Monday, May 28, 2018

Dear SJWs, this is why we don't like you.

This showed up in my Wordpress summary today: A post at the odious flopatron cameldung blog, to which I will not link, had this in the comments...

posted by Kathodus:
@Phantom – Despite Antonelli’s admission that he was wrong about the one piece of damning evidence he thought he had in his mangled doxxing attempt against Camestros and Meadows, members of the MGC are still upholding the “Fieldsy” libel . As we’ve seen, Freer would rather double down than admit his error, and the rest of the MGC admins, presumably to avoid conflicts within their ranks, have mostly dropped the issue. It’s also apparent that most MGC regulars do not read the “opposition’s” posts or comments, unlike you (and Camestros, and me, and several other regulars here). Because of the MGC admins’ failure to admit their mistake, and the MGC readers’ disinterest in opposing viewpoints, many of them appear to have no idea that they are upholding a debunked doxxing. It’s also possible that they are just doing it because they revel in dishonesty, but giving them the benefit of the doubt… shouldn’t you be correcting the MGC folk who continue to spread Freer’s lie? You present yourself as a defender of truth. Sometimes confronting your own allies when they are dishonest is the most difficult task. Show us your character.
I love the nerve of this guy. "Show us your character."

Just wondering, Kathodus, where were you when floppy was claiming Sarah Hoyt's blog advocated genocide? And where were you defending Larry Correia, or John Ringo, or Brad Torgersen from the egregious lies being said about them? If I remember rightly, you and floppy habitually call me a liar no matter what I say and no matter what link I post as support.

Where's your character, big boy? Inquiring minds want to know.

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