Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Here's where it starts to get interesting, America.

Ratbags looking for something to do appear to be thinking about shooting uniforms. And if they're all thinking it, one of them will have poor enough impulse control to actually do it.

A Jacksonville firefighter was wounded Tuesday evening during an apparent drive-by shooting when someone opened fire at a fire truck refueling outside a firehouse on the city's Southside, sources tell First Coast News.

At some point, firefighters were pumping gas outside Station 28 near Southside Boulevard and Hogan Road when someone driving by apparently opened fire, Randy Wyse, president of the Jacksonville Association of Firefighters, told FCN in a phone interview.

About five or six shots were fired, police said. In the wake of the shooting, authorities have placed fire stations across the city on high alert.

This is exactly what y'all were warned about waaaay back in 2008 when community organizer Barack Obama won the DemocRat Presidential nomination. All his community organizer constituency was emboldened by his nomination. They've been feeling their oats and getting frisky ever since. What they really want is to consolidate their power base by recreating the Rodney King riots in LA, except nation wide.

The reaction when White Hispanic George Zimmerman shot Trayvon Martin to death wasn't all they had hoped for, because:
  1. George Zimmerman wasn't technically a honkey and
  2. Little Trayyyyvon was shot while trying to fracture Zimmerman's skull on the sidewalk.
So they had to wait for a better opportunity. Michael Brown getting shot in Ferguson Missouri was that opportunity. Black kid shot by Real White Cop, perfect. Open the propaganda floodgates and let 'er rip. Result, riots. Yay! But not enough riots. Only on TV, not in every city. Have to try harder!

Now, having sown the wind, they get to reap the whirlwind. Al "The Mouth That Roared" Sharpton is backpedaling like Lance Armstrong on crack this week, trying to get away from the execution of the two police officers in New York City. He's going to have this firefighter's wounding to deal with as well.

But Obama and the community organizer constituency in the Federal bureaucracy are doubling down. They are full speed ahead with all their programs and propaganda. This is the result they wanted, and they want more. They are obviously going to throw Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson to the media hounds while their steamroller insurrection moves inexorably forward.

Now do we all finally understand why podunk towns in Iowa need MRAP mine resistant trucks and why the Department of Education needs military weapons, body armor and vehicles? They're doing it deliberately, and planning ahead for when the shit really hits the fan.

I will now prophesy that the final straw will come when the National Food Stamp system has a "failure" and all those EBT cards stop working the same day. Some fool will declare open season on Whitey, probably on Twitter, and then the fun will really and truly start.

What the Official Plan is for after the big riots I have no clue. Most likely they haven't thought that far ahead, they're depending on Karl Marx to create the Worker's Paradise by magic.

Plan accordingly.

The Phantom


Anonymous said...

I'm forty-six years old and it's been "open season on Whitey" in the USSA since before I was born. Every city in America that has a significant population of 'groids is a war zone, and your skin is your uniform. White people are required by political correctness to pretend we haven't noticed this, but that doesn't make it so.

Sharpton, Jackson, & Co. have been phrasing their demands in no-longer-veiled terms of threats of race war for 40+ years and I've grown weary of it. If they are feeling froggy I wish they'd jump, I truly, surely do.

I observe for information and entertainment purposes only that I've accepted that we're going to have a race war in this country. Or, rather, more precisely, that sooner or later, probably sooner, it's going to go from the low-level insurgency stage to the continent-wide Bosnia stage. It is a historical fact that multiculturalism is always a social cancer and every heterogeneous society always self-destructs, no exceptions. I have accepted that and I'm at peace with it. I've got blankets, bullets, and beans put away. My optics and irons are zeroed. And if they want to kick off the festivities I do wish they'd get around to it while I'm still young enough to enjoy CQB.

A hard rain's coming, and it's going to wash a lot of filth off the streets. Got ammo?

robins111 said...

I agree with your statements Phantom.. But I also think its been a low level war for decades.. The one thing thats been holding a lid on the situation is the inherent decency of the Christian Right.. However most of the trouble makers have assumed this situation will continue forever forgetting the fact that everone has a breaking point.. There is an old saying.. "Beware the anger if a patient man".. When the dam bursts, its gonna get ugly.

Occam said...

Phantom - Prophetic observations about Alinsky community organizing as practiced by the inner city Dem race baiting 5th columnists (the deconstructionist Marxist end of the party) – now that we have them in the White House their “community” to be “organized” is every welfare mom-raised hood rat on fed life support systems - and the narrative is that every failure of the corporate kleptocracy (which lobby-run Congress has become) to provide for their comfortable work-free lifestyle is “whitey” engaging in the oppression of the entitled freeloader class.

Law enforcement cracking down on hoodie pastimes like carjacking, hot robbery, drugs, rioting, turf warring, is “profiling” AKA “white oppression” – as it stands now, virtually everything in the hoodie culture which has been engrained in them by Prog Hoodie culture icons, can end in arrest, overdose or shoot outs - so this must end! Law enforcement that is, two tiered policing (with a get out of jail free pass for hoodies) is the agenda to recapture the hoodie vote in 2016. Old race baiters like Sharpton et al only want these perennially angry/dependant self-actuating ghetto craftsmen to keep failing and re-electing them, but the new Alinsky race warriors want to mobilize this into a private Dem army to intimidate their opposition and do “hit” riots in uncooperative jurisdictions.

The insanity of the Dem race exploiting narrative and the manipulations of their race baiters (AKA community organizers in the DNC, SPL, NAACP) has created a dangerous dream scape in the inner city culture that conflagrates the entitlement myth to the point the Dem-created underclass think they are owed “reparation” by red state America and will get everything they want (ie; your property/wealth) by mobbing up, mobilizing and taking it – they literally want to “occupy” the “burbs” – take them by force from the current occupants. This is the narrative spinning around hoodie social media. To a lesser degree there is a similar narrative being cultured by the Dem race baiters with the illegal immigrant demographic (La Raza, Reconquista, Aztlan).

You can be sure the extreme left is inciting the same entitlement-reparation race charged narratives in the aboriginal and Islamist fringe in this country (Remember Caledonia and Ipperwash and lately the home-grown Jihadis).

It is a narrative encouraged by Dem race baiters and it is setting this inner city demographic up for a deadly confrontation they can’t possibly win. These LIVs have no idea that: A) The forces that be will never allow this rioting/race war to reach the “burbs” because they know if middle class suburban America (the bulk of tax payers) are being targeted/killed and no longer feel secure in their own homes and communities, armed red state America will rise in a rebellious backlash that neither the hoodie mob nor security forces will be able to repress or cope with – it will be very ugly, particularly for any drugged up, weapons-grade stupid hood rats with Glock pea shooters or ‘roid-head Fed strumbann with their √úbermenschen day dreams going up against red state Americans with enough guts, skill and fire power to waste a dozen LA Riots, standing in what they consider an “Alamo” moment for their nation.

Maybe this has to happen to rid America of the toxic influence of the DEM-Prog-Marxist Left who have waged war against America for generations – I wish not, but it seems certain at this point given the toxic malevolence of the current Marxist-racist Dem regime - we can only hope maybe something better will come from the struggle.

The Phantom said...

Thanks for coming, all.

I should perhaps amplify my position at this time.

It's my understanding that this type of thing has been going on since about 1964. In my reading about crime rates,mountain use and murder rates, 1964 is when the crime rate for urban black males between 15 and 25 years old departed from white males generally and rural black males the same age. Their graph started to climb waaaaay back then, and continues to climb today.

But only in DemocRat ruled cities.

Knowing this, I have to admit despite any prejudice on my part, that black males are not to blame for this situation. DemocRats are.

So if DemocRats have stuck these people in this slow motion train wreck, WHY have they done it?
Mostly for money, comes the obvious answer. But with this latest thing, starting with the OWS bullshit and going forward to gang bangers shooting uniforms assassination style, it's clear that the OBAMA branch of the DemocRats wants a general uprising.

Its a common enough theme, difference this time is that the commies pushing it are in the White House.

Occam said...

That’s a pretty fair summation of the situation Phantom. All race issues in the US are Dem actuated. The history of influence (political control) in the Dem party from the 1820s onward is steeped in racist apartheid policy. While republicans like Lincoln saw slavery as not only immoral but detrimental to a free nation, Democrats were firmly controlled by southern aristocracy which wanted slavery and a stratified racially pure society. After the civil war the Democrat party was the party of the KKK and had many of their reps from this organization up to and including the 1990s with David Duke and Sen. Robert Byrd. Through 1880s-1930s Dems were the party of the race and class based eugenics movement where racial purity scions like Maggie Sanger would console their high heeled patrons that eugenics - abortion and sterilization - would rid society of “all those unwanted little black babies born out of wedlock”. The Dems have maintained this holocaust on unborn black Americans ever since – it is Dem population control of the underclass.

It is historically accurate to depict the Dems as the party of the Anglo-American Oligarchy (a pseudo American aristocracy), which actuated a plan to control and perennially stratify the unwanted emancipated black population (which they could not export back to Liberia). This was done (not unlike the Fascist plan for Jews) by depriving them of land ownership and herding rural Blacks into big Eastern cities - essentially ghettoizing them in large inner metropolitan populations where they fail to compete due to inadequate education and rural agrarian skills - then destroying the family unit and community institutions by making them eternally dependant on government welfare/control. Recently the Dem/Prog culture Oligarchs have been crafting and accelerating the destruction of the Black community and culture by encouraging reflexive infidelity and sexual violence, drug use and gangster lifestyle in popular art and music focused at this community – on this I can agree with Louis Farrakhan’s observations 100%.

Cont. part 2

Occam said...

Part 2

As you have observed, things changed in around 64 – the year previous the Dems (try as they might to prevent it) ended up with the first truly libertarian POTUS ever (The VP Johnston was still a deeply racist southern confederate Dem –same as Truman), JFK believed in civil equality as written in the constitution (and constitutional currency creation as well but that is another story). At that stage Blacks who had always solidly (wisely) supported Republicans (the party of Lincoln) switched to Dems and after JFK was disposed of, it has been downhill ever since as the Dem machine set about welfare- ghettoizing them and destroying their culture/community/family then set about jailing the social fallout of their inner city policy to populate a privately owned prison system with slave labor. You KNOW there was a reason for all the steep penalties for petty infractions of drug possession and petty crime.

The latest batch of Dem party manipulators created the gangsta counter-culture and now want to use the culturally/socially/morally decimated inner city perennial underclass they created as cannon fodder in a civil war against Dem party (now American authoritarian Marxists) dissent and opposition. Given the history of the Dem Party, any Black American who knowingly associates with it is a traitor to his people and American ideals. The fact the Dem oligarchy places a black Judas goat in the Whitehouse with the groundswell of support from the underclass they created proves just how well the MSM has be coopted to hide the Democrats long history of racism and indifference to Black Americans plight.
A purposefully under-educated inner city black American has been used as a class system dupe and played as a political stooge (as are the illegal immigrants) by one of the most diabolical scheming insider political cabals in history, the Democrat party. Now they are being set up as “race war” patsies in a political coup to give justification for removing constitutional constraints from a criminal federal governing cabal. I can’t say that black Americans are totally blameless for their riotous actions and racist attitudes (every man has the capacity for reason and if they chose to accept lies over reason that is a choice) but a large part of their anger and thinking was conditioned in them by political manipulators who will profit from their plight/fate. If Black Americans were in possession of the facts, they would quickly dispatch their leadership which has played them like a Judas Goat and delivered them to their current fate.