Thursday, September 05, 2019

Social credit decides if you can buy a gun.

In ChicomLand their ubiquitous surveillance system gives each prole a "social credit" score. If you have bad scores then you get refused things like social services, airline tickets, luxury goods etc. Pretty much everyone I talk to agrees this is a Big Brotheristic nightmare and the Chicoms are assholes for doing it.

Well, check this out:

The Trump administration is considering a proposal that would use Google, Amazon and Apple to collect data on users who exhibit characteristics of mental illness that could lead to violent behavior, The Washington Post reported Thursday.

The proposal is part of an initiative to create a Health Advanced Research Projects Agency (HARPA), which would be located inside the Health and Human Services Department, the report notes, citing sources inside the administration. The new agency would have a separate budget and the president would be responsible for appointing its director.


HARPA would take after Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, or DARPA, which serves as the research arm for the Pentagon. The idea was first crafted in 2017 but has since gotten a renewed push after mass shootings killed 31 people in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, in August.


The Suzanne Wright Foundation approached the president recently and proposed the agency include a project called Stopping Aberrant Fatal Events by Helping Overcome Mental Extremes, or Safe Home, the report notes, citing two people familiar with the matter.

The document lists several technologies that could be employed to help collect information, including Apple Watches, Amazon Echo and Google Home. Geoffrey Ling, the lead scientific adviser on HARPA, told reporters Thursday the plan would require enormous amounts of data and "scientific rigor."

Stripped of bafflegab, shitheads at the Suzanne Wright Foundation are proposing to create a government system that spies on you with your cellphone and your network-attached devices. They're calling it Safe Home but it is really a Big Brother Telescreen.

Not explicitly stated in the article is the implication that if you "exhibit characteristics of mental illness that could lead to violent behavior" according to their "scientifically rigorous" algorithm, you would be denied the right to purchase things like guns and ammunition.

Aka this is a social credit system identical to the Chicom system, and if implemented will be used to send people to jail or the loony bin.

What's most chilling here is that these assholes actually think its possible to to predict and circumvent mass shootings by mentally ill people. With cell phone data no less.

In truth this proposal is so odious that I wonder if it isn't being floated to damage Silicon Valley monopolies. If government seriously proposed using Big Data to decide who's been naughty or nice, every thinking human in the country would immediately ditch their phone and go off-line permanently. If they made it a law that you have to have a phone, you park the little spy in front of a VCR playing "Its a Wonderful Life" 24/7/365.

In other news, Hong Kong demonstrators are going off the government run cell network and using a Bluetooth mesh network instead. If you take the SIM card out of your phone, the Bluetooth still works. If you are extra-mega paranoid, the cell antenna is separate from the Bluetooth antenna. Snip, you're off the cell network.

Suck it, Big Brother.

The Phantom


Orvan Taurus said...

And it would, if implemented, destroy right and accomplish nothing. Joe Shmoe could still buy gallons and gallons of gasoline at any hour, and matches or lighter, as just ONE very obvious example.

The Phantom said...

Contrary to media outlets, these occurrences are so rare that there is no way to connect them. Scientifically speaking, the sample size is so small that you're never going to find any repeatable link between them.

The other thing is that this will not be a scientific investigation. It will be a POLITICAL operation, and the results will be chosen to benefit the political aspirations of whoever happens to be running it.

Making me wonder if Trump is setting Silicon Valley up to take a major torpedo amidships.

Joe in PNG said...

Expect to see "social credit farmers" pop up. This would be someone who takes your phone, and does a "good deed" for money.

Then there's the opportunity for hackers (or bureaucrats) to become "Repairer of Reputations". They would just straight up fix one's score (again, for the right fee).

The Phantom said...

Joe, please! This is a -government- system, that means it will be Secure and Fair! Rigorously Scientific!!!They will have Top Men working on it. Top! Men! I tell you!