Saturday, December 22, 2012

Gun control is the same as welfare. Duh.

Oh, man. Sometimes it kills me how long it takes to figure this stuff out. But now I get it. The light bulb just lit and illuminated my poor dark cranium.

Gun control is the Welfare check of personal safety. Duh.

I've been trying and trying and TRYING to figure out why tax-the-rich liberals refuse to consider owning a gun as a reasonable answer to violence. It doesn't matter what the facts and statistics say, they won't hear it. The mystery to me was, what do they get out of this attitude?

I can see why liberal politicians love gun control. Because it grows government! They get money, they get power, they get to hire more guys to boss around, they get more opportunities for graft, its -awesome-.  Plus, if you're going to arrange a nice coercive police state, as these socialists are clearly doing, it helps tremendously if the sheep you're fleecing can't shoot back. Every tyrant since Genghis Khan knew that.

But what does the average dumb-ass Obama voter get out of this? The gimme gimme crowd who don't know a gun from a ham sandwich and could care less. The Obama-Phone people. How do they benefit here?

Well, I finally get it.
The Obama voters like gun control because it means they don't have to do anything.

This is the concept that finally makes sense of it all. They like gun control because get to lean back and let somebody else worry about it. Let the government keep those mean old guns away from those poor misunderstood crazy kids who might otherwise kill somebody.

See, with the way us cwazy Conservatives have it figured out, the ObamaPhone lady has to go buy a gun, learn how to use it, and practice at the range. And worse, if she gets shot by a mad killer its her own goddamn fault because she is responsible for her own protection and her own life. Nobody to blame but her own self.

She doesn't want that. She wants her welfare check in the mail every second Friday, she wants her Oprah on her big screen TV, she wants her free Obama phone, and she wants somebody else to do the rest of whatever. Especially if its scary.

And that right there is why, whenever I argue with one of these liberals about guns, I get nowhere. They don't want to hear that they are responsible for their own safety and the safety of their family (if any). They do not want to hear the best way to meet that responsibility. They want to hear how somebody else is doing it for them. And how somebody else is paying for it, that's big too.

So when Barry comes along after a massacre and says it'll all be ok if only we can take the guns away from all those bitter clinging rednecks in Flyoverland, all those liberals are lining up to come and kick some redneck ass. Because its easier.

That's why the propaganda is different this time. It is aimed at de-humanizing gun owners, making them the enemy. The scape-goat. The bad ones who must be suppressed for the Greater Good.  Along with the Rich, SUV drivers and those tacky Christians. And smokers.

The Phantom

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