Sunday, December 10, 2017

Justice: In Canada the word makes you laugh!

What's so funny about "Justice" in Canada? The judges!

Nour Marakah was a Toronto firearms trafficker who sent texts to his accomplice Andrew Winchester, basically telling him what handguns to buy. Though the majority of the firearms acquired by Winchester at Marakah's direction "and put on the street" remain unrecovered, two were found by police at crime scenes.

Winchester pleaded guilty to multiple firearms offences in 2014 and received an eight-year sentence.

While legally searching the men's homes, police also seized both their phones and, two hours later, searched them and found the incriminating texts.

This is where the funny judge part comes in. They've got these two retards dead to rights, but then...

Marakah was convicted of various firearm trafficking offences and sentenced to nine years in prison, minus time served in pre-trial custody, in 2015. He appealed, but the majority at the Ontario Court of Appeal upheld the decision. With Friday's decision, he is now acquitted.

This gun trafficker is exactly the guy the Liberals always scream about. He is the guy circumventing their precious gun control. There is, apparently, no question that he is guilty based on the evidence. You can tell they want to crush him by the severity of the sentence. Nine years? Murderers have been know to get four years. Some guy shot a kid dead in Yorkdale Mall a few years ago and got four years in jail for it. The Liberals view gun trafficking as a far worse crime than actual murder.

What's funny is that a Canadian Supreme Court Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin decided, based on nothing, to invent a brand new human right and let this low-life get off. She invented that a text message is sacred. If you get a text message on your phone, and you show it to the cops voluntarily, unless they have a warrant to view it first it is inadmissible in court. No, I did not make that up:

Interestingly, Judge Malcolm Rowe, who sided with the majority, nonetheless said he shares Moldaver's concerns about "the consequences" of the decision.

"As Justice Moldaver suggests," Rowe wrote, "this would lead to the perverse result where the voluntary disclosure of text messages received by a complainant could be challenged by a sender who is alleged to have abused the complainant."

That means, for example, if a pervert sends text messages to your kid, and you show the kid's phone to the cops, they can't do squat about it.

Its funny, right? Laugh!

The Laughing Phantom

Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Oh noes! Trouble in Lefty paradise!

Black Congressional Caucus members are whinging because Rep. John Conyers is leaving under the scarlet letter of being a perv, while whiteboi Al Franken is wearing his in the Senate.

The stunning fall of Democratic Rep. John Conyers — who resigned Tuesday amid a growing sexual-harassment scandal — has left confusion, anger, resentment and bewilderment inside the ranks of the Congressional Black Caucus, a group that Conyers helped found nearly four decades ago.

Many CBC members see a double standard at play. They won't say the treatment of Conyers is racist, necessarily — and all express strong support for his alleged victims — but they think white politicians accused of similar misconduct like Blake Farenthold, Al Franken, Roy Moore and Donald Trump get a "benefit of the doubt" that black politicians don't enjoy.

I am just sitting here with my popcorn. This is tooooo good!

The Phantom

Friday, December 01, 2017

Big Media is circling the bowl.

The number 1 and number 2 largest radio networks in the USA are about to go out of business.
A key group of creditors rejected iHeartMedia Inc.'s latest debt restructuring proposal, and countered with their own deal that requires the company to file for chapter 11, the company disclosed on Thursday.
The latest development in long-running restructuring negotiations at iHeart, the largest radio network in the U.S. by number of stations, comes a day after Cumulus Media Inc., the second-largest, filed for bankruptcy, succumbing to billions of dollars of debt and competitive pressures from digital platforms.
The industry is trying to pretend that these networks are going down because of competition from the Internet, but they owe SO much money. According to the article, iHeart owes $15.5 BILLION dollars right now. That's like a squadron of B2 bombers.

The truth of the matter is that radio sucks so badly that no one is listening any more. I have not listened to a radio station in my car in seven years. I do not believe I am unique in this regard. People young and old are abandoning radio, even though it is FREE to listen, because it so awful they can't even give it away.

If there was a radio station like CFNY used to be back in the 1980's, I'd listen to it. I listen to Sirius instead, because while the music may not be the best ever, at least it doesn't actively enrage me and at least there's no commercials. If I never hear another ad for saw palmetto, it will be too soon.

The Phantom

Update: Welcome Instapundit readers and Sarah Hoyt's flying monkeys!

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Conyers' accusers "all White."

I could never make this shit up. Really, the sheer gall is stunning.

A writer for The New York Times Magazine and National Geographic tweeted that Clyburn invoked the name of Susan Smith, South Carolina's infamous child murderer, in his defense of Conyers.

"James Clyburn compared Conyers' accusers to the child murderer Susan Smith, who initially claimed a black man had abducted her kids. Clyburn said, these are all white women who've made these charges against Conyers," Robert Draper tweeted.

When asked if that comment was true, Draper said he verified it through two sources, adding "Clyburn has used the Susan Smith parallel more than once, to members & staffers."

You know its bad when a reporter for the NY Times is calling out a black DemocRat Congresscritter.

Usually they're smarter than that. Maybe the guy was drunk?

The Phantom

Today in Big DemPerv news...

Matt Lauer got fired from NBC, Chief News Editor David Sweeney got fired from NPR...

...but Al Franken and John Conyers are still in the US Senate, with Nancy Pelosi covering for them.

That's because this was never supposed to go farther than Roger Ailes and Bill O'Reilly, and the Dems don't actually care a good goddamn about women or their rights.They have no morals or principles, just tactics and a lust for power.

People should keep this in mind for the next election.

Also, just how fucked up is the big news media? There's a picture being built here of perversion on a huge scale, male AND female. Seriously, what woman worth a damn puts up with creepers grabbing her ass? And then KEEPS WORKING at the same company? For years? You've got to be kidding me, ladies.

The Phantom

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Salon: The case for Hillary 2020!

This is why Lenin called them "useful idiots":

Slow your roll there. Clinton's poll numbers aren't too good right now (OK, they're downright atrocious), but there are still four great reasons to consider choosing her as the Democratic nominee in 2020.

How f-ed would you have to be to take people like this seriously? I mean, come on.

The Amazed Phantom

Dems: SHUT UP #MeToo b1tchez!

Today we finally see the true reality behind #MeToo. Fine as long as its only being used on Republicans.

House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi on Sunday urged "due process" before making conclusions about Rep. John Conyers, D-Mich., following accusations of sexual harassment, saying the 27-term Congressman is "an icon" who has worked to protect women.

"We are strengthened by due process. Just because someone is accused - and was it one accusation? Is it two?" Pelosi said on "Meet The Press."

"John Conyers is an icon in our country. He has done a great deal to protect women - Violence Against Women Act, which the left - right-wing - is now quoting me as praising him for his work on that, and he did great work on that," she added. "But the fact is, as John reviews his case, which he knows, which I don't, I believe he will do the right thing."

Despite having just been subject to the Five Minute Hate against Judge Roy Moore, a Republican, in which EVERYBODY was screaming that "you have to believe the women!!!" today we see Nancy Fricking Pelosi utter those two forbidden words: "Due. Process."

We've just been through the firestorm of unrelenting hatred whose main goal was to deny due process and topple powerful men from their positions in Hollywood, the media and the government on the basis of allegation alone. Harvey Weinstein has yet to be found guilty of anything. They're working on it, but he's out of a job on allegations alone. Since the beginning of October there's been a parade of horndogs, all getting what's coming to them, and all on the Left. Even Saint Bill Clinton got tarred with the horndog brush, and that guy is made of solid teflon.

So today, the Dems finally ran back and hid behind Due Process. John Conyers is too important a man to be toppled mere allegations of horndogitude. I assume his connections all phoned the DemocRat National Committee and threatened to release an avalanche of skeletons and buried bodies if they don't give him cover. So now Saint Nancy is out there giving him cover.

Do I believe the allegations against John Conyers? Sure I do. He's a scummy politician and a Leftist. I'd be shocked if he -didn't- molest women. Same with Judge Roy Moore. Men go into that profession for power, and they use that power to get chicks. We all know that.

But #MeToo isn't about that. Its about women who have been too chickenshit to say anything their whole lives, finally standing up and saying "That guy raped me!" Which is good.

What's bad is, it was supposed to be directional.

It was supposed to seek and destroy Conservative politicians, Conservative cultural icons, Conservative businessmen. But the Lefties have been a protected species forever. They've been getting a free pass since John F. Kennedy had his very own staff of sex-kittens on the public payroll in the White House. (He did. Look it up, Lefties.) They've been grabbing asses and stealing kisses forever, raping and destroying women at will, and EVERYBODY KNEW that if a woman pointed a finger at one of them, she was done like a Christmas turkey. Stick a fork in her.

The Dems went back to the well one too many times. This time it was supposed to be a weapon to use against Trump and the Republicans, the very flamethrower of scorched-earth politics. But the wind shifted, and now the fire is finally burning the DemocRats instead. And just look at the sonsabitchez run for cover.

Its about time.

The Phantom

Friday, November 24, 2017

True presidential approval rating.

This is how you tell if the American public approves of the president.

Remington Outdoor, the second-largest U.S. gunmaker has suffered a "rapid" and "sharp" deterioration in sales and a similar drop in profits since January, and faces "continued softness in consumer demand for firearms," credit analysts at Standard & Poor's Global Ratings said in a report Friday.

A rapid and sharp deterioration in sales, you say?

A backlog of unsold, unwanted firearms will force Remington to operate at a loss and "pressure the company's sales and profitability at least through early 2018, resulting in insufficient cash flow for debt service and fixed charges," unless Remington gives up cash to pay for ongoing operations, S&P adds.

One might reasonably conclude from this that the American public is no longer panicking in fear that the government is going to come for them and stick them all in cattle cars. This is in stark contrast to the gun sales picture during the 8 years of the Obama Aristocracy, when gun sales were at a record, all-time high.

Word on the street is that the big crash in sales started in November 2016, with the election of Donald Trump.

Talk, as they say, is cheap. So you can listen to the continued ravings of the main stream media about the existential threat of Trump... or you can take a look at what people are spending their money on, and conclude the media is lying.

The Phantom

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Justice League vs. The Punisher

There's been some ruckus in the media lately regarding the new DC movie "Justice League" and the fact that it opened to a $97 million dollar first weekend box office. Ordinarily that wouldn't be so bad, but the thing cost almost $300 million bucks. Oops.

This is not a -terrible- movie. I saw it last night, and I did not feel I had been robbed of the ticket price. It was okay. Thor Ragnarok was better. Spiderman was better. Avengers was WAY better.

The problem with it was the same problem DC comics has in general, and DC comic movies always have: they don't respect the source material. The characters are not allowed any time to solve problems in the story, to show their individual nature. The things that work in the DC comics are not in the script or the characterizations. Instead the movie writers start from a blank page and put "their spin" on the iconic characters. That this does not work, ever, seems not to deter them from doing it every single time. See Fantastic Four, Batman vs. Superman

One other issue with the movie, is that the director spends quite a bit of time with up-skirt camera angles. Gal Gadot is a fine looking woman, but the views of her undercarriage were gratuitous, wildly out of place, and -detracted- from the portrayal of the character.

This last bit is key to understanding why modern Hollywood sucks, why these huge, megabudget movies keep crashing, and why it is a really bad idea to let guys like Harvey Weinstein work in your movie company. The highly accentuated up-the-kilt shot is a pr0nz-film standard. It doesn't belong in a movie kids are going to watch, and it doesn't belong in the portrayal of a heroic character. Wonder Woman is meant to be a virtuous paladin, protector of the realm. It does not help us see her that way when we keep seeing her ass taking up a full third of the screen.

So why is it there? Not by accident, for sure. These movies are planned in excruciating detail. There's a top level meeting on every single shot. They wanted that shot there, about 5 times in the first third of the movie if memory serves. I think they are perverts, and that is what -they- want to see. They think every other man in the world is a pervert too, and will also want to see that.

Sadly for them and their box-office, they are wrong. That's why Justice League is struggling. Too many of the creative decisions in the movie are wrong, because they're being made by calculating moral degenerates based on focus group data. By which I do not mean Christian, church-y morals necessarily. I just mean artistic integrity and the refusal to treat human beings like meat at a barbecue. The Wonder Woman movie was made with some integrity, as are the Marvel Avengers/Thor/etc. so we know it is possible.

Moving on to The Punisher, that series is another example of degeneracy and lack of integrity. With this thing, the error goes all the way back to the invention of the character in 1974. The Punisher character is a negative image of a super hero, an anti-Spiderman. The character does not add anything new to the comic book creation, merely takes what has previously been done and inverts it. It is a cannibalization of the creation, not an addition to it. Laziness, when you get right down to it.

The very creation of the character being a negative act, the TV show obviously follows in that path. Season One was very violent and grimdark, without much in the way of humor or humanity to it, but the writers and producers managed to make it watchable. I saw Season One and it was pretty much meh. Okay for TV, not great, not unwatchably bad.

This new season? This is a hipster propaganda film. Every single trope and issue that matters to the latte-sipping liberal Pajama Boy twinkies that infest New York City is here.

But worse, this is also psychological torture being performed on the viewer. Scenes of extreme violence are inter-cut with scenes of the character's family lives, with children playing, affectionate talks, etc.  As a technique for getting the viewer's attention it is very effective. Used once or twice for emphasis of a plot point or to underline characterization, it would be fine. Used as a hammer to pound the viewer in episode after episode, this is not fine.

Extreme violence, long loooong scenes of physical torture, soft core pr0nz sex scenes, this TV show is a beating, not an entertainment.

Worst of all, its boring. There's no point to any of it. I'm at episode nine, and I'm quitting now because I don't care a damn what happens to any of them.

Moral degenerates and sexual perverts do not make good art.

The Phantom