Sunday, July 15, 2018

Another Lefty documents his fall from Grace.

Seen at Instapundit, another Soyboy takes the fall for being insufficiently soyfull.

I drive food delivery for an online app to make rent and support myself and my young family. This is my new life. I once had a well paid job in what might be described as the social justice industry. Then I upset the wrong person, and within a short window of time, I was considered too toxic for my employer's taste. I was publicly shamed, mobbed, and reduced to a symbol of male privilege. I was cast out of my career and my professional community. Writing anything under my own byline now would invite a renewal of this mobbing—which is why, with my editor's permission, I am writing this under a pseudonym. He knows who I am.

In my previous life, I was a self-righteous social justice crusader. I would use my mid-sized Twitter and Facebook platforms to signal my wokeness on topics such as LGBT rights, rape culture, and racial injustice. Many of the opinions I held then are still opinions that I hold today. But I now realize that my social-media hyperactivity was, in reality, doing more harm than good.

What happened? He got called out for some miniscule (or imaginary) deviation from the Straight And Narrow Path. (I use that bible allusion advisedly, it is always fun to see the SJWs behaving like a bunch of Puritan spinsters.)

Here's the money quote from this guy, its is an excellent observation:

Social justice is a surveillance culture, a snitch culture. The constant vigilance on the part of my colleagues and friends did me in. That's why I'm delivering sushi and pizza.

He means its the Stazi. And it totally is. Ask yourself, when the Stazi came knocking, would a grovelling apology have saved the one they came for? Nope. By then its too late.

When the Stazi comes, all there is left to choose is the manner of your death. You can die well, on your feet like a Man, or like a dog in a ditch. Metaphorically speaking of course. They can't -really- come for you.


The Phantom

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Me too = #YouToo!

Professor at Canadian university.

Seen first at Small Dead Animals, this is the perfect example of Leftists and effete literary snobs behaving like a pack of rabid dogs.

In an exclusive account, author Steven Galloway reveals for the first time how shocking accusations of sexual assault devastated his career — and his life. In the fall of 2015, Galloway was suspended as chair of the Creative Writing Program at the University of British Columbia for unspecified "serious allegations." By the summer of 2016, he had been fired over what the university called an "irreparable breach of trust." But last month, an arbitrator awarded Galloway $167,000, ruling that UBC violated his privacy rights and damaged his reputation. Now, in his own words, the celebrated novelist says he will no longer be silent.

What follows is a big long tale of woe, about how all his Ivory Tower friends JUMPED at the chance to believe the accusations, piled on, and generally acted like insane weasels. He was shocked by this.

The hatred and gleeful malice I have seen directed at me, my family, and anyone with the temerity to suggest I am not a monster has shattered me. I have watched as individuals who have never met me spent the past few years relentlessly attacking me, treating it all like some sort of game, a way to carve out a name for themselves. They display their false virtue like the tail feathers of a peacock. One University of Alberta professor puts her hatred of me in her official bio, and when I wrote to her asking that she take into account that I am a human being with feelings, and that my children read what she says about me, she responded by hosting a live-tweeted "academic" conference in which I was called a rapist and compared to Robert Pickton.

Later on, we get this gem:

When my first novel was accepted for publication I was 23 years old and encountered nothing but supportive people in the world of Canadian writing. That changed overnight. Recently, "CanLit" has been described as a dumpster fire. Though juvenile, the description is apt. I've watched what I always imagined to be a kind, inclusive, supportive community turn against itself. The cruelty some people have displayed has been shocking. There have always been those who seek to build themselves up by tearing others down, but I'd never seen so much of it until recently. We have been taken over by a bloodlust in a search for targets of indignation.

Yeah. Shocking.

I wonder if Steven Galloway still thinks that Former Prime Minister Stephen Harper is a Nazi?

The Wondering Phantom

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Friday, July 13, 2018

Always-on listening devices, everywhere.

An interesting thing is happening in the tech world. Little tiny microphones have gotten -really- fricking cheap.

I believe that is a dime the microphone is sitting on.

Startups such as Boston-based Vesper Technologies, Inc.—which has received money from Baidu, Bose and Amazon's Alexa Fund—are meeting the challenge with even tinier, yet more capable designs built around minuscule flaps of silicon that generate electric current when bent by sound waves. Vesper claims this gives their microphone unique capabilities, like understanding your voice even in windy conditions, and drawing zero power when awaiting a "wake word," since sound itself generates the power the microphone needs.

The total cost to equip a gadget with an array of these tiny microphones and the electronics to interpret simple commands is approaching $10 or less, says Matt Crowley, Vesper's chief executive. Individual microphones now cost between 20 cents and 60 cents, says Mike Rosa, an analyst and marketing chief at Applied Materials Inc., which supplies manufacturing equipment to makers of microchips.

You know what else is cheap and small? WiFi and Bluetooth modules, cameras, system-on-chip computers, and batteries. That zero power draw in sleep mode is a very big deal, it makes possible all sorts of applications that would otherwise bee much too power hungry.

The little thing on the end is the whole camera.
Full wireless transmitter/receiver for a cell phone type application.

Essentially it will be possible to have wireless video and sound capability in pretty much anything you can imagine, cheaply. I'm sure if a clever lad sat down and designed a dedicated silicon package, he could get it under ten bucks a unit. That means toy drones with full video/audio AND wireless AND processing on board. That means video/audio enabled glasses/brooches/rings/watches etc. Car sun visors with video/audio. Literally anything that plugs into a wall socket can be a full-on Alexa-style device.

But not in the future. I mean right now. They can do it right now. In the future it will only get smaller, cheaper and easier.

Just so you know.

The Phantom

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

California University Racism

A major California -technical- university is choosing students based on skin colour.

In keeping with the diversity and inclusion movement sweeping campuses across the country, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo recently released a 30-page report outlining plans to "improve diversity" via a series of initiatives.

One goal is to increase the number of people of color on campus beyond the increases that have already occurred over the past few years, as "applications from underrepresented minority students doubled between 2008 and 2018."

"In 2011, the campus was 63 percent Caucasian," the May 2 report informs readers, "in fall of 2017, it was less than 55 percent … but there is still much work to do."

That this is precisely the reverse of "diversity and inclusion" seems to have escaped the administrators. One wonders what the hell is in their heads besides sand.

The end point of this will be the same situation that used to apply before WWII, when "people of colour" had their own universities and major institutions were Whites Only. I would not view that as progress.

The Phantom

Monday, July 02, 2018

Dinosaur media finally notices cities are being hollowed out.

Here we have a liberal bemoaning "The Death of a Once Great City".  He's whining about gentrification in NYC, and naturally blaming it all on Trump. A sample:

We have been almost a parody of multiculturalism on our little street. Black and white, Hispanic and Asian; straight, gay, and transgender; families of all kinds—extended, adopted, arranged by convenience or design. Protestant, Catholic, Jewish, Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist. I would come home and see the daughters of our Sikh mailman, before they grew up, playing baseball in the halls. In the evening, I sat at my desk in a little space, in this building cubbyholed with other little spaces and held together by what was once described as "a hundred years of spit and dust," and felt as though I were poised over the center of the world. Beneath me I could hear a hive of dinnertime conversations carried on in half a dozen languages, smell cooking that came from all over the world, hear someone ringing a gong and repeating a Buddhist chant.

To me, that sounds like my worst nightmare. The sound of "a hive of dinnertime conversations carried on in half a dozen languages" means the building is an ancient firetrap with no insulation and no privacy. What I hear at my house at dinner time is frogs chirping in the pond. At noon it is so quiet here, you can literally hear a hawk glide by overhead. Shhhwsh. So I can already tell this person has zero conception of what life is like outside his teensy experience. He'd probably lose his little liberal mind here in Hooterville.

It is through all these interactions, multiplied a million times, that a truly great city is made.

No, don't think so. A truly great city is a place you can find food, shelter and a job, live peacefully and raise your family safely. NYC hasn't been that since the 1960s. Toronto stopped being that in the 1980s.

The street life—the warrens of little shops and businesses that once sustained our neighborhood in the sort of "exuberant diversity" that Jane Jacobs considered a prerequisite for a successful city—is being eradicated as well: the botanica on 96th Street that Susan, my sister-in-law, always visited to buy her healing herbs when she was in town; the Indian spice shop next to it, with the protective elephant-headed idol of Ganesh mounted outside.

This is the actual meat of the conversation, that retail stores are fleeing downtown and semi-downtown areas of large American cities, driven out by rent hikes.

These stores, like so many others in my neighborhood, have not been replaced. They are simply . . . gone. In an informal survey of Broadway, from 93rd Street to 103rd, I recently counted twenty-four vacant storefronts—many of them very large spaces, enough to account for roughly one third of the street frontage. Nearly all of them have been empty now for months or even years.

The truth is that most of the buildings in NYC are so expensive that no retail operation in existence can afford to rent them. Retail of anything doesn't produce enough income to pay for the space.  In Toronto the price of a detached house, even a falling down one, is north of a million bucks. Stores are sitting empty all over Toronto, the only ones still going are big chains who can afford the obscene rents. Which means it is a bubble. In-city prices all over North America for retail space and for housing are in a bubble.

Of course the liberal author, Mr. Kevin Baker, blames racism and the Republicans. Racists are everywhere for Mr. Baker it seems, hiding in ever closet and sewer grating, waiting to jump out. He also, hilariously, blames foreigners for buying $20 million dollar apartments downtown and not living in them most of the year. Which somehow isn't racist, because... well never mind, it just isn't.

Worth a read.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Perverts in high places: America's elite is bent.

Anyone still wondering why hard-core perversions are being normalized in the America media should check this out:

Joel Davis, 22, is accused of trying to set up sexual encounters between himself and young children, as well as soliciting an undercover FBI agent to send sexually explicit videos of minors. 
The New Yorker was arrested on Tuesday on child sex abuse and child pornography charges.
Davis is the chairman of the International Campaign to Stop Rape and Gender Violence in Conflict - an organization devoted to ending sexual violence.

Fair warning, it is very, very ugly. You don't need to know, the link is there to show it really happened.

I speculate that ICSRGVC might be a front to allow its members to indulge themselves, given this guy is the chairman.

But wait, there's more.

A Canadian real estate tycoon's son who wrote a graphic novel that features gruesome killings was sentenced Tuesday in California to life in prison for the torture and mutilation of a live-in girlfriend who had given birth to their child weeks earlier.
A Los Angeles jury found Blake Leibel, 37, guilty last week of first-degree murder, torture and aggravated mayhem in the slaying of 30-year-old Iana Kasian.

Mr. Leibel was apparently part of the freak S&M subculture, also doing "creative" work with graphic novels, movies and animation. He's an ahhhtist you see. Do yourself a favor and don't look up the details of the murder, apparently there are pictures out there. You don't want to know. All I saw were the headlines, and that was bad enough.

Point is, these two were rich kids of the pampered elite, just like Shiny Pony who has his own perv accusations to deal with these days. I'm told by other news tidbits that there are -many- pop-up S&M clubs in the LA, San Francisco, Silicon Valley areas, frequented by those in the know with some money to spend. Its a popular Saturday night outing, apparently.

In the Science Fiction world of course there was the "Breendoggle," a seemingly funny name for a spectacularly un-funny child molestation ring, and of late there are certain individuals on the Left trying to normalize the participants in that atrocity.

This is over and above the comparatively "normal" perverted and abusive behavior of Harvey Weinstine and the 400+ others caught up in the #MeToo phenomenon.

Time for a bit of pushback on perverted art, books and movies I think. It isn't harmless entertainment.

The Phantom

Update: Here's another one. Don't read the link unless you want to know a lot more about some really disturbing shit. A Hollywood guy ends up dead from being wrapped in plastic in another Hollywood guy's S&M  dungeon. These are important businessmen, also massive perverts. These are the type of guys responsible for all the pervy bondage shit we see in movies these days. There are a lot of them, and they're dangerously crazy.

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Monday, June 25, 2018

Kickin' them Sad Puppies again.

I'm so sad.
Now that the Sad Puppy Campaign has been dormant for two years, those of us who participated having declared victory and moved on, there are still those people trying to start shit up out there in Media land.

This time it was the Arizona Republic.

Q: There's been some pushback against emerging voices in science fiction, especially women of color, particularly with the campaign a few years ago to vote against those authors for the Hugo Awards. How do you respond to that?
A: Science fiction, as Ursula LeGuin would probably tell you, is always about social issues. It's never not been about social issues. Even if you're writing rocket men going to space, you're writing from a certain perspective. Whatever it is that defines your place in society, that's where your voice comes from. So actually it makes a lot of sense that if science fiction is telling us what the future is supposed to look like, or fantasy is letting us play out our dream ideas of what society might be, that they would take up these issues of identity. I think it's kind of exciting that you're seeing the science-fiction and fantasy community push back against people like the Sad Puppies, the organizations that were trying to push out the voices, some of the underrepresented voices, from women of color, disabled voices, queer voices.

This was from the Friday edition of the Arizona Republic, from an article about a "Navajo" author's first book. The author of the article is Kerry Lengel, and a quick duckduckgo gives us:, revealing the usual SJW boilerplate one expects in an "Ahhht" critic. He loved Hamilton, 'nuff said. He's the "Q:"

The "A:" is Rebecca Roanhorse the author of "Trail of Lightning," her first book. Trying to get some SJW cred and brownie points with her publisher, Simon & Schuster.

Just so you know who is making shit up about y'all this week.

The Proudly Puppy Adjacent Phantom

Update: Welcome vast wave of Instapundit! Sunlight is the best disinfectant, so tell all your SFF friends that Arizona Republic is making shit up about them. Again.

Hollywood: Would you all just die already?!

The creator of the critically acclaimed TV show "Westworld"Jonathan Nolan shared his creative vision and his "take" on Humanity as a whole.

"No, it's a f—ing disaster," he said. "It's a f—ing total disaster. And every time I turn on the news I'm provided with fodder for our discontent. I think our timing might have been exactly right on. Listen, I'm surrounded by the wonders of the creations of human beings. I have children and [co-showrunner Lisa Joy] and I are reminded daily of how much beauty there is in humanity. But yeah, you turn on the f—ing news and it's a s—tshow. And I've been reading a lot of history this season, a little bit connected to the show, but also just following the train of things I'm interested in, and it's depressing to realize how familiar some of these problems are, right? It's like we just can't figure these f—ing things out. We come back to them again and again. It's as if there's a flaw — and this is very much the premise in our second season — there's a flaw in our code and it follows us around. Wherever we go, there we are. And we just can't get out of our own f—ing way. All the beauty and incredible things we brought, and we just consistently find a way to f— it up."

If this sounds familiar, it ought to. It's Mary Shelley. That's the theme of Frankenstein. It is the theme of every Liberal-leaning book, magazine, movie and TV show out there right now.

Put in its simplest terms it is this: People are stupid. They have to be controlled. Reduced. Contained. Boxed in so they can't do what they always do, which is destroy everything.

Now, in all fairness Mary Shelly was a good Christian lady, and believed in redemption. That's where she and Mr. Nolan part company.

Continued Nolan: "Much of [dramatic storytelling across the ages] has concerned itself with 'how will we overcome?' and personal growth and change. At a certain point you gotta f—ing call it. We're not going to fix this s—, we're not going to figure it out. But there's an opportunity for the things that replace us to do so. And that's the dream of every parent, right? That their child doesn't face the same things they do, that they make better choices? But there does seem to be a pattern of behavior that follows us, that history echoes from the past, the same mistakes, the same foibles. So you say: At what point does this fix itself? Or are we just stuck this way?"

Going by the Westworld show, Mr. Nolan has drunk deeply of the Liberal kool-aid. His world view is one where humans are irredeemable wreckers, agents of destruction and doom. Just like every other pseudo-intellectual in Hollywood.

I posted this because, like the Mark Hughes thing the other day, Nolan spells it out for us. Until we all repudiate this odious worldview, we can look forward to ever-more-concentrated doses of the same thing in our entertainments and media sources. What will be required is the realization by people like Mr. Nolan that a movie, TV show, book or piece of music that has "People Are Stupid!" as the theme, it will be a sales failure. We have to stop paying them for this bullshit, in other words.

The best and fastest way to make that happen is to start writing screenplays, books and music with a different theme. ANY different theme will do at this point, because anything other than "People Are Stupid" will be a brand new experience for the whole audience. That's all most people have ever seen who were born after 1980.

The Thematic Phantom

Friday, June 22, 2018

David Hogg with armed security in NYC.

The latest joke from Hitler Salute Boi David Hogg:

Yeah, dat boi.

The 18-year-old attended the Parkland, Florida school where a student murdered 17 people in February, then made himself famous with relentless calls for gun control in the wake of the tragedy.
Now he's got a book deal, and publicists — and armed guards.
Sean Di Somma snapped some pictures of Hogg strolling the streets of New York City recently with his new entourage in tow.

The article is mostly Twitter drama, but the photo shows lil' David with a bunch of women and two no-neck plain clothes security dudes. I'm sure they're volunteers, right?

The Doubtful Phantom

Update: Welcome InstapundiiiiiiT!!! Hey kids, anybody out there know who paid for the Hogglet's armed security, and his book deal? Inquiring minds want to know.

Finally, sanity on phone tracking: warrant required!

The Supreme Court of the USA has ruled that police require a warrant to track your cell phone.

In the Supreme Court's ruling, Chief Justice John Roberts wrote that the government's searches of Carpenter's phone records were considered a Fourth Amendment search.  

"The Government's position fails to contend with the seismic shifts in digital technology that made possible the tracking of not only Carpenter's location but also everyone else's, not for a short period but for years and years," he wrote. 

Roberts pointed out that allowing government access to historical GPS data infringes on Carpenter's Fourth Amendment protections and expectation of privacy, by providing law enforcement with an "all-encompassing record" of his whereabouts. He added that historical GPS data presents an "even greater privacy risk" than real-time GPS monitoring.

Leftists and SJW scum please note, it is the CONSERVATIVES protecting your God given right to privacy and protecting you from government surveillance.

In Canada of course nothing has changed, the cops can (and do!) still track everybody's cell phone whenever and where ever they like.

The Phantom

Monday, June 18, 2018

Good news: Stanford Prison Experiment was a lie.

This one is long overdue. The Stanford Prison Experiment so beloved by Ivory Tower Psychologists since it was done in 1971, was a lie. It was bullshit.

But it is no longer just a question of Zimbardo's word against theirs. This past April, a French academic and filmmaker named Thibault Le Texier published Histoire d'un Mensonge [History of a Lie], plumbing newly-released documents from Zimbardo's archives at Stanford University to tell a dramatically different story of the experiment.

The essential thrust of the experiment was to show that anyone made a prison guard would spontaneously begin abusing the prisoners and treating them with increasing cruelty. Particularly if you coached the guards that they should be dickheads.
Once the simulation got underway, Jaffe explicitly corrected guards who weren't acting tough enough, fostering exactly the pathological behavior that Zimbardo would later claim had arisen organically.
"The guards have to know that every guard is going to be what we call a tough guard," Jaffe told one such guard [skip to 8:35]. "[H]opefully what will come out of this study is some very serious recommendations for reform… so that we can get on the media and into the press with it, and say 'Now look at what this is really about.' … [T]ry and react as you picture the pigs reacting."

There's a lot more in that vein, but just that one piece of coaching takes the thing out of the realm of "experiment" and into "performance art."

So no, if you put a normal human being in a position of power over a prisoner, they do not automagically become literally Hitler. The guy just plain lied. And yes, psychology is packed full of appalling horseshit like the Stanford Prison Experiment. Whammin's Studies etc. is of course much worse. SJWs really are cwazy cwackers.

The Phantom

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Sunday, June 17, 2018

Police in England stopped arresting criminals.

Lately we've been seing lots of new calls for knife control from police and professional hand-wringers in England, Scotland and Wales. In case it was unclear -why- all these murders and maiming have been taking place the last little while, it has become clear that the UK police as a whole have stopped arresting people for doing actual crimes, and have instead started arresting anyone who criticizes the government.

Police data shows that the percentage of all crimes solved by police has plummeted from 19 per cent in 2013 to just nine per cent in 2017.
Perpetrators in violent and sexual offences were brought to justice only in eight per cent of cases last year - a mere third of those in 2013.
So much for the government taking down all those rape-gangs, eh?

To be clear, this is in a nation where every telephone pole, streetlight and fence post has a CCTV camera on it.

Then there's this:
There were 159 robberies in Holloway Road and Highgate Hill last year, making them the streets most plagued by moped gang crime. 
However, just one offender was caught and punished.

A "moped gang" is a bunch of stupid teenagers on Vespas and other similar crap bikes, who rob people in their cars in broad daylight in the middle of the street. Despite the nature of these dickheads, they caught and prosecuted ONE out of 159. Given CCTV they already know who the robbers are. They just aren't picking them up,

Meanwhile the leadership is moaning about "lack of resources".

To me, troglodyte Conservative rural Canadian, that looks like an undeclared, slow-motion police strike. You pretend to pay us, and we pretend to work.

But seven cops are available to arrest and subdue a guy standing on a street corner with his cellphone out. Also deny him a call to his attorney, and have him shipped off to the slammer in under six hours.

That looks more like the Gestapo. Maybe the KGB, or the Stazi. They liked that sort of thing.

The Phantom

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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Hollywood: "Take what we give you, and shut up!"


In the latest in a series of science fiction fandom witch burnings, we have this article in Forbes magazine:

Kathleen Kennedy Is Still The Best Person To Make 'Star Wars' Movies

The reason I post this apologia to the Disney gods is the virulent language in it. It reads like a comment at Vile 666 or floppy cameltron. Or maybe Jezebel. Emphasis and colours mine.

Rumors surfaced this week that Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy might step down from company leadership in the aftermath of Solo: A Star Wars Story's box office failure. This comes amid rampaging racism, sexism, and other extreme toxic behavior from a segment of mostly male (and mostly white) fans who've taken to harassing female actors and artists for existing. This is all part of a larger bigoted backlash of complaints against Star Wars for incorporating people of color and other types of diversity into the previously predominantly white male storytelling.

That's the first three sentences. Yes, you read that right, Solo, or Soylo as they are saying over at Ace of Spades, is tanking -hard- at the box office, and the reason is... the audience is a bunch of toxic racist fanbros. Yep. Movie tanks, blame the -audience-. Oh, and shut up!, because ain't nobody got time for none of your "extreme toxic behavior."

Amazing in Forbes magazine, right? But wait, there's more! The next three paragraphs:

Mindless screams of "keep your politics out of my entertainment" abound from that corner of fandom ignorant of the most basic facts about what the films say and represent (the Empire's designs and titles were heavily influenced by fascism and Nazi imagery, the Ewok uprising was a veiled commentary about the Vietnam War, and the entire concept is about rebelling against authoritarianism and fighting back against oppression and slavery).

This is the same group of fans, remember, whose entire rant is rooted in their own personal politics and a desire to see their personal preferences projected onto the screen while nobody else is entitled to the same right or representation. That enraged reactionaries want to deny everybody else equal representation while demanding their own right to be heard and obeyed is hardly new or shocking, of course. These types of vulgar fans always existed, because fandom is just a portion of the population as a whole, and the population always includes angry self-entitled bigots.

In other words, it's fine to ignore them and to not care what they want or what they say, and to deny them the myopic whitewashed world they demand. They don't deserve representation of their ideas, since their ideas are backward, hateful, and devoid of merit in the first place. If you scream in anger about seeing other people represented, if you harass and insult and threaten marginalized people for daring to exist and to appear in movies, then you and your beliefs have no place in modern storytelling or modern society (except as villains to be defeated and cast aside forever).

Yeah! De-platform those assholes! No place in modern storytelling! Wait, wut?

Who -is- this maniac? Well, he's this guy. Mark Hughes.

Mark Hughes, screen writer and SJW weenie.

I work as a screenwriter for film and TV. In a former life I was a media specialist & campaign ad writer.

I think he left out a word. He meant to say DEMOCRAT campaign ad writer.

Thing is, I've seen this reaction before. Remember Fantastic Four? We were all nerd-racists for saying that was going to suck, right? Then when Marvel Comics was tanking hard in April last year? That was nerd-racism then, too. The four years of the Sad Puppies Campaign, super-duper nerd-racism. Kicking nerd-racist Conservative authors out of Guest-of-Honor spots at conventions, totally consistent with the narrative.

Prediction: If she doesn't get fired over the failure of Solo, Kathleen Kennedy will double down on the SJW themes for the next Star Wars. There will be gay droids and trans Jedi, disabled POC heros and the whole quilt-bag full of progressive agenda goodness. The movie will suck, the box-office will bomb harder than a B-52 squadron, and Ms. KK will be violently defended by Mark Hughes. Right before they fire her.

Dear Disney, save yourself the money and fire her now. Your shareholders will thank you.

The Phantom NerdRacist.

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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Prophet Mohamed cartoon contest!

Sharpen up those pencils, kids!

The Freedom Party of Dutch anti-Islam politician Geert Wilders will hold a competition of cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammad, it said on Tuesday.

The party said the plan to hold the competition in the party's secure offices in Dutch Parliament had been approved by the Dutch Counter-terrorism Agency NCTV.

Remember friends, Freedom of Speech is not the freedom to be nice to everybody all the time.

The Phantom

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Liberal science priorities: huh wut?

Question: What is the biggest priority to the Federal Science Minister of Canada? Getting more science done in Canada? Getting more money for more science? Developing more/bigger/better facilities and infrastructure for more/bigger/better science?

Answer: Nope. Gender bias.

Question: Seriously, gender? Are you fucking kidding me?

Answer: Nope. Gender. And you better report for some sensitivity training there, comrade.

Federal Science Minister Kirsty Duncan has made it clear that gender equity in science is a big priority for her. And now she's looking beyond universities to scientists employed by the federal government.

Duncan said in an interview in Toronto this week that she has asked science-based departments in the federal government to collect demographic data about their staff...

Should we have seen this coming?

Gender equity is something Duncan, a former medical geographer who studied diseases like the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic, has already shown she is passionate about.

"As a former scientist who happens to be a woman, it was not always easy, and I spent 25 years fighting for diversity in research," she said. Last year, she wrote an opinion piece about her experiences, including being paid in the bottom 10th percentile at her university and being told it was because she was a woman.

"We know that diversity and research excellence go hand in hand," Duncan said. "We need different ideas, different perspectives."

She gave several examples where male-dominated research has let women down, such as voice-recognition software calibrated to male voices, early airbags designed for men that injured women and children, and the first artificial heart valves, designed to fit a male-sized heart.

But her passion isn't driven purely by pragmatism. She also cited stories she didn't expect to hear about — the negative experiences that women are still having in science.

"A lot of young would women would come up and cry in my arms, no exaggeration. And I was determined that I would take action."

Yes, we should. You vote Liberal, this is what you get.

Now, don't forget that the NDPee [spit!] would be doing exactly the same thing, but harder and faster. They'd have made it illegal to hire a man for any job in science until the numbers matched.

Liberals Go Full Monty:Trump=Hitler!

The full Monty is when your "adult entertainer" takes it off and is left standing on the stage in a pair of shoes, letting it all hang out as it were. On Thursday night, June 7th, the Liberal Party was handed an historic defeat in the Ontario provincial elections. They were not decimated, a loss of one in ten. They were obliterated. Seven seats left standing, and Krazy Kathleen Wynne, Ontario's most powerful substitute high school librarian, won her seat in the safest Liberal riding imaginable by only 200 votes.

So today, Sunday June 10th, the Federal Liberal Party is going full Monty and letting it ALL hang out.

In the New York Times magazine:

During our conversation, Freeland — who insists that everyone call her Chrystia — came off as acutely conscious of the perils of the moment, of how a provocation or an insult, perceived or real, could damage Canada's relationship with the United States, or at least with the current president. What has been the most durable and reliable alliance on the planet for the past century now seemed to hang on one man's easily excited sense of grievance.

This is going well, right? Seems promising, fair and balanced so far. Go all the way to the bottom, you find this:

America's closest friend and ally and a country that might see America more clearly than it sees itself now offered a dire warning about the perils to liberal democracy in this "fraught" era. Freeland said she had recently come across a "terrifying" quote from Adolf Hitler, explaining his rise to power in Germany in a time of economic uncertainty and grievance. "I will tell you what has carried me to the position I have reached," Hitler had said. "Our political problems appeared complicated. The German people could make nothing of them. ... I, on the other hand ... reduced them to the simplest terms. The masses realized this and followed me."
She leaned forward, a look of concern in her eyes. "How do you attract voters and public support compared with the flashiness of exciting, chaotic, fact-ignoring populism?" she asked. "The reason Hitler won was because all of the other politicians were giving complicated and difficult explanations about difficult things. Hitler just told people simple things that they wanted to hear."

Full.Monty. The federal Liberals just dropped trou and showed us what they got.

And the resounding cry from the electorate is not applause. It is a cry no stripper ever wants to hear: "Chrystia, for the love of god, put it back on!"

The Phantom

 Update: Welcome, unruly horde of Instapundit deplorables.

Friday, June 08, 2018

Ontario election and Fake News.

The results are in, here at Chez Phantom, and they are interesting. The Ontario election is over, and the Liberals are reduced to below official party status. In order to be an Official Party in Ontario, and partake of all the goodies inherent therein, you have to win eight (8) seats in the House. The Liberals won seven (7). That's got to sting a bit.

The interesting part is the role of the Canadian Media in all this. Two weeks ago we were informed that the NDPee [spit!] was surging, and that it was possible we would have a minority NDPee [spit!] and Liberal coalition egging each other on to ever-greater "acts of random kindness and senseless beauty"... at our expense.

It isn't philanthropy when the government does it, boys and girls. It's virtue signaling.

As Kate McMillan says in the link, the "experts" said this race was too close to call.

The tally this morning is PC 76, NDPee [spit!] 40 and Liberals 7. the Greenie Weenies squeezed out 1 seat.

58% voter participation too. Half the voting public stayed home.

All told, the media failed to anticipate a CRUSHING victory for the PCs and an utter repudiation of the Liberals. 7 seats means pack your bags, bitchez, and get outta town.

What I suspect of course is that they did anticipate it and simply lied about it. I think that was hubris on their part, the fear that reporting the truth from their outlets would affect the outcome. There's nothing they could have done to change this. Lying just makes them look like liars and reduces their effectiveness even further.

Nobody cares about Ford. He's just some guy who said he doesn't like tax-and-spend liberalism, and his brother was Rob Ford. Everybody cares about their job, and their taxes. They don't have any money, and the reason why is clear. Government takes it all.

The Phantom

Thursday, June 07, 2018

BigInternet openly works with SPLC.

In a development that surprises no one, the Big Internet firms are working with Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) on their "hate" policies.

Facebook, Amazon, Google and Twitter all work with or consult the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) in policing their platforms for "hate speech" or "hate groups," a Daily Caller News Foundation investigation found.
The SPLC is on a list of "external experts and organizations" that Facebook works with "to inform our hate speech policies," Facebook spokeswoman Ruchika Budhraja told TheDCNF in an interview.
Facebook consults the outside organizations when developing changes to hate speech policies, Budhraja said, noting that Facebook representatives will typically hold between one and three meetings with the groups.

Not to put too fine a point on it, the SPLC considers the NRA and the Tea Party to be hate groups, and while I've seen no public denouncement, I speculate they may also include the Roman Catholic Church and the US Republican Party as hate groups.

Which is right in line with what we are seeing out of Farcebook, Twitterer and Gloogle these days. Amazoon seems to be moving a little slower on the whole hate thing, maybe that's business managers with a brain or maybe its just inertia, hard to say at this point.

The Phantom

Update: Welcome Instapundit!

Remember, all cultures are equally valid.

We must respect the beliefs of other cultures. Especially when they don't respect ours.

He rests in peace no more. The one bone is all that's left of the dearly departed. His remains were likely stolen by grave robbers who use human bones in religious ceremonies or sell them on the black market.

"There's a lot of witchcraft going on, and I've been offered $1,000 for a skull," Kennedy said. "It's inhumane how they're attacking the dead and dismantling the graves. Our history is buried in these cemeteries."

A rash of vandalism and an increase in trespassing at three of Miami's oldest cemeteries has not only disturbed the repose of the deceased but complicated the struggle of protecting and preserving historic sites that have been neglected for years.

Remember friends, that the White Xtian Cismale Patriarchy is the thing that's most dangerous in life and must be resisted.

'When men choose not to believe in God, they do not thereafter believe in nothing, they then become capable of believing in anything.'
G.K. Chesterton

Monday, June 04, 2018

Engulf, assimilate and pervert.

Microsoft bought Github for $7.5 BILLION dollars.

If you are not now screaming at your computer screen, you are not a software developer.

That is all, as you were.

The Developing Phantom

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Leftist defends fascist police state arrest.

floppy cameldork has been running his mouth again, and saying my name. As he continues to block my responses to his provocations, I will continue to post them here. No links, unless he stops playing puerile games with the blocking of comments. Camel spewings in italics:

"As I wasn’t present I’m not going to magically make a judgement as to whether Robinson’s behaviour was or was not a breach of the peace."
There's video. Try not to be a prat.

"The police certainly thought so and you usually defend police decisions or do you only defend police decisions when they are killing people?"


"More amazingly, indeed gobsmackingly amazing is that YOU are apparently totally cool with this same fraudster trying to disrupt court proceedings in a way that could have led to a mistrial and the release of the defendants."

If some guy standing on the sidewalk with a phone can "disrupt court proceedings in a way that could have led to a mistrial and the release of the defendants" then the British justice system has larger issues that need to be addressed. But it is fun watching you defend this.

Here's the thing floppy. Everybody knows Tommy Robinson is a fame seeking, self-promoting dick. I think he's a dick. I wouldn't vote for him. But he's the one bucking the system today, and the system just crushed him. That would be the same system that actively moved to protect the "Muslim grooming gang" at trial in the first place, don't forget.

The issue that you are pretending does not exist is that if the State can arrest and jail Tommy Robinson for quietly holding up his phone on the sidewalk in front of the court house, they can arrest and jail -me-. Or you. You've got a blog. What is to stop some chair polisher deciding they don't like you and chucking you in jail? All it would take to change your politically protected status is an election.

The other issue is the gag order. Controversial political figure gets arrested and jailed in six hours? That's a pretty big deal. Publication ban on top of that? That's how police states do things.

An extremely dangerous precedent to set. But here you are, perfectly okay with it and using the occasion to bash your political enemies, because you don't like the guy they arrested. I'm certain that you would be screaming with rage if the same thing was done to someone you do like. Which means either you don't understand the principles at play here, or you're fundamentally dishonest. Or both.

I'm embracing the power of "and".
The Phantom

Monday, May 28, 2018

Fascists passe, SJWs now punching butchers.

As part of the Government celebration of all that is fascist and totalitarian, we now are treated to Vegan Brownshirts.

Attacks on small businesses by vegan activists are on the rise, according to the Countryside Alliance.

Death threats, stoked by social media and encouraged by international groups of activists, have caused butchers and farmers to "live in fear."

Marlow Butchers, in, Ashford, Kent, was targeted earlier this month by activists who daubed red paint on the doors and windows of the shop.

Since then, the business has been subjected to online abuse.

Wayne Marlow, who runs the business with his father and brother, told Kent Online: "On the internet it has been very threatening.

"It has got ridiculous - activists from as far away as Australia are getting involved.

"The internet is the worst thing as not only are they threatening to physically destroy our business, but they are also tying to ruin our reputation online, too, by leaving negative reviews and comments.

"They want to close us down and people are threatening to smash the windows or petrol bomb the store.

Well well, nasssty on-line behavior. And what are the big online companies doing to shut these cretins down?

Mr Bonner also said that social media companies to not take the threats seriously enough: "None of the social media platforms view the abuse of those involved in meat production as they would other minorities. This is understandable but there has to be an equality of response when people like this butcher or others are being targeted.

"It's both personally threatening and people feel unsafe, they are not putting themselves forward on a controversial issue, they are just carrying on the business that their family has for generations.

"There's a really nasty and cowardly tactic, using things like TripAdvisor and other online platforms to do fake reviews and it can have a direct effect on their livelihood."

Right. You will be shadowbanned by Twitter and ghosted on other platforms for Conservative views. But for death threats against a meat shop, nothing.
At the same time that the British government basically disappeared Tommy Robinson and placed a gag order in the media to conceal it.

The Phantom

Dear SJWs, this is why we don't like you.

This showed up in my Wordpress summary today: A post at the odious flopatron cameldung blog, to which I will not link, had this in the comments...

posted by Kathodus:
@Phantom – Despite Antonelli’s admission that he was wrong about the one piece of damning evidence he thought he had in his mangled doxxing attempt against Camestros and Meadows, members of the MGC are still upholding the “Fieldsy” libel . As we’ve seen, Freer would rather double down than admit his error, and the rest of the MGC admins, presumably to avoid conflicts within their ranks, have mostly dropped the issue. It’s also apparent that most MGC regulars do not read the “opposition’s” posts or comments, unlike you (and Camestros, and me, and several other regulars here). Because of the MGC admins’ failure to admit their mistake, and the MGC readers’ disinterest in opposing viewpoints, many of them appear to have no idea that they are upholding a debunked doxxing. It’s also possible that they are just doing it because they revel in dishonesty, but giving them the benefit of the doubt… shouldn’t you be correcting the MGC folk who continue to spread Freer’s lie? You present yourself as a defender of truth. Sometimes confronting your own allies when they are dishonest is the most difficult task. Show us your character.
I love the nerve of this guy. "Show us your character."

Just wondering, Kathodus, where were you when floppy was claiming Sarah Hoyt's blog advocated genocide? And where were you defending Larry Correia, or John Ringo, or Brad Torgersen from the egregious lies being said about them? If I remember rightly, you and floppy habitually call me a liar no matter what I say and no matter what link I post as support.

Where's your character, big boy? Inquiring minds want to know.

And speaking of Britain having fallen to the Fascists...

[Redacted] Arrested for [Redacted] Outside [Redacted]: Leeds Crown Court Issues Media Ban

Shortly after the issuance of the press ban on the case, several media outlets, including Breitbart London, the Mirror, the Daily Record, Birmingham Mail, and the Russian state broadcaster Russia Today, complied with the restriction and removed articles concerning [redacted]'s case.

Several other media outlets have kept their coverage of the arrest and the subsequent court details up, despite potentially falling foul of the court-issued ban which is to be lifted following the conclusion of a separate case.

The media ban, along with [redacted]'s arrest has sparked a wave of controversy on social media with many criticising the arrest and the court proceedings that followed it.

Supporters of [redacted] have called for a mass protest in front of number 10 Downing street with the hashtag [redacted].

Best piece of reporting on the whole thing. A glorious troll.

For you poor English bastards whose government is doing this shit to you, Tommy Robinson is reported to be in Hull Prison, Kingston upon Hull. So far Google hasn't taken it out of Google Maps, so the reach of Her Majesty's Gubmint does not appear to stretch all the way to California yet.

The Phantom

Knife control! Britain is doomed.

British judge's solution to the epidemic of stabbings in his country: round off the end of every knife in the country.

A judge has proposed a nationwide programme to file down the points of kitchen knives as a solution to the country's soaring knife crime epidemic.
Last week in his valedictory address, retiring Luton Crown Court Judge Nic Madge spoke of his concern that carrying a knife had become routine in some circles and called on the Government to ban the sale of large pointed kitchen knives.
See, you thought I was kidding, didn't you? But no, some intolerable asshole really said that. You don't need a sharp knife, Mrs. English Woman. We'll just take that potential murder weapon away from you. You can hack open your turkey dinner with a nice safe rubber spatula.

Because it is so much easier to incarcerate people for political reasons when they can't fight back.

The Phantom

Update: I was reminded today of this previous missive. Chopsticks are deadly weapons too. The problem with making comments about chopsticks and pencils is that they are not jokes anymore. Now they are predictions. The only question is how long, not if, the authorities get around to banning your yellow HB with the little eraser on the end.

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Spotify stops removing artists for "hate."

Last week or so, I noted that Spotify was following the SJW Way and removing certain artists from all their suggested playlists over "hate." That's in scare quotes because the Spotify definition was fairly SJW Sketchy.

Well, nobody liked that.

While Spotify's move was applauded in some circles, the policy also fueled censorship concerns. "Whoa. Are they censoring the music? That's dangerous," Top Dawg Entertainment president Punch tweeted. A representative for Kendrick Lamar, a TDE rapper, reportedly called Spotify CEO Daniel Ek to "express their frustration" over the policy, Bloomberg reports. Spotify's industry liaison Troy Carter also reportedly threatened to leave the streaming service if the policy wasn't revised.

The point was to ding R. Kelley, so how did that go?

 As the Associated Press reported, after Kelly was taken off of streaming services' playlists (but not the services themselves), the singer actually saw an uptick in his streaming numbers in the week following the removal.

That's right, you slap "V" for Violent Content  on a video game and it flies off the shelves. Duh.

So, due to the double helping of fail, Spotify will be reinstating authors being ghosted for "hateful conduct." Except R. Kelley, because screw that guy, apparently. Maybe he stole some Spotify nerd's girlfriend.

The Phantom

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

American newspapers all owned by hedge funds.

For those wondering why American newspapers suck so horribly, this article is illuminating.

Several hedge funds have become newspaper barons in recent years. Alden Global now owns about 60 daily newspapers through a subsidiary, Digital First Media. New Media Investment Group, which is managed and controlled by private-equity firm Fortress, owns almost 150 newspapers in smaller towns like Columbus, Ohio, and Providence, Rhode Island, through a unit, GateHouse Media. And hedge fund Chatham is one of the largest shareholders and bondholders in McClatchy Co., publisher of the Charlotte Observer and Miami Herald.

Whenever you see a bunch of "independent" companies all doing the same thing, there's a reason. Usually money.

The Phantom

Thursday, May 17, 2018

What have I been saying? Modern music SUCKS!

I've been saying for years that modern music and modern radio is CRAP. I cut the TV and radio cord somewhere around 2010 and I've never looked back.

But-why- is it crap? Evidence today from a data experiment is thus:

After analyzing the attributes of more than half a million songs released over a period of 30 years, a computer algorithm was able to sort the successful songs from also-rans with an accuracy of up to 86%.

A team of mathematicians from UC Irvine described how — and why — it accomplished this feat in a study published in Wednesday's edition of the journal Royal Society Open Science.

The article gives an outline of their methodology, but this is the part here that caught my eye:

"Successful songs are happier, brighter, more party-like, more danceable and less sad than most songs," the team wrote.

That may sound like an obvious recipe for pop-music success. But it actually went against the dominant musical trends.

Over the decades, songs exhibited "a clear downward trend in 'happiness' and 'brightness,' as well as a slight upward trend in 'sadness,'" the study authors reported. "The public seems to prefer happier songs, even though more and more unhappy songs are being released each year."

That observation matched up with previous studies of song lyrics that found they contained fewer "positive emotions" and made more references to loneliness and social isolation as the years went by.

"It is interesting that, in this particular instance, acoustic characteristics of songs indicate similar patterns to those uncovered in lyrics," the researchers wrote.

Almost as if the music business were ignoring financial success and giving us the music they thought we deserved. Kind of like the book business, and the movie business, and the TV business, right?

And that is why I do not have TV or radio, and why I no longer frequent the bookstore.

The Unplugged Phantom

Friday, May 11, 2018

Spotify starts removing artists for "hate".

This is not at all alarming: J'accuse...!

Beginning today (May 10), Spotify users will no longer be able to find R. Kelly's music on any of the streaming service's editorial or algorithmic playlists. Under the terms of a new public hate content and hateful conduct policy Spotify is putting into effect, the company will no longer promote the R&B singer's music in any way, removing his songs from flagship playlists like RapCaviar, Discover Weekly or New Music Friday, for example, as well as its other genre- or mood-based playlists.

"We are removing R. Kelly's music from all Spotify owned and operated playlists and algorithmic recommendations such as Discover Weekly," Spotify told Billboard in a statement. "His music will still be available on the service, but Spotify will not actively promote it. We don't censor content because of an artist's or creator's behavior, but we want our editorial decisions -- what we choose to program -- to reflect our values. When an artist or creator does something that is especially harmful or hateful, it may affect the ways we work with or support that artist or creator."

So, what heinous crime did R. Kelly commit? Well, that's interesting.

Over the past several years, Kelly has been accused by multiple women of sexual violence, coercion and running a "sex cult," including two additional women who came forward to Buzzfeed this week. Though he has never been convicted of a crime, he has come under increasing scrutiny over the past several weeks, particularly with the launch of the #MuteRKelly movement at the end of April. Kelly has vociferously defended himself, saying those accusing him are an "attempt to distort my character and to destroy my legacy." And while RCA Records has thus far not dropped Kelly from his recording contract, Spotify has distanced itself from promoting his music.

He's a dirt bag. He allegedly beats women, does weird and wrong things to them, and etc. He's allegedly worse than Bill Cosby, who only drugged and raped women. And his music is shit, I might add.

The difference between R. Kelly and Bill Cosby is a CONVICTION. Cosby is busted. He has had his due process, and he is guilty. What there is against R. Kelly is at this point -nothing-. It is a series of allegations, which have in several prominent #MeToo cases been proven spurious.

The case of Gian Gomeshi shows something else. Gomeshi is a woman beater and sexual pervert too. But in his case, it was proven in court that the women asked for it. They asked for it repeatedly, and in writing. They actually requested that Gian Gomeshi slap them around and etc, and made dates for it. So in R. Kelly's case, given the current popularity of S&M/bondage/general perversity, maybe they asked for it.

But the really damaging thing going on here is Spotify. They are introducing an extra-judicial punishment against a man who has not even been charged with anything. They're calling it "hate content" but if you look at almost any rap artist or song you'll find all kinds of hate in there. They hate the cops, women, crackers, the gubmint, Jews, each other, they pretty much hate everything. Loudly. It's hateful. Therefore, Spotify is just another bunch of Silicon Valley pencil necks, lying through their teeth to make a buck.

One more reason to not use Spotify. Buy the music you want, keep it on your own hardware, tell Big Streaming to cram it. It is safer that way.

The Streaming Phantom

Wednesday, May 09, 2018

Wrinkle In Time loses ~$100 million bucks.

When you take a popular book or comic, and you jack everything in it around to your "new vision!" for the movie, including changing the race of characters, deleting existing characters and adding new ones, all to make a purely political statement, it will bomb. Like a B-52.

"A Wrinkle in Time" hit US theaters on March 9 after heavy marketing promotion by Disney and abundant media appearances by cast members like Oprah Winfrey and Reese Witherspoon, and director Ava DuVernay.
The movie bombed. It made $33 million in its opening weekend, compared to $202 million by "Black Panther" and $258 million for "Avengers: Infinity War." It has grossed just $126.8 million globally to date, according to Box Office Mojo and confirmed by Disney.
Disney did not disclose in its earnings report exactly how much it lost on "A Wrinkle in Time," but we can arrive at a ballpark figure using the film's reported budget. The New York Times reported that the movie had a combined production and marketing budget of around $150 million, while Deadline pegged the budget much higher, at $250 million. Studios typically make back around half of the box office gross, which means Disney lost between $86 million and $186 million on "A Wrinkle in Time." (Yahoo Finance has reached out to Disney for comment on the film's losses.)
Disney's 2012 movie "John Carter" famously flopped so brutally that Disney had to take a $200 million writedown on it. (The film had a $350 million budget and grossed just $284 million at the box office.) Disney did not disclose a writedown on "A Wrinkle in Time," but the film was the clear and only big loser in Disney's smash-hit box office performance in the second quarter.

We know that Disney, of all the companies in Hollywood, knows exactly how all this works, and they have mastered getting it right. Infinity War, $258 million, bigger opening than Titanic. Black Panther, huge hit. Huge. John Carter, huge, massive flop, was only six years ago. All those guys still remember that, it is very fresh in their minds.

The same thing that killed John Carter killed Wrinkle In Time. Therefore, it is not an accident. It's a propaganda film. You can tell by the casting alone. A $100 million dollar gift to the DemocRat Party of the USA from the numerous SJWs that "work" at Disney.

I'll be catching it on Netflix, if at all.

The Phantom

Tuesday, May 08, 2018

English majors and actors to be replaced by robots.

We all know that the actual career path of people majoring in English and Drama (and History, the various "Studies" and etc.) usually involves waiting tables and slinging java at Starbucks. Eventually they either get Real Jobs or they get married, but barista is where a very large number of young scholars end up for a while.

This will no longer be the case.

The robot revolution is here, at least for your morning caffeine fix. Cafe X Technologies is a new, $25,000 automated barista designed by the award-winning team behind Dr. Dre's Beats headphones and speakers: the Ammunition Group. The Jetsons-style coffeemaker can sling 120 cups of joe per hour at specs that satisfy finicky roasters (and project partners) like Intelligentsia, Ritual and Equator.

This is a small-volume, fancy machine that is designed to be a showpiece bit of performance art in the lobby of a fancy hotel or big office building. Even at that, it is only $25k. It replaces a human, and you're going to see a lot of machines like this Real Soon. Because $15 minimum wage, that's why.

She's praying this thing doesn't take her crappy job from her.
The joke of course is the the revolution already happened, and we didn't notice. The machine that makes your Starbucks or McDonald's cappuccino is a fully-automated unit that costs more than $25k. Your "barista" is a minimum-wage schlub who pushes a button and moves the cup from one place to another. They don't know how to make a cappuccino, or a latte, or any of it. The machine does everything.

This is why your Starbucks Italian-style coffee drink tastes boring and crappy. Because it isn't made on a proper cappuccino maker, and the kid running it knows -nothing-. Which is why I don't go to Starbucks if I can help it. I go to Second Cup, or any ACTUAL ITALIAN CAFE that has a manual cappuccino maker, and a manual grinder, and a barista that knows an Americano from a latte. Then I get a good coffee, and it is usually cheaper than the Starbucks trash. And the workers are usually nicer than Starbucks too, without the forced, brittle, fake cheerfulness.

The Phantom Coffee Snob

Monday, May 07, 2018

New York Attorney General resigns because #MeToo.

Another giant falls!

Eric Schneiderman, New York's attorney general, has long been a liberal Democratic champion of women's rights, and recently he has become an outspoken figure in the #MeToo movement against sexual harassment. As New York State's highest-ranking law-enforcement officer, Schneiderman, who is sixty-three, has used his authority to take legal action against the disgraced film mogul Harvey Weinstein, and to demand greater compensation for the victims of Weinstein's alleged sexual crimes.


Now Schneiderman is facing a reckoning of his own. As his prominence as a voice against sexual misconduct has risen, so, too, has the distress of four women with whom he has had romantic relationships or encounters. They accuse Schneiderman of having subjected them to nonconsensual physical violence. All have been reluctant to speak out, fearing reprisal. But two of the women, Michelle Manning Barish and Tanya Selvaratnam, have talked to The New Yorker on the record, because they feel that doing so could protect other women.

There you go, another top-level Dem with a taste for S&M and beating women, and he's been pretending to be a big fan of #MeToo this whole time. Massive moral and political corruption in that most socialist of cities, NYC. Wow, didn't see that coming, right?

Leaving aside anything else out there, either legal or moral, this incident illustrates the danger of mainstreaming S&M as an acceptable practice between "consenting adults." People can continue to pretend it's all just sex, and role-playing is good clear fun, and all the rest of that happy horse shit we've been told these last 10 or 15 years. But it's horse shit.

No, beating and whipping random women at sex clubs is not okay. No, tying up your squeeze-du-jour and making the bitch cry uncle is not okay. It is double-plus not okay if she begs for more. Those people are suffering from major mental illness, the kind that is a short step from suicide. Wanting to beat them is another serious mental illness.

Everyone instinctively knows this, but it has become increasingly "edgy" to promote this type of abuse in books and movies.

It's not edgy, you twerps. It's fucked up. Stop doing it. Stop talking about it.

The Phantom

Update: This is what I'm talking about. Metropolitan Art Gallery gala. Lots of creepy "art" involving bondage. Ew.

Sunday, May 06, 2018

Hollywood B-list virtue signaling, with armed guards of course.

I'm sure the irony here is utterly lost on all of them. Showing up to an anti-gun, anti-NRA protest with armed, private security.

In video captured by Ben Howe, NRA member Will Haraway asked Milano's security if he was armed and the man clearly wasn't amused by the question.

"I'm going to ask you to leave," the guard said repeatedly, physically backing Haraway up by getting in his face.

"How far do I have to go?" Haraway asked.

"I'm going to need you on the sidewalk," the agent responded.

Yeah, pleb. Get on the sidewalk where you belong. The video is really quite disturbing, pure physical intimidation in its least refined form. Completely illegal of course, the security guard has zero legal power to require anyone to do anything. He's an armed civilian.

I guess Alissa Milano needs another part.

The Phantom

Friday, May 04, 2018

Time crystals!

This is extremely cool.

Ordinary crystals such as salt or quartz are examples of three-dimensional, ordered spatial crystals. Their atoms are arranged in a repeating system, something scientists have known for a century. Time crystals, first identified in 2016, are different. Their atoms spin periodically, first in one direction and then in another, as a pulsating force is used to flip them. That's the "ticking." In addition, the ticking in a time crystal is locked at a particular frequency, even when the pulse flips are imperfect.

It ticks! So cool!

The Phantom

Thursday, May 03, 2018

Apparently white people are not allowed to do yoga anymore.

This is so friggin' half-caf latte I can't even.

I had never been to a yoga class where I hadn't lost awareness of my surroundings, but under the pagoda in Tallala, my attention would just hop from one colored Lululemon sports bra to the next.
I felt surrounded by mirrors, like I was watching the classes from outside myself, poised and ready to Instagram the next shape I made and acutely aware of my complicity in Mary-Kate's spectacle of appropriation.
Because, y'know, Mary-Kate is a white chick. White chicks can't yoga like brown chicks, everybody knows that. Make mine a soy latte.

I knew that when a cultural practice is co-opted by the masses it wasn't just about class, that there was also the loss of meaning and transfer of power when tradition becomes mainstream, but here I was, taking notes down on my phone about my fellow yogi's favorite brand of carob chocolate.
I knew I was complicit in a festival of self-absorption and cultural appropriation but there was a small part of me that had sipped the kombucha and thought transcendence might strike me. I was secretly waiting for some sort of insight. In the mornings, we were encouraged to write out our thoughts in a stream of consciousness and I hoped for even a single line of profundity but the closest I got was earnest descriptions of how beautiful the beaches were.
You want an insight? You are a vapid, catty bitch. Start with that.

The Phantom

Update, welcome you vast unruly horde from Instapundit!

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Toronto van attack update.

The update today, two days after Monday's atrocity on Yonge Street, is that there's no update. There is no further news.

Well, there is "news," as in the police are dribbling out the names of the dead one at a time, with lots of coverage of each person. The names of the wounded have been posted too. Fortunately for me, nobody I know.

Then there are the inevitable pictures of concrete barriers rushed into place at Union Station to protect pedestrians, and the equally inevitable bleating by the usual morons about how we are "Sterilizing The City!!!" by putting up barriers.

So far there's no graffiti saying "Thanks, Justin!" on the new barriers, but in the wise guys of the world's defense it's raining today, and concrete doesn't take paint well when its wet. First nice day, they'll be out there.

There is also a continuing buzz about "Incels" on the major Canadian media, which is a confirmed 4Chan troll. Clearly they know its a troll, and they're running with it anyway because they've got nothing and they want to make those Alt-Righties look guilty.

In actual news, the mayor of NYC knew all about this van driver guy on Monday. As soon as the name came out, US authorities said he was on their radar for terrorism. None of that is in the Canadian media. But it is in the Brit and US media, if you duckduckgo the driver's name.

So that's your update today; lots of sorrow, special interest pieces and kvetching about barriers, zero information about the van driver. In two days they've peeled him like a fricking grape, and he's rolling over on his grandmother at this point. We get told nothing.

Welcome to Canada, where "you can't handle the truth!" is public policy. Shut up and get back to work, taxpayer.

The Phantom

Update: Welcome, vast swell of readers from Instapundit! Incidentally, today is May 2nd and we still have nothing better than "Incels" from police and government officials. Apparently the newspapers are printing "some guy in the jail said off the record that Driver guy said..." and that's what passes for news in Canada. Terrorism? Mental Illness? Suicide-by-cop? Something else? We don't know.