Thursday, February 05, 2015

Kitchen light turns on, Brian Williams runs for the wainscoting, gets covering fire from Washington Post

Brian Williams lied about being in a helicopter that got hit in Iraq. Ok, I'm sure Brian Williams lies every day, I don't care. I have low expectations.

But then all the people who were in the helicopter call him on it, and a "thing" ensues. So after getting called out, a lot, Brian Williams issues a big grandiose apology on TV. I still don't care, because low expectations. Obviously he's going to spin it, that's why I don't watch NBC.

What pissed me off was this: Guy lies, gets called on it, issues biiiig grandiose apology to make himself look good after lying. Then the media reporter does this:

The admission is a rare black mark for Williams, a poised, veteran newsman who has anchored NBC's signature newscast since 2004 and has endeared himself to non-news audiences through appearances on "30 Rock," "The Tonight Show" and other entertainment programs.

They read out his f-ing resume! "Like, Brian's not such a bad guy eh? I mean, he's been on 30 Rock and everything!"

HEY, MEDIA!!!! This kinda thing is why you are all going into the ratings/sales toilet. Brian Williams is a self aggrandizing sack of shit whose best feature is good hair. Kick him to the curb, move on already.


Occam said...

Gotta love the official excuse this wiggler offers - something went wrong with my mind, he says.

As I watch this knee-walking scuz do the celeb circuit in victim drag, I realize that his cowardice in facing up to his actions was probably the factor that made him lie about being brave in the line of fire.

Another pussyfart metrosexual pismire living a lie - playing a role rather than living like a man.

Alyric said...

And now it turns out he lied about his experience after Katrina.

Oh - and about saving a puppy from a burning building. No, really - that's what he went with. Saving a puppy from a burning building.

I'm surprised he never published an article about the time he single-handedly prevented an orphanage from being overrun by a biker gang.

Either NBC is run by incompetents who never realized he was a pathological liar, or pathological liars who didn't care. I'm betting they decide that the incompetent rap is worse, and eventually publish a not-apology about how they had 'reviewed' the incident in the past and decided it didn't merit firing him.

Anyone want to bet against me? :P