Monday, December 17, 2012

Some things which should be obvious, stated bluntly.

Time for some blunt force trauma with the Cluebat Of Truth, my friends.

The Truth hurts.
 I got me some liberal sacred cows to slaughter today.  Conservatives and Friends of The Phantom will find it obvious that this screed is not meant for them. No, I'm talking to YOU, dumbass liberal reader. Let me lay it out for you in small words even you can understand, you illiterate nekulturny morons.

1. Government does not have the power to control guns.

They really don't. What they have is the power to pass laws. Laws and police are insufficient to keep guns away from criminals. IT.CANNOT. BE. DONE. The Chicoms couldn't do it, the Soviets couldn't do it, the Mexicans, Canadians, Jamaicans, British, French, Germans, Norwegians, Swedes, Danish... Ugandans... Rwandans... there is no government on this Earth, no matter how dictatorial, brutal or pervasive, which has successfully prevented bad guys from getting a gun if they want one.

Why? Well, after 112 years of drug control laws, are there fewer junkies in the world? No. Can you buy weed and speed at the local high school? Yes. Will the vast panoply of government power fare better against something that you can make in your basement than against plants that have to be grown and refined on a different continent and shipped here across multiple foreign borders? Unlikely.

 And yes, you CAN make an AK47 in your basement. That link is to a guy who made one. By hand. In his basement. Out of a shovel.

Some guy made this out of a common garden spade.
So grow a clue, liberals. Your beloved government does not have the power to do what you want it to.
What the government does have is the power to do is kill you and/or fuck up your life.

Which brings us to the second point.

2. The Second Amendment to the US Constitution is not about hunting.

My favorite quote from the crocodile-tear shouting section over Sandy Hook today:

The grieving state's [Connecticut] Governor Dan Malloy backed a proposal to bring in a ban on assault weapons. He said: "You don't hunt deer with these things."

She didn't die from being shot.
Hunting has nothing to do with the Second Amendment. If you are an American, it is about your last chance to prevent falling into the trap that crushed the Ukranians in the 1930's. They call it the Holodomor.  Under-educated fans of Marx should look this up.
The Founders of the USA knew that all the cleverness in the world was not going to keep scumbags from seizing control of government forever. Current conditions and past history prove them right. Their actions in creating the Second Amendment were to create a last-ditch for the general citizenry to fight tyranny from. You can tell you are in that last ditch right now because of the amount of effort the DemocRats are expending to take it away from you.

3. The police are not going to protect you.

Living next to Caledonia Ontario as I do, I'd have to be a blind and deaf idiot to still think the police are there to protect me and my property. But just for the sake of the bleating liberals who might chance to read this, I will pretend they are. The police love me and want me to be safe.
Ok, given that, and accepting that police in North America really will show up armed, dangerous and thirsting for criminal blood at the site of a school shooting, the Sandy Hook school shooter had more than enough time to break in to the locked school (yes, it was locked) kill all those kids and teachers, and finally off himself just as the cops finally showed up to frag his murdering ass. I'm sure we can assume the cops went as fast as they possibly could, given little kids were involved.

This is what cops -actually- do: clean up.
It was too slow. Because the total length of the engagement was under ten minutes. It had to take at least five minutes for the cops to even show up and get their rifles out. Five minutes in, those kids were already shot. Cops can't be there, even when they want to.


Little known fact from the Clackamas Mall shooting in Oregon last week, which happened the day after Sandy Hook, that Oregon shooter was stopped by an ARMED CIVILIAN. But you didn't hear about that. At all. Because the national media isn't telling you. The Gabrielle Giffords shooting was stopped by armed civilians and unarmed ones as well, who tackled Jared Loughner and stuck a .45 in his face. Giffords' husband seems happy to forget that little detail even though it likely saved her life.

Call 911 and die. Pull out a roscoe and live. Its that simple.

4. If you think you're in grave danger of being randomly shot to death, you are an IDIOT.

Go crunch some numbers. You're a lot more likely to get eaten by wild animals than shot in a mass killing spree. How many people do YOU know that got eaten by a bear?

More likely to kill you than an AK-47.
In fact, according to statistics of the World Health Organization you are more likely to die of the measles than any form of violence.
Much more likely to kill you than a crazy shooter.
Historically speaking you are tremendously more likely to be killed by your own government than by any criminal activity, much less a mass killer. See number 2 above.

Hence the Second Amendment. Them Founder dudes wuz smart.

Bottom line, if you think this type of random murder is at all likely to happen to you, you're also the type of idiot that buys ten lottery tickets to "improve your odds". Lotteries are a tax on people like you, who can't do basic arithmetic. You idiot.

This concludes my rantings for today. Send this to the next stupid son of a bitch that tells you only gun control can save us. It won't convince them, because they are probably an unreasoning fool who wouldn't be convinced if the very stones by the side of the road leaped up and screamed it at them. But it -will- enrage them, and that might make you feel a little better. (Hitting them upside the head with a 2x4 might make you feel better too, but don't do that. Hitting is illegal. Verbal abuse is still legal. So far, anyway.)

So go buy a gun today and piss off a liberal. Best defense is a strong offense.

The Phantom

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