Saturday, August 17, 2019

Real oppression vs. imagined

Dear Lefties and idiot journalists,

Everybody has been going wild about how Trump is a fascist, and how Trump voters are racist terrorists, and how tyranny is here and America is a hellhole. Oh, and there needs to be a ban on guns right away, because crazy White racists are going to kill everybody!

Let me show you a place where the government can do every single thing you say you want.

Hong Kong.

Cops are gassing, beating and shooting protesters. So far the action has all been taken by the Hong Kong Police Force, who all live there in HK and have to get along with everybody after the shouting dies down. They've used essentially the same crowd control techniques the cops in the USA do, if quite a bit more vigorously. That is all about to change.

The fork is a cattle prod. Ouch.

The Chinese government is massing troops on the border in preparation for a nice healthy purging of all the "troublemakers" in HK. Just like Tienanmen Square, the troops and not local. They have some special crowd control weapons, like a giant fork with electric cattle prods on the ends, gas that will do more than make your eyes water, and AK-47s with live ammunition. Not to mention the vehicle-mounted water cannons and all the other happy-slappy horseshit they haven't told anyone about.

The cattle prod fork, cleaned up for propaganda purposes.

And why, oh why do they think they can get away with that?

Gun control. That's why.

Could the US Army roll up to Phoenix AZ with a bunch of cattle prods and think they would win? No way. They'd find themselves in pitched gun battles with the citizenry all over the city. They'd need to send the whole fricking army to do it without blowing up the whole city.

That is not going to be a problem for the Chinese People's Liberation Army. They will face a citizenry armed with bats and pieces of pipe. And they will kill them all. The ones they don't kill will be sent off to "camps", aka slave labor for the rest of their lives.

That is the true purpose of gun control. That's what it is for, and that's what it has accomplished in every single place it has been tried.

Gun control allows governments to oppress and destroy the governed.

So I hope all you IMBECILES will understand when I don't agree with your screeching and REEEEEE!!!ing that gun control is the only acceptable answer.

The Phantom 

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Michael G. Gallagher said...

You're assuming that the US Army or USMC would blindly follow orders like that in the first place

Unknown said...

You're assuming the US Army or USMC would blindly follow orders like that in the first place

Anonymous said...

No, not assumming that US Army or USMC would blindly follow orders.

Instead militias help keep uniformed troops from having to be the last and final line of defence of democracy. Since it is impossible for uniformed troops to overwhelm the populace no schemer tries to set it up.

China and North Korea are examples for what happens when all the guns are gone and how far the government can take control of the people.

The average chinese guy is rooting for Hong Kong. The only reason the CCP may not give Hong Kong another Tiananmen is because of pressures on the rest of the country. They already have millions incarcerated for religious or political beliefs.

The young in the USA now think it is better to live safer with less freedom. Those with less freedom are much more likely to wish for less safe but freer circumstances.

Unknown said...

Yes guns are important for citizen resistance to tyranny, but they are not the only ways for people to resist. With opposition to tyranny so widespread in Hong Kong, there is literally no way for a military to succeed in suppression. The fallout would be disasterous in this setting of international visibility to even try. Such an action might even fuel rebellion in other parts of China and perhaps even in the military itself. Tanks really don't work in urban warfare and improvised weapons can be deadly to vastly outnumbered troops, so any cheap method of suppression is simply not available. If the Chinese Communist Party is not careful, this will be their downfall throughout China.

The Phantom said...

Welcome gents.

The good thing about a professional military or police force is that they follow orders. The bad thing about a professional military or police force is that they follow orders.

I've been hearing "The Army would never follow those orders" for a pretty long time, and in two countries.

You Americans want to go look up The Bonus Army of 1932 and find out what the US Army did to veterans of WW1 that year.

Canadians are advised to look up the Stelco strike of 1946, and the Winnipeg General Strike of 1919, both times government called out the army to deal with unionists.

You know what? They -might- mutiny against orders to kill Americans, but that is not a very good bet. Most likely, they really would follow those orders.

Toastrider said...

The impression I get is that NOBODY really wants to roll the dice and find out if the military would follow orders or not in this situation.

Even a mere 25 percent refusal/desertion rate would guarantee a titanic dumpster fire, comparable to the Irish Troubles if not worse.

The Phantom said...

Yeah, a constant drip-drip-drip low intensity terror campaign by the Red states against the Blue ones. Something like that would make the IRA look like choir boys.