Saturday, December 29, 2012

As I said, the facts are not at issue.

California gun sales boom coincides with fewer crimes. Gee, how did that happen?

Gun deaths and injuries have dropped sharply in California, even as the number of guns sold in the state has risen, according to new state data.

Dealers sold 600,000 guns in California last year, up from 350,000 in 2002, according to records of sale tallied by the California Attorney General's office.

During that same period, the number of California hospitalizations due to gun injuries declined from about 4,000 annually to 2,800, a roughly 25 percent drop, according to hospital records collected by the California Department of Public Health.

Firearm-related deaths fell from about 3,200 annually to about 2,800, an 11 percent drop, state health figures show.

Now here's something you don't see every day, a statistical clarification in a news story:
Two caveats: State figures track gun sales, not ownership. They treat a family's first gun purchase the same as a collector's twelfth. Second, gun sales in California peaked in the early 1990s, as violent crime also peaked.

There's also an attempt at obfuscation:

Most of the drop in firearm-related injuries and deaths can be explained by a well-documented, nationwide drop in violent crime.

But, there's nowhere to hide. In order to disprove the gun control position, all we have to do is take note that the number of guns sold in California nearly doubled while gunshot deaths dropped 11% and gunshot injuries dropped by a quarter. That's it, job done, Dianne Feinstein Sarah Brady and the whole rest of the gun control crew just got sunk with all hands. Because their position in that guns CAUSE crime, and here we have yet another instance which proves they do not. Observational proof, the strongest possible kind.

What's interesting in this article is the raw sales numbers. People in the bluest Blue State, ground zero for the hippie revolution and most socialist place in the USA, are arming themselves in record numbers. Democrats may be winning at the polls but a sizable minority is not believing their hype.

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