Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Jail is too good for the likes of these.
Here's one of those things that happened during the flood that was both unneccessary and inexcuseable.  These two owned a nursing home and left the old people to die when the water came.
Salvador A. Mangano and his wife, Mable, surrendered and were jailed on 34 counts of negligent homicide.

The owners had an evacuation plan as required under state law and a contract with an ambulance service to evacuate the patients, but they did not call the company, Foti said.

They also turned down an offer from St. Bernard Parish officials who asked if the nursing home wanted help evacuating, he said. The home is about 10 miles southeast of New Orleans in an area of heavy devastation.

So they had a chance to get the government to pay for it even, and passed.  According to the story there were people from the local area helping get the residents out on air matresses during the actual flood.  34 didn't make it.

That's a failure of more than just the two scum who owned the home.  That's a massive failure of the city and county government to evacuate the helpless.  Too many politicians busy looking after their own stuff I guess.

Jail is too good for these people.  Drawing and quartering seems about right.

The Phantom

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