Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Washington Post over the top this time.

Normally I don't comment on Israel stories.  I figure the Israelis have the right of it and that's good enough for me.  But this one here, this is just too friggin' much for me to pass by unmentioned.

Given the revelations of the past few months that Palestinians have been creating pure fiction for the Western media to print and show on TV, you'd think a paper like the Washington Post would grow a grey cell or two and maybe question their sources a little on some things.  You know, ask around a little, maybe go and look themselves for once.

But no, it seems not:

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip -- Israeli aircraft unleashed a barrage of missiles against targets throughout Gaza City early Wednesday, knocking out power and plunging the city into darkness. No injuries were immediately reported.

Missiles landed in at least three locations, including the impoverished Tufah neighborhood and the Bureij refugee camp, just south of the city.

One airstrike hit a two-story building used by the ruling Fatah party in Gaza City. The offices provide tutoring lessons to school children, and cash and food assistance to families in Tufah.

Now, anyone who thinks whatever Liberal hack wrote this crap for the Post actually went and found out that this building really was a child's tutoring center and welfare office is dreaming in technicolour.  This was copied directly from the PLO/Hamas/Islamic Jihad talking points sheet, probably faxed from Gaza direct to the Post offices in Warshingtoon.

No, there's no Leftwing bias in the media!  Heavens, what a sugestion!

The Biased Phantom


Howard said...

Why didn't you mention the 35 rockets that was fired at Isreal from Gaza before this???

The Phantom said...

I figure everybody who's not a dyed-in-the-wool commie knows the dirt bags have been firing rockets into Israel. They've been doing it for days, after all.