Thursday, December 04, 2014

What Thomas Sowell is too polite to say.

I spotted this on Drudge today.

Thomas Sowell, author of "Basic Economics," argued that increasing the number of foreign workers in the US "will keep down the wages of American workers" and that "you would have to get a psychiatrist" to explain the GOP's support for increased foreign labor on Thursday's "Laura Ingraham Show."
"The competition will keep down the wages of American workers, I mean, this is not a new principle. I mean this has been known for hundreds of years," he stated.
When asked why the GOP would support such a policy, he responded "you would have to get a psychiatrist or someone like that to explain that. There are cleaning women who say 'I don't do windows. I don't explain Republicans.'"

Well, Thomas Sowell is being polite in implying the Republicans are crazy. They're not crazy. They're selling America for a bowl of potage.

I think a decent accountant could explain exactly why the Republican leadership is supporting Obama's idiot immigration policies. Just let him alone in a small room with their tax returns and their donor lists for a couple hours, and he'd be able to lay it out for you.

Its the same reason Obama has the policy in the first place. Huge, gigantic, stupefying amounts of money are being made on the backs of illegal immigrants, and some of that titanic wad of cash rubs off on the politicians who let more illegals come in.

See, big industry doesn't want more legal workers. Because legal workers are expensive. There's regulations that make it prohibitive to hire any legal worker even at minimum wage.

They want to hire "contractors". The "contractor" then hires illegal workers, who do whatever the job is and save the big industry from having to follow the regulations.

That's why Obama's "amnesty" is such bullshit. Nobody is going to go for it. they'll stay illegal unless or until they get pinched by La Migra, THEN they'll take the amnesty.

The Phantom


Anonymous said...

We all know what has to be done, and we all know what the laws already on the books require.

Round up the wetbacks, every last one, down to the last "anchor baby," and ship them back.

Anything short of this is pissing in the wind. Anything short of this also happens to be high treason.

Occam said...

I can tell you in one simple statement why GOP and DEMs alike are happy to flood the US labor market with cheap, dependant, ignorant laborers - because those in congress , and their patrons< are from a class of society who need people to serve their dinner, wash the floors and pick their food - but they don't want to pay for it - essentially institutionalized subsistence wage slavery.

Know who you're dealing with when you wonder about the political class's actions as opposed to its rhetoric.

The Phantom said...

Anonymous Troll said: "Round up the wetbacks, every last one, down to the last "anchor baby," and ship them back."

I'm going to make a wild guess and say this is Dick Slater.

Leaving aside the politics and humanitarian issues of such a human catastrophe, I will simply note that we're talking about TWELVE MILLION PEOPLE here.

For a preview of how such a thing will work out, I direct your attention to the Partition of India.

Its a fucking STUPID idea.

A better, more moral and indeed more practical way is to just stop paying Welfare to non-citizens. Illegal non-citizens pay cash up front for medical care, can't have a bank account, can't have a US driver's license, can't go to school for free, a few more things like that, and they'll all go home on their own.

Why is this so hard for you to understand? Its not a Race issue, its a Socialism issue. You give money away, people will come to take it.

Oh and by the way, fuck off.

black mamba said...

"I'm going to make a wild guess and say this is Dick Slater."

Phanty, you wide-eyed, naive, innocent kid. DickPete wants black people (all of them) lynched and/or sent to Liberia; he wants "Her Majesty" to take out contacts on Muslims and offer bounties for their "hides". He thinks all women who claim to have been raped (by white men) are "women scorned" and "the town bicycle", even when they are 13 year old children.

Baruch Goldstein was a hero, and so was the raving psychotic who put a bullet in Gabby Giffords' brain. No, seriously. I am not making this up. The guys who kidnapped that Palestinian teenager a few months ago and set him on fire? Heroes.

So please, a little respect. Don't accuse common-or-garden trolls of being DickPete.

Anyway, I hope you don't mind, I'm linking this post.

Chris way up North said...

Hehehehe Phantom you are the coolest comment all night on at least 20 different good anti socialism sites. and you have a system that actually let's me comment! And as for Johhny Annony: Sometimes I get angry and say slurs too. Especially if im feeling real passion about an issue (or if im drunk and being an ass.) It never helps an arguement, it makes you look cheap, it lets the sjw's shout raciss! at you, and it puts money in race hustling scammers pockets. Beat 'em with logic and truth. If you are clever enough to read these kind of blogs you are clever enough to know that my friend.

The Phantom said...

Hi Mamba. ~:)

I see Dickpete has been busy trolling at Blazing Cat Fur. I guess he's a good reminder that Big Government assholes come in different styles.

Always happy for the linkage. Yay!

Occam said...

Sufferin Geezuz Phantom, the zombie trolls sure love you. What do you do to get them all foamy at the mouth - find a cyber playground for these psychotics (like the CBC boards)then take a dump in their sandbox just for shits and giggles?

I like your hobby but it means the zombies are always stinking up your front lawn when they come calling for more abuse. ;-)

The Phantom said...

I just plant pea shooters on the front lawn. :)