Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Vince Li needs to get out more.

Do we all remember Mr. Vince Li, the friggin' nutjob that cut off Tim McLean's head on a Greyhound bus in 2008? And then ATE him? Yeah?  Ok then, get ready for this:

A man who beheaded a fellow Canadian bus passenger should be allowed to spend more supervised time in the outside world, his treatment team recommends. Two psychiatrists taking care of Vince Li at the Selkirk Mental Health Center told a review board that Li has stopped having hallucinations and has been a model patient, the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. reported.

Yep, poor ol' Vince baby is getting all poorly from being cooped up in the looney bin there, and he needs to go for walkies out with the rest of us. None of us predicted that, did we?

I feel for the guy. Really, I do. And I think he should be able to have his "supervised" community visits. I have only one condition. Vincent Li can hang out here with me on the same day ALL the Canadian laws against concealed carry of firearms get repealed. If he gets to come out of lockup, I get to carry a .45 Colt. In honor of Tim McLean, if nothing else.

I think that's eminently fair. Don't you?

The Phantom

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