Friday, July 23, 2010


Well my friends, looks like The Phantom knows his Arizonans.  SeeBS News footage of pissed off Arizona guys patrolling the desert with big f-ing guns, because the government won't do it.  I predicted it, and here it is.

About 80 miles from the U.S.-Mexican border in Arizona, the desert has become a battlefield for armed civilian patrols who claim they are ready to kill drug smugglers crossing the border. Steven Fabian reports.

Total revelations in the video, the double-plus ungood, unauthorized, uncertified, unofficial, racist!, non-union civilian  vigilantes captured two illegals and did not kill them to death with their deadly yet sexy assault weapons. (They turned them over to the cops, damn!)  But they did find a corpse, so the desert is kinda dangerous.  But not as dangerous as [gasp!] civilians with guns, as the brief clip of some Pinal County cop is quick to point out. 

These bad vigilantes should all attend racial sensitivity reeducation and leave the patrolling to proper (unionized) government employees.  After they get out of jail for being RACISTS.

The title is my very favorite part: Neo-Nazis Patrol US Border. Stay classy, CBS.

The Phantom


Alex said...

This story has been reported somewhat mutedly (is that a word?) by the media. I think it's because the lefties don't like that the group is called the National Socialist Movement, but the righties don't want Arizonians to be painted as "racists", so the story really doesn't help either side's agenda.

The Phantom said...

Alexander, they're trying to paint the whole state as racist, this is just more of it. Its a flat-out propaganda blitz, they aren't even pretending anymore.

The "rightie" media just posts body counts and keeps asking if that's enough yet. Bunch of pussies, you ask me.

Meanwhile the AZ government is putting up signs along the road warning people not to stop for hitch hikers because they'll get kidnapped or car jacked. People in Arizona can't fucking believe its all happening. If it rained frogs they wouldn't be more surprised.

Bob Devine said...

Some may see this as a nazi movement or what ever they want to call it. I see it as concerned citizens protecting their homes, state and country against illegal drugs, smuggling and immigration. If those illegals were plying their trade within 100 miles of the White House I`ve got a nickel that says it would have been stopped yesterday if not sooner.