Monday, May 09, 2022

Remember when Dr. Who was fun?

I recall watching Matt Smith and Karen Gillian and thinking it was fun. Prior to that, not really. Following that, I haven't spent a second watching it. The show became appallingly Woke.

So here we are, 2022, the 60th anniversary, and there is a 14th Doctor. There were only supposed to be 12, but never mind all that, this is number 14.

Doctor Who's newest incarnation has been announced. Replacing Jodie Whittaker — and becoming the 14th Doctor Who — is 29-year-old Netflix star Ncuti Gatwa.

I wish the gentleman good luck, and hope that the Wokeness doesn't suck all the life out of his career.  Sir Lawrence Olivier couldn't make this turkey fly.


Orvan Taurus said...

"Remember when Dr. Who was fun?"

That was one good thing about the 1970's. At least Dr. Who was still The Doctor and not some idiot Talking Point or worse.

The Phantom said...

Media was starting to be weaponized by the Left in the 1980s, but they've really gone all-out since about 2012. No exceptions.

This is why I love Korean fantasy soaps and anime. Zero wokeness. Pretty much all I watch anymore.