Thursday, September 15, 2005

Vigilantes on the Canadian border! With GUNS! eek!

The Minute Men have decided to set up shop on the Canadian border out in Washington State.

LUMMI INDIAN RESERVATION, Wash. - Armed civilians described by President George W. Bush as "vigilantes" held their first practice session yesterday for a planned border patrol on the U.S.-Canada boundary near Blaine, Wash.

U.S. and Canadian law enforcement officials say they have serious reservations about pistol-packing members of an unregulated ragtag army, comprised mostly of Vietnam veterans, scouting the border for illegal immigrants and terrorists.

Now, as a Canadian my knee jerk response is outrage.  What do they think, there's hordes of Canadian wetbacks invading America, trying to escape the hellish poverty up here?  Bite me!

Having gotten over the moment of beaverly maple leaf pride (look at a Canadian nickle) it occurs to me these guys did good work in Arizona and they wouldn't be going to Washington if they weren't all pissed off about that border too.  Which means that maybe the Great Men in Ottawa haven't got the border nailed down quite as nicely as one might hope.  Given the outrageous doings of the Liberals these last ten years this is certainly possible, and in fact I think probable.  They've screwed the pooch on everything else, why not this too?

So I will view with great interest the doings of the Minute Men these next couple of weeks.  It will be a national scandal if they catch more than one or two pot smugglers, let me tell you.  Or maybe I should say it will be a national scandal if anybody finds out about it.  We have a partisan media too.  You can tell by the disrespect for the Minutemen dripping off this article.

The Phantom Wetback

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Richard said...

Careful with the term "Wetback". I used it this morning discussing the minutemen and am now gettin flamed for it... The wetback song isin't going over too well...