Thursday, May 23, 2013

Woolwich: why no help for the victim? Two words for ya.

Yesterday a whole bunch of people watched two Muslim freaks cut a guy's head off while yelling Allah Akbar, and then watched them stand around for twenty minutes while they told people to take their picture.

Now, on the internet today there are a variety of people bemoaning the lack of any man in the crowd with guts enough to stand up to these two cowardly murderers. Wondering why nobody in England has any balls anymore.

Here's your answer: Tony Martin.

Don't want to end up like THIS, do ya?

They all stood there, every one of them thinking to himself "If get into this, I'll go to jail for sure." And they were 100% right. The guy who capped one of those pricks WOULD go to jail in England.

Ask yourself what's scarier. Two skinny assholes with knives and a crappy pistol, or Her Majesty's Ministry of Justice? MoJ for sure, that's a no brainer.

So if you plan on traveling to Britain anytime soon, just remember: ain't nobody going to help you if trouble starts. Its illegal.

The Phantom


Alyric said...

Without the right to protect yourself, you have nothing - anything you *do* have is forfeit at the whim of the first thug to come along. Whether you're a good little subject and submit to being murdered, or you "act up" and get imprisoned for the offense, you've lost everything.

The right to self defense is the first and most important right of any free people.

The Phantom said...

Oh. Yeah.

And as we see, the Brits have LOST. We Canadians are damn close. I would estimate we are one single election away from being Britain. You let Shiny Pony Justin Trudeau win the next one, or Mulcair the bearded weirdy (God forbid!) and we will lose what little pretense we have left of the rights to free speech, free assembly and self defense.

Plus they'll pretty much seize all your assets to boot. Justine need a new pair of shoes baby!