Thursday, November 14, 2019

The new rules...

As anyone interesting in hockey or politics already knows, Don Cherry of Coach's Corner fame was fired on Monday, Remembrance Day, for saying on the air that immigrants should wear their poppies and have some respect for the fallen soldiers just like the rest of us. He had the effrontery to actually say "you people" so all the friggin' SJWs went nuts and now Don is fired.

Full disclosure, most of what I know about Don Cherry is he likes loud suits. I don't watch Hockey Night in Canada. I hate hockey, I hate television, so I never was a fan of Don Cherry for the most part, except the suits. They were flashy.

I looked him up, he's been wearing his loud suits and doing Hockey Night in Canada since 1980. 39 years of television. That's longer than the Ed Sullivan Show. Its about the same length of time Ed Sullivan was a broadcaster. But Don didn't die in the saddle like Ed, he had his horse shot out from under him by SJWs.

SJWs like these women here. CTV television, The Social.  Watch the clip... if you can. Its racist in the full dictionary sense of the word, also stupid and disgusting.

#fireJessAllen is trending on Twitter, and with good reason. Jessie Rae Allen came right out and said white boys who play hockey are bullies and morons. Her exact words are in the video clip, but I'll reproduce them in case it gets memory-holed:

"I don't worship at the altar of hockey. I never have," Allen said, "and maybe it's because of where I grew up and going to a couple of different universities. There's a certain type of person in my mind, in my experience, who does."
Allen continued saying, "And they all tended to be white boys who weren't, let's say, very nice. They were not generally thoughtful. They were often bullies."
"Their parents were able to afford to put them, you know, spend $5,000 a year on minor hockey." Allen suggests that the money would be better suited to travelling and learning about the world.
She concluded her statements saying that Don Cherry is a "representative" of the type of person that Allen is talking about. Allen acknowledged that Cherry has "done some good things" but added
 "Whether he's charming or not, but he's still a bigot and a misogynist."

Generally I don't believe in people getting fired for talking, not even talking on television. Free country, you are free to run your mouth. Be all the jackass you can be, I don't care.

But this is not "generally".

They fired Don Cherry after 39 years for saying the truth: Downtown Toronto, nobody wears a poppy. Mississauga, Brampton, nobody wears a poppy. And they should. Because people died for them to be free. Acknowledging that sacrifice is part of being a Canadian. That's what he said, and they fired him.

Jesse Allen said white boys are bullies, idiots and bigots. Don Cherry is white, a bigot and a misogynist, and it was GREAT that they fired him.

Comparing Mr. Cherry to Ms. Allen, she's a whole new level of bigoted. Hockey players and people who watch hockey are uncultured White hicks who hate immigrants, women and the outside world.

So if they fired Don Cherry, they BETTER fire Jesse Allan.

You Lefties wanted new rules? No problem. Now you can live in fear of your job just like Conservatives do.

Update! :

Seen first at Blazing Cat Fur (hi Arney!) we have The Apology from Jess Allen and CTV. From the Blob & Snail:

CTV says it is apologizing to anyone who was offended by comments made by a correspondent on its show The Social following the firing of hockey commentator Don Cherry.
As apologies go, its very legal boilerplate. Bottom line, -real- racism gets a pass, Jess Allen keeps her job, Don Cherry still very fired.

So no surprises here. Business as usual, shut up and get back to work you useless proles.

Upperdate: Full CTV statement:
“CTV’s The Social is based on opinion and debate about current issues, and we often hear from viewers who don’t agree with some of the perspectives on the show.
However, Jessica Allen’s comments about hockey have generated an extraordinary response. We’ve been touched by the stories we’ve heard from Canadians everywhere, including families from Humboldt, about what the game means to them. That matters to us.
We would like to apologize to everyone who was offended by the remarks, and let you know your feedback sparked much debate and introspection at The Social and CTV. We won’t restrict our hosts from offering their opinions on an opinion show, but we’ll always listen to viewers when they offer theirs.”

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Monday, November 11, 2019

Lest we forget...

Remember those who fell for our freedom today.

We fight on, in their honor. We remember them.

Friday, November 08, 2019

Government can't even deal drugs.

From our bulging Government Failures file, a new entry: cannabis.

Love it or hate it, cannabis is a legal product in Canada. For medial purposes and for "recreational" use.

To be honest, "recreational" is a euphemism for people getting stoned at home. The nature of high-THC cannabis and regulation is that if you imbibe, as it were, you're not going to be in a "social drinker" type situation where you go to the bar and sample the fancy Scotch with friends. Weed doesn't really work that way. And of course, obviously, Health Canada has made it illegal to consume cannabis in any form at a public place. So, no smoking weed at your favorite bar, no weed brownies, no nothing. Stay home, get stoned and crash in front of the television. Sounds super fun, right?

But cannabis legalization was none the less supposed to bring with it a HUGE tax bonanza and make all kinds of people amazingly rich. Remember the cannabis stocks soaring in the market? Big things were ahead!

But now, the reality let-down.

The latest figures from Health Canada showed that as of March 31, while monthly sales of dried cannabis amounted to 7,627 kilograms, there was 30,802 kilograms of finished inventory and 143,773 kilograms of unfinished inventory in the system.

Sounds ominous, right? Sounds like they made a booboo. But what does "finished" mean vs. "unfinished"?

Meanwhile, BMO Capital Markets analysts Tamy Chen and Peter Sklar on Wednesday warned that some "unfinished inventory," defined as cannabis that is not packaged, labelled or ready for sale, may not be deemed as "not competitive" for sale on the market, based on discussions with licensed producers.

It means that in a market that moves roughly eight and a half tons of weed a month, they are sitting on 158 tons of it that's just baled up and another 34 tons that are bagged, tagged and ready to ship. Two years worth of inventory, basically.

Big problem, weed doesn't last two years. It needs to be fresh. Not sure if even cannabis oil lasts that long. It might, but after two years its getting to its sell-by date.

But how did the producers get here? Are they idiots? No they're not. Growing cannabis is extremely technical and difficult.  But someone is.

Enter... the government. Up until the election last year, the Ontario Cannabis Retail Corporation, aka the LCBO of weed, was designated to be the SOLE PROVIDER of cannabis in Ontario. Where the most people in Canada live, not to put too fine a point on it. This monstrosity was set up by the Liberal Party of Ontario under the leadership of the Mad Librarian Kathleen Wynne. It was supposed to be an Internet-based retailer to move cannabis, and it was a monopoly.

They managed to lose $42 million dollars in a year. With a MONOPOLY. And they managed to bottleneck the sales of cannabis so badly that there's a two-year backlog of inventory sitting in storage rooms around the country. Because the producers are hostage to the monopoly retailer.

I keep hearing news that there's going to be hundreds of new cannabis stores coming to Ontario. I keep wondering how those stores are going to rent retail space and pay employees ($15/hr minimum wage, friends!) when their margin is going to be between 2% and 8%. I think it would be difficult to run a hot-dog cart at 8% margin. They're going to end up being t-shirt and novelty shops that keep some weed next to the cash register.

Maybe the Weed-CBO monopoly is safe. Only a crown corporation can lose $45 million bucks in a year and call it a success.

Dear Liberals and other socialists, these incompetent government assholes who can't even make a go of selling drugs are the ones you think should be running everything. What the hell is wrong with you people?

Wednesday, November 06, 2019

There will be no bugs to eat.

Lately we've been hearing a lot about "insect protein", otherwise known as eating bugs to save on greenhouse gasses. Otherwise known as cow farts. We're bad for eating meat, we should be eating bugs.

But oh noes, the bug population is down!

Insects and spiders are declining in forests and grasslands across Germany, according to new research.

Scientists have described the findings as "alarming", saying the losses are driven by intensive agriculture.

They are calling for a "paradigm shift" in land-use policy to preserve habitat for the likes of butterflies, bugs and flying insects

Recent studies have reported widespread declines in insect populations around the world.

The latest analysis, published in the journal, Nature, confirms that some insect species are being pushed down the path to extinction.

It is becoming clearer and clearer that the drivers of insect decline are related to farming practices, said Dr Sebastian Seibold of the Technical University of Munich in Freising, Germany.

"Our study confirms that insect decline is real - it might be even more widespread then previously thought considering, for example, that also forests are experiencing declines in insect populations," he told BBC News.

"I think it's alarming to see that such a decline happens not only in intensively-managed areas but also in protected areas - so the sites that we think are safeguarding our biodiversity are not really working anymore."

Just in case anyone was wondering why all the German farmers decided to drive their tractors into the city and snarl traffic, this kind of thing is why. Every day a new thing is blamed on agriculture.

Thursday, October 31, 2019

Greenies are coming for your inhaler. No, really. They are.

You know what's wrong with having a big government that decides everything?


Not just hemlines, ladies. Fashionable theories, fashionable causes, these things sweep through institutions like the flu, infecting everyone and changing policy directions on a dime.

Case in point, greenhouse gases. Its the latest fashion in government. In Canada we have a carbon tax and we're not building any pipelines, thereby ruining our own economy.

In England the National Health Service is going vegan and taking away people's asthma inhalers.

Asthma carbon footprint 'as big as eating meat'

Making the swap would have as big an "eco" impact as turning vegetarian or becoming an avid recycler, they say.
It's because some inhalers release greenhouse gases linked to global warming.
There are more than five million people with asthma in the UK.
The research looked at the environmental impact of different inhaler medications prescribed to patients on the NHS in England.
In 2017, about 50 million inhalers were prescribed. Seven out of every 10 of them were metered-dose inhalers - the type that contain greenhouse gases.
The gas - hydrofluoroalkane - is used as a propellant to squirt the medicine out of the inhaler.
Metered-dose inhalers account for nearly 4% of NHS greenhouse gas emissions, according to experts.

So they're going to be switching people to non-propellant inhalers to save the planet. Being a government institution, they will have targets and quotas for numbers switched to the LESS EFFECTIVE dry powder version.

Sounds great, right?

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Friday, October 25, 2019

Farmer uprising spreads from Holland to Germany.

There is a -huge- protest movement going on right now in Europe that nobody has heard about. Complete blackout in the international news. I saw this at Blazing Cat Fur.

Funny that this wasn't on the news.

Thousands of farmers in their tractors have taken to the streets of Germany, protesting the government's environmentalist agenda and the climate of hostility that agriculture faces from urban eco-warriors.
On Tuesday, farmers across Germany led 'tractor parades' into the nation's cities.
According to the German newspaper Die Welt, some 2,000 tractors descended upon the city of Bonn, and thousands of farmers took the same path in Hanover, Munich, Berlin, and Hamburg.

Organized by a group called 'Land Creates Connection', the farmers demanded not only a say in the formation of agricultural and environmental policies but also respect from the public who rely on the fruits of their labor.

Most people haven't heard about this because the lamestream media haven't reported it. Similarly to the massive Tea Party events with 100,000+ attendees a few years ago that went missing in the news, thousands of tractors showing up in big cities all over Germany isn't "news" that we should know about.

We also shouldn't know that Dutch farmers have been doing the same thing for some time now. Since October 1st. The only reason I knew about it was WiFi Lunchbox Guy dropped a link for me. It goes to a Twitter page. 
That's a lot of tractors, my friends.

Sea of tractors that did NOT get permission to be there.

So it seems that the Powers That Be are very happy for us to know if Frau Jackson's Grade 10 class showed up with signs at City Hall in Yourtown Germany to protest climate change. Less happy if we find out that the people who grow all our food showed up and kicked in the front door of Parliament because a new regulation is putting them all out of business.

And by the way, this is the "coddled and subsidized" European farmers we're talking about here, the ones North Americans think have such easy lives. Maybe that's another lie we've all been fed.

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Elections have consequences. Already!

The saying is that elections have consequences. Usually we don't see those consequences the NEXT DAY after the election though.

American burger chain Red Robin says it will be closing all of its Alberta stores by Dec. 8.
Global News has spoken to all five locations the company currently operates in the Edmonton area and each location confirmed they have been told they will be shut down by that date.
A previous location in the city on 112 Street and 104 Avenue also closed earlier in the year.
The company, known for its bottomless fries and expansive burger choices, currently has a total of 17 Canadian locations. The other 12 stores operate in British Columbia.

So there's 75 people times five locations that are out of a job as of December 8th, not to mention the franchisees who are now out several million dollars for each location. Those places are not cheap to start up.

Also, Husky Oil laid off hundreds of employees on October 22nd.

Thanks, Liberals. Thanks Toronto.

Update: Encana packs it in, they are moving to the USA, taking their bat and ball with them. One of the largest and oldest companies in Canada just said "fuck it!" and left. Now that's what I call an election consequence.