Thursday, January 07, 2021

RIP Ashli Babbitt

Ashli Babbitt is the woman killed yesterday at the US Capitol building.

Here's the video of them doing it. Don't watch it if the sight of blood gives you nightmares. It is ugly, and pointless.

Going to point out a few things here. 

  • This was an unarmed woman, squatting in a broken window, preparing to enter a hallway full of armed policemen. There were policemen literally arms-length away behind her as well. Threat value, zero.
  • In the video, you can clearly see the shooter aiming at her head. Cops are trained to aim at the center of mass. Aiming at the head indicates the shooter is not following his training. To me, that means he has the intent to kill her immediately. Also he comes out of cover to get closer, showing he had no concern for his own safety, meaning he did not consider himself under threat in this context. He's threatening her.
  • The shooter MISSED her head from under six feet and hit her in the neck instead. Pulling down on the trigger pretty hard there, Mr. Shooter. U mad, bro?
  • The shooter fired into a room full of other policemen, never mind the unarmed protesters also present. Major no-no in the police business.

Just thought I'd  share my thoughts. Canadians, I hope you're paying attention to how this is being spun in the media. The media take pretty much sums to: White bitch was asking for it.

Prediction 1: shooter walks.

Prediction 2: this is the last unarmed protest we see in the USA for some time.

The Phantom


jadair04 said...

The last right-leaning protest. ProFa and (some)BLM are now coming to a theatre near you. Shameful times.

The Phantom said...

Have you seen the video of Antifa marching in NYC last night? Shields, helmets, black outfits, the whole thing.

All they needed was a band playing the Horst Wessel song on glockenspiels. But they do need to learn how to march in step, if they want to be proper fascists.

Anonymous said...

The twitter account with the Babbit shooting appears to removed. Wonder why?