Wednesday, September 14, 2005

True Liberals to the last, Ray Nagin's cops confiscate guns.

I noted a couple days ago that The New Orleans authorities are confiscating firearms, not just from criminals, not just abandoned guns in homes, but also from licensed permit holders who are actively engaged in protecting their property.  Furthermore the city has decided to "evacuate" people from their homes even in areas that were not flooded.  At gunpoint.

This seems to me the perfect expression of Liberal governance.  When the shit really hits the fan they are nowhere to be found, but then they come back later and screw up the recovery operation with their nitpicky regulations, they abridge property rights with abandon, and generally kick people around.

I mean, think of it.  The mayor has decided that people living in areas that are undamaged, who presently have telephone, power and water service restored, who are in their own houses and not bothering anyone, who are prepared and able to defend themselves from the bands of looters still roaming the area, those people must leave because it is inconvenient to provide them with the police services their taxes paid for.  They must leave their property to the mercy of the looters because the cops will not protect it, and they must be disarmed in case they decide maybe they don't want to leave. 

That's not the kind of thing one expects to see happening in a free country, but it is precicely what one expects from a Liberal governmet.  Panic and flight followed by arrogant condesension and abuse.  Oh, and all the while blaming the President for the disaster, let's not forget that part.

Methinks a really big federal lawsuit needs to be dropped on Mayor Ray and the State of Louisiana, and that Mayor Ray and the Governor maybe need some friggin' jail time to smarten them the hell up.  Maybe the NRA will be able to get that done.

The Phantom

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