Thursday, November 08, 2018

media behavior around mass shootings.

Another mass-shooting atrocity last night, this time in California. Condolences to the bereaved and the wounded.

Of note is the behavior of police and media today. This shooting occurred at roughly 11:20 last night. By 7:00AM this morning the police had released the shooter's identity.

White male, US Marine veteran.

That's pretty fast release of information on a guy that the news says didn't have any ID on him, and was too dead to have given police his name.

Ever notice how the cops seem to take a really looong time to release information on shooters, except when they're white, male and presumably Republican/Conservative Christian?

Maybe its my imagination, but there does seem to be quite a discrepancy in speed. Just sayin'.

The Phantom.


Tonestaple said...

It's because white guys have an automatic template attachment. If it's anyone other than a white guy, they have to figure out the story to tell to turn the shooter into an evil white guy, skin tone to the contrary nothwithstanding.

The Phantom said...

I always loved the term "White Hispanic." The fucking New York media thought they could make Zimmerman another Bernard Goetz, and flat-out crucify the guy for being white.


WiFi Lunchbox Guy said...

Say, isn't California the place where no mass shootings occur because there are effectively no legal firearms?


Jonathan H said...

Yup, like in the Vegas shooting - they identified the guy quickly, but over a year later adamantly insist that they can't find a motive for the shooting.... which really means that they haven't found a way to blame Republicans for it!

HMS Defiant said...

I was working at SPAWAR for 9/11 and then a little after another flight out of New York City crashed into Jamaica Bay killing all on board and within about 30 seconds the FBI announced that there was absolutely no hint of terrorism. It's funny how they always burst out with their "not terrorist act" in a heartbeat and can't get a motive out of Las Vegas killing after years of no doubt painstaking investigation. Kind of like the Mueller comedy act. One whiff of Trump would have been blasted to the airwaves years ago but....... crickets.