Sunday, July 04, 2010

Jeffrey Simpson, getting his spoonful.

Sometimes the best medicine for your elitist Liberal is for people to read what he wrote.  Drudge today delivers a spoonful of smarten the hell up to Jeffrey Simpson of the Globe and Mail.  Or as I like to call it the Blob and Snail, for reasons which will become apparent.  Mr. Simpson begins:
We can only hope that our American friends enjoy their national holiday weekend. Let them wave their flags, enjoy their picnics and show their love of country, because they need a holiday.

It is disturbing these days for the country's friends to watch the Great Republic's politics, to wonder about its economy, to tremble at its deficits, and to shake their heads at its Supreme Court that has struck down corporate contribution limits in politics and reaffirmed the right to bear arms, to the intense joy of the gun lobby.

The United States gave itself the most gifted President in several generations, handed his party a majority in both houses of Congress, only to watch his presidency be swamped by the doleful legacy of the Bush years, a worldwide recession and its parlous aftermath, and a ferocious Republican opposition bent on a search-and-destroy mission of his presidency.

Yes friends, insofar as Mr. Simpson is concerned protecting the First Amendment was bad, protecting the Second Amendment was worse, and Barack Hussein Obama is "the most gifted President in several generations".  Oh, and its Bush's fault.
This is what passes for thought among the Liberal elite these days. 

Just thought y'all ought to know.  Feel free to tell Mr. Simpson and the Globe & Mail geniuses what you think.

The Phantom

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