Monday, July 12, 2010

What Enviroweenies write about instead of oil slicks.

As y'all may have noticed, the Green brigades are utterly silent about the Gulf oil spill. No concerts or fund raising drives to save the spotted pelican darter, no celebrities walking on the oil-stained beaches, no Willie Nelson singing about the sea turtles, no Sierra Club or Greenpeace ecowarriors chaining themselves to drilling rigs, no scaling the BP headquarters with banners, no nothing.

What we hear is...
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They are all still out there of course, and even ecoweenies still have to make the rent. So what are they on about to make those column inches? The heat wave, of course.

A.C.'s obvious public-health benefits during severe heat waves do not justify its lavish use in everyday life for months on end. Less than half a century ago, America thrived with only the spottiest use of air conditioning. It could again.

Yes friends, Mr. Stan Cox of the Washington Post would like us all to shut off the air conditioning and save the world. Its for the children, you know. And the spotted pelican darter.

In a world without air conditioning, a warmer, more flexible, more relaxed workplace helps make summer a time to slow down again. Three-digit temperatures prompt siestas. Code-orange days mean offices are closed. Shorter summer business hours and month-long closings -- common in pre-air-conditioned America -- return.

Business suits are out, for both sexes. And with the right to open a window, office employees no longer have to carry sweaters or space heaters to work in the summer. After a long absence, ceiling fans, window fans and desk fans (and, for that matter, paperweights) take back the American office.

You first, Stan baby.

And don't for f- sakes mention the oil spill that's STILL SPILLING down there in the Gulf, eh? Or the oil skimming ships that are still not skimming oil due to federal EPA regulations. Wouldn't want it to look like Barry Obama ain't The One who's bringing the Hope and Change we've all been waiting for, would we? Its only been three months, give the poor guy some time eh?

The Air Conditioned Phantom

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