The one thing I know for sure is that no media outlet has made a dime off me with their Deen-bashing bullshit. That I believe indicates the most likely future for the media destruction industry.

I think the world is more than ready for the one guy/girl who stands up to these assholes and loudly tells them to fuck off. I certainly would, but I'm just some dood with a teensy weensy blog.