Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Ancaster man missing, heads up.

A man was kidnapped in Ancaster on Monday night, here's the CTV page with particulars.

Suspects are two white males around 6 feet tall, more particulars at the Facebook page here:

Saw the poster at the gas station this morning, and talked to some of his relatives in Caledonia later. I'm told his cell phone was found at the on-ramp to the 403 at Highway 52. Satellite photo of that can be seen on google maps by entering "Ontario 403, Hamilton, Hamilton Division, Ontario, Canada".

So heads up and eyes open out there. Maybe we could get lucky and find this guy.

The Phantom

Update: Tim Bosma's body was found yesterday, May 13th 2013, by police. One man is in custody and charged with murder, investigations continue. Police are making it very clear that Mr. Bosma had no connection to his killers that they have been able to discover, that Mr. Bosma had no police record of any kind and was an upstanding, good man.

My personal condolences to the family, of whom there are many.

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