Monday, December 15, 2014

Sydney: The known, the unknown, and that which shall not be mentioned.

Well, it seems that Australia joins Canada in having Islamic nuts killing people for no reason. The Sidney Australia nut took 17 people hostage yesterday at around 10AM local time, the cops raided the place at just after 2am local time this morning in response to gunfire from inside the location.

40 sexual and indecent assault charges, conviction for sending offensive letters to families of deceased Australian soldiers, on bail with a murder charge pending, now he's a dead guy.

Details here.

There's a long list of things that the paper says are known and a shorter one of things that aren't. I won't reproduce that here, just go visit the link.

There are a few things conspicuously absent from the lists, however.

First, Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbot's behavior is interesting. From the paper:

This despite the fact that:
  • A black flag with an Islamic creed written on it in Arabic was displayed in the windows.
So the Lone Gunman obviously considered it an act of Islamic terrorism, but the Prime Minister... doesn't.  Interesting, yes? Stephen Harper decided the Ottawa Cenotaph shooting was terrorism and said so before they even got all of Michael Zehaf-Bibeau's blood off the tile at the House of Commons.

Second, how does one lone nut take 17 people hostage? Answer, GUN CONTROL. Unmentioned in the paper anywhere, this is Australian gun control working as it was intended to do. 17 people can't be held against their will for almost 24 hours by just one guy unless their government has made them helpless first.

Third, not to be a Monday Morning quarterback or anything, but how many times do you have to shoot a guy before he's no longer a threat? Apparently a lot, given the number of muzzle flashes in the video from Sidney. Indeed, in Ottawa the Sergeant at Arms and his men shot Bibeau 12 times before he fell down, and new info indicates the guard on the front door managed to nail Bibeau one time as he ran through. Got him square, didn't seem to slow him at all. Pistols suck. Maybe consider switching to .308 hollow points for home defense.

Fourth and finally, just like Michael Zehaf-Bibeau in Canada, this gink Man Heron Monis was -extremely- well know to Australian police. They knew every damn thing about this guy down to how he likes his eggs in the morning. They couldn't possibly have had more intel on him. And yet, well known, under surveillance semi-coherent nutcase and out-on-bail criminal Monis was able to get himself a gun and a "machete", and then pull this suicide-by-cop standoff. In Canada the shooter Bibeau was part of a fricking RCMP outreach program that exists to try and talk these freak Mooselimb radicals out of doing anything crazy. Major fail, outreach dudes.

Plus the cherry on top, both of these situations happened in the capital cities of both countries where there's cops and frigging cameras all over town. A squirrel can't take a dump on the sidewalk without being photographed from at least three angles.

This proves two things I've been saying for years. Gun control doesn't control guns, much less crime. Ubiquitous surveillance by police doesn't deter criminals, much less terrorists.

Gun control and ubiquitous surveillance are there to control the populace, not to reduce threats against the populace. That's because as far as the police and the government generally are concerned, the populace IS the threat.

You are STUPID. You must be CONTROLLED. Now get back to work paying those taxes, serfs.

The Phantom


Knight 99 said...

A perfect summary, nothing to really add except that it doesn’t lay enough blame at the source of the problem by name, Progressivism/ Liberalism.

Do away with Liberal progressivism and these short list problems go away:

Gun Control
Open Borders
Unchecked Third World Immigration
Political Correctness
Early release of violent & sexual offenders
Welfare States
Police Surveillance State the excuse “to protect us” from everything else above

The Phantom said...

Agreed, Knight99.

You can have a no-sparrow-shall-fall welfare state, or you can have open borders.

But not both.

A party that insists on both is a party determined to bankrupt the country.

Alyric said...

A combination of crazy and Islamic, never a good thing. Unfortunately, it's only going to get worse.

Some interesting signs are starting to pop up in Europe, though.

The most obvious is the runaway success of England's UKIP party - the closest they have to a Tea Party. They're probably the only politicians in England right now raising the alarm about Islamic immigration and its consequences.

Also, I ran across this story today -

15,000 Germans openly protesting the spread of Islam in Germany. From what I've heard - secondhand information only, unfortunately - there's been concern among the general population in Germany for a while, but very few have been willing to say anything in public. Now there's open demonstrations, large enough that even the media can't ignore it.

Of course, it's the Guardian, so inevitably they compare these protestors to Nazis and label them 'right-wing', but the people in Europe are starting to get restless. The next few decades could be interesting.

The Phantom said...

Hi Alyric,

I have to emphasize I Really. Don't. Care. about other people's ethnicity, religion, appearance and all of that. I militantly and loudly don't care. Its part of my core beliefs, if you will.


It is utter insanity to pursue a policy of civilian disarmament and paternalistic Welfare State coddling while at the same time importing masses of people from a hostile culture who are historically famous for not playing well with others.

Like I said over at Kate's, these guys are staring to piss me off.

Occam said...

The cops had to see this coming a mile away, like the cops let it happen. Incidents like this are a powerful motivator when getting the frightened zombie horde to run in the direction you want them to . All these foamy muzzy cop-a-cides in the commonwealth have an odd smell.

They say there were 3 civilian casualties - ya don't think they may have caught a stray from all those rounds the cops sprayed off in there do ya?