Friday, November 19, 2021

Police kill gunsmith in Port Dover.

More information on the shooting last week of a 70 year old man in Port Dover Ontario by Toronto police.

Toronto Police Service said that day at noon — in broad daylight — its officers carried out a search warrant on the property. It's unclear what information they had and how many officers were at the scene, but the service said it was looking for guns. Family said no warrant was left behind. 

Quentin Dixon, Rodger's longtime friend, said officers bearing assault rifles had Jessie at gunpoint while she was unloading groceries from the vehicle.

Some officers were wearing plain clothes while others wore tactical gear, according to family, friends, neighbours and Michael Smitiuch, the family's lawyer, all of whom CBC spoke with this week. 

They say Toronto police brought their own ambulance and paramedics with them when they first arrived, a move Toronto defence lawyer Kim Schofield, who has worked on numerous cases involving the SIU, said was "very unusual." 

Schofield said officers are also usually required to give the family a copy of the search warrant.

"This is craziness," she said upon hearing about the case. 

And as crazy as that shit is, it gets crazier.

Friends and family also say Rodger was with an apparent customer in his workshop when police arrived. They separately shared the same details of what they say occurred. 

"The group of police officers moved over to the shop door entrance and nothing was said ...  within seconds, four gunshots rang out," Dixon said.

Fraser Pringle, Rodger's next door neighbour, said he heard two of those shots.

"I came out here and they were rolling him out on a gurney, threw him in an ambulance and took him," he said.

"His wife was standing on the porch crying."

 They shot the old man FOUR TIMES.

This is a 70 year old fat guy, wheezy and slow-moving from his picture. A guy who regularly works with officers from the OPP, he's got a squeaky clean police record. They needed to shoot him four fucking times with an assult rifle? Two or three wasn't enough? In my experience around rifles, and based on what I've seen in hospitals and in the literature, two rounds of .223 would stop a 6 foot lunatic on PCP. For a really gross example, there's a picture of attempted murderer Gaige Grosskreutz getting shot in the forearm by .223 circulating on the internet. They fired four.

I'd give a lot to know what the cadence of those shots was. Did it go 1234 really fast? Did it go 1/2, 3/4 like two guys double-tapping him? Or was it more like 1, 2, 3, 4 like the time they shot Sammy Yatim in the streetcar?

I've known about this shooting for a few days, previously it was my suspicion that one of the cops had an accidental discharge and the guy died of the gunshot. But this is different. You don't shoot a guy four times by accident. Unless an idiot had his rifle set to full-auto and let off a burst. From what the neighbor said, that seems extremely unlikely. They also brought their own ambulance and paramedics, all the way from Toronto. Is that normal for a warrant service? The article says not. Does ETF normally do warrant services with plainclothes guys? Does Toronto police usually do warrant service in OPP jurisdiction without telling the OPP what they're doing?

Seems sketchy.

So now I am very interested indeed to find out why Metro Toronto Police felt the need to kill this guy, felt the need to get a secret warrant  to go outside their jurisdiction to do it, and why they have concealed said warrant by not leaving a copy with the homeowner, as they are fucking well required to do by law, precedent and common practice.

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