Friday, September 23, 2005

Liberals committed to more crime!

Now here is where we see the true nature of the Liberal Party.  I'm convinced these guys are just playing to the propagandised Politically Correct doofuses (doofi?) who seem to infest Toronto.  The kind of people who are just pink enough to think TAX THE RICH! is a good idea and not a bit of political misdirection from people with sinister motives.  The kind of people who think our browner citizens are a bunch of children who need seeing to by Big Brother (and isn't that the most condescending idea you've ever heard!) and if we only spend enough on Midnight Basketball and "Community Centres" and all manner of obscure "social services" to help the poor downtrodden imbeciles who can't quite cope, then everything will be ok.

My evidence:
"During yesterday's closed-door, one-day meeting, Liberal MPs and activists focused on social programs as being the only solution to solving street crime, which I find very short sighted," said [Conservative Justice Critic Vic] Toews.
Eeeew, can't take the word of a Conservative for what happened?  He might be lyin'!  Ok, how about Cotler the man himself?

Canada’s justice minister says the country’s gun laws are among the toughest on the books, and he dismissed calls for new minimum sentences as ‘‘a quick-fix solution’’ to a spate of gunplay in Toronto.
‘‘We have a very tough regime already in place. That’s why we have to look to other initiatives that may need to be taken,’’ Cotler said.
Never mind the damn criminals, we need more social programs!

Completely ignoring the astounding success in New York City with Giuliani's broken window policy (bust the grafitti sprayers, noise makers, j-walkers and obvious shit heads, and the serious crime rate plummets by double digits) and all other such efforts, the Liberals have battened onto the agenda that destroyed all the big cities in the American Northeast.  Way to goLiberals!  Find out exactly what isn't working and do that to the exclusion of all else.

It can't be accidental, it must be deliberate.  They need high crime rates to get on with their schemes, whatever those are, so they import criminals and then make sure they have a nice criminal friendly environment to work in.  No guns, no cops, lots of customers flush with unearned wellfare money.  Perfect.

Therefore I can only conclude that the engine of Liberal success is public misery in Canada.  I'd like to be wrong about that, but I can't see the error.

The Phantom

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