Saturday, March 04, 2017

Russian space revolver

This is a very unique and interesting piece of kit. One of a kind museum item.

Shortly after that, Tula Arms Plant (TOZ – Tulskiy Oruzheyniy Zavod) started the development of a revolver, which they called TOZ-81 "Mars". The design idea of this revolver was offered by a famous Soviet gun writer and firearms historian Alexander Zhuk. You may have seen the "Illustrated Encyclopedia of Handguns" written by A.B. Zhuk, which almost entirely consists of firearm drawings with short descriptions. There is an English translation of this book. So the Tula factory formed a designing team, which would work on this gun. A. Zhuk and several firearms designers and engineers were the main members of that team. Zhuk drew the initial sketch of his idea of space revolver. Interestingly, the team first made a plastic mockup of the gun and submitted for final approval of the concept. Only after getting the design approved, they started to make the actual gun.

It was meant to be a survival pistol in case the astronauts got stranded on Earth by a bad landing, not to be used in a space war. But still, very cool.

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