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The title is a -little- bit of hyperbole, as the following quote only comes from "Fandom's Prolapsed Anus" rather than an official WorldCon, Fan-type source. I'm not going to link to it, because why give the perverted bastard a free click? But here it is, and its a beauty.

Chris M. Barkley:

This is why I love fandom, especially our family reunions each year. When the World Science Fiction Convention convenes, it boldly endorses and embraces the diversity of literature, art, criticism and culture the world has to offer. We stand as one against the bullies, liars and false pundits who would see the world burn.
Because those politicians, religious leaders, bigots, racists and white supremicists (sic) who inspire and perpetuate the violence are terrorists.
We don't negotiate with terrorists.
Neither should you.

This cri de coeur comes at the end of a big, long, rambling spiel where Mr. Barkley assures us that America is a dystopian hellhole, that Americans are racists, and that:

As far as I'm concerned, one of America's most urgent problems is that it is awash in firearms and in the grip of generations of a virulent and ugly gun culture.

So if you like science fiction and fantasy, but you're part of that "virulent and ugly gun culture" then you are not a Fan. You are a terrorist. Mr. Barkley is serving notice, he and his friends will not negotiate with you.

Hey Chris, do we get to pick our own rooms at the new gulag you're planning? I want one with a view of the gas chamber and the ovens. I like to be able to see where I'm going.

The comments section is good too. Steve Davidson, well known Puppy-kicker and publisher of Amazing Stories mag:

I'm all for doing what makes sense, but one of the things that concerns me the most is that cons/fandom does not yet have a clearinghouse for information regarding serial harassers and trolls and other troublemakers, and it should, let alone a network for disseminating solid info on people within the community who might pose a risk. Somehow, we have to reconile the fannish desire to deal with these things on the local level with the needs of the environment we currently find ourselves in.

Yes, there should be an "information clearinghouse" for "harassers, trolls and other troublemakers." They could call it the WorldCon Dept. of PreCrime. Because you never know when one of those "bigots, racists and white supremicists (sic)" might show up and do some terrorism.

Makes me wonder sometimes if any of these overweight douchbags has actually read 1984, or if they just refer to it as a manual.

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