Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Iron Finger of Deletion.

Abandon all hope, ye who comment here!
Behold ye trolls and unsavory denizens of the dark: The Iron Finger of Deletion. 

It hungers!


Occam said...

The editorial ownership!!! - It burns us, It hurts the precious!

The Phantom said...

Yas, there are some people out there who just need to be reminded that they aren't allowed to fuck people around unhindered.

I posted this reminder for one particular person, a sad case named Andrew. He knows who he is, and what will happen to him if he brings his poo here from XOJane where he's currently staining the comments section.

WiFi Lunchbox Guy said...

Um...if he is a sissy-male issue, then why is he here?

Occam said...

BTW Thanks for the link - I got a rash browsing that site - least I hope it's a rash and not some lezzie STD

The Phantom said...

I file such slumming under the "know thine enemy" category.

Some of the arguments were surprisingly bad, given the nature of the site. These are mostly people with at least one university degree. They should sue.