Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Irritate your Leftist friends and spouses!

This little column will irritate the hell out of all your Leftist friends and relations, and your wife be she Lefty or not.  The proposition is that men and women are <gasp!> different!

One of these differences is that women generally have a more difficult time transcending their emotions than men. There are, of course, millions of individual women -- such as Margaret Thatcher -- who are far more rational than many men; but that only makes these women's achievements all the more admirable. It hardly invalidates the proposition.

Far more common than Margaret Thatcher's rationality was the emotionality of the women jurors in the Menendez brothers' trials. All six women jurors in the Erik Menendez trial voted to acquit him of the murder of his father (all six males voted guilty of murder). A virtually identical breakdown by sex took place in the Lyle Menendez trial for the murder of their mother. The women all had compassion for the brothers despite their confessions to the shotgun murders of their parents.

To say that the human race needs masculine and feminine characteristics is to state the obvious. But each sex comes with prices. Men can too easily lack compassion, reduce sex to animal behavior and become violent. And women's emotionality, when unchecked, can wreak havoc on those closest to these women and on society as a whole -- when emotions and compassion dominate in making public policy.

To this example I will only say that the jurors were from California, and so may not come up to world standards of feminine intelligence.  However the point is well taken, while certain women (such as Mrs. The Phantom) indeed rise above, the majority are an emotionally driven bunch.  I'm convinced that this is why children make it to adulthood, because most men simply don't have the patience for little kids.

Example, walk around with a little baby in a carriage and you'll notice after a while that the only people who even look at the kid are women, mostly women who don't have their own kids.  Nobody else cares.  That's a pretty noticable thing.

Women are different.  Measurably so.  That the Left continues to deny this basic fact is just another example of the semi-religious nature of Leftism.  Its dogma dudes, it doesn't have to make sense.

The Dogmatic Phantom

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