Monday, June 18, 2018

Good news: Stanford Prison Experiment was a lie.

This one is long overdue. The Stanford Prison Experiment so beloved by Ivory Tower Psychologists since it was done in 1971, was a lie. It was bullshit.

But it is no longer just a question of Zimbardo's word against theirs. This past April, a French academic and filmmaker named Thibault Le Texier published Histoire d'un Mensonge [History of a Lie], plumbing newly-released documents from Zimbardo's archives at Stanford University to tell a dramatically different story of the experiment.

The essential thrust of the experiment was to show that anyone made a prison guard would spontaneously begin abusing the prisoners and treating them with increasing cruelty. Particularly if you coached the guards that they should be dickheads.
Once the simulation got underway, Jaffe explicitly corrected guards who weren't acting tough enough, fostering exactly the pathological behavior that Zimbardo would later claim had arisen organically.
"The guards have to know that every guard is going to be what we call a tough guard," Jaffe told one such guard [skip to 8:35]. "[H]opefully what will come out of this study is some very serious recommendations for reform… so that we can get on the media and into the press with it, and say 'Now look at what this is really about.' … [T]ry and react as you picture the pigs reacting."

There's a lot more in that vein, but just that one piece of coaching takes the thing out of the realm of "experiment" and into "performance art."

So no, if you put a normal human being in a position of power over a prisoner, they do not automagically become literally Hitler. The guy just plain lied. And yes, psychology is packed full of appalling horseshit like the Stanford Prison Experiment. Whammin's Studies etc. is of course much worse. SJWs really are cwazy cwackers.

The Phantom

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Sunday, June 17, 2018

Police in England stopped arresting criminals.

Lately we've been seing lots of new calls for knife control from police and professional hand-wringers in England, Scotland and Wales. In case it was unclear -why- all these murders and maiming have been taking place the last little while, it has become clear that the UK police as a whole have stopped arresting people for doing actual crimes, and have instead started arresting anyone who criticizes the government.

Police data shows that the percentage of all crimes solved by police has plummeted from 19 per cent in 2013 to just nine per cent in 2017.
Perpetrators in violent and sexual offences were brought to justice only in eight per cent of cases last year - a mere third of those in 2013.
So much for the government taking down all those rape-gangs, eh?

To be clear, this is in a nation where every telephone pole, streetlight and fence post has a CCTV camera on it.

Then there's this:
There were 159 robberies in Holloway Road and Highgate Hill last year, making them the streets most plagued by moped gang crime. 
However, just one offender was caught and punished.

A "moped gang" is a bunch of stupid teenagers on Vespas and other similar crap bikes, who rob people in their cars in broad daylight in the middle of the street. Despite the nature of these dickheads, they caught and prosecuted ONE out of 159. Given CCTV they already know who the robbers are. They just aren't picking them up,

Meanwhile the leadership is moaning about "lack of resources".

To me, troglodyte Conservative rural Canadian, that looks like an undeclared, slow-motion police strike. You pretend to pay us, and we pretend to work.

But seven cops are available to arrest and subdue a guy standing on a street corner with his cellphone out. Also deny him a call to his attorney, and have him shipped off to the slammer in under six hours.

That looks more like the Gestapo. Maybe the KGB, or the Stazi. They liked that sort of thing.

The Phantom

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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Hollywood: "Take what we give you, and shut up!"


In the latest in a series of science fiction fandom witch burnings, we have this article in Forbes magazine:

Kathleen Kennedy Is Still The Best Person To Make 'Star Wars' Movies

The reason I post this apologia to the Disney gods is the virulent language in it. It reads like a comment at Vile 666 or floppy cameltron. Or maybe Jezebel. Emphasis and colours mine.

Rumors surfaced this week that Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy might step down from company leadership in the aftermath of Solo: A Star Wars Story's box office failure. This comes amid rampaging racism, sexism, and other extreme toxic behavior from a segment of mostly male (and mostly white) fans who've taken to harassing female actors and artists for existing. This is all part of a larger bigoted backlash of complaints against Star Wars for incorporating people of color and other types of diversity into the previously predominantly white male storytelling.

That's the first three sentences. Yes, you read that right, Solo, or Soylo as they are saying over at Ace of Spades, is tanking -hard- at the box office, and the reason is... the audience is a bunch of toxic racist fanbros. Yep. Movie tanks, blame the -audience-. Oh, and shut up!, because ain't nobody got time for none of your "extreme toxic behavior."

Amazing in Forbes magazine, right? But wait, there's more! The next three paragraphs:

Mindless screams of "keep your politics out of my entertainment" abound from that corner of fandom ignorant of the most basic facts about what the films say and represent (the Empire's designs and titles were heavily influenced by fascism and Nazi imagery, the Ewok uprising was a veiled commentary about the Vietnam War, and the entire concept is about rebelling against authoritarianism and fighting back against oppression and slavery).

This is the same group of fans, remember, whose entire rant is rooted in their own personal politics and a desire to see their personal preferences projected onto the screen while nobody else is entitled to the same right or representation. That enraged reactionaries want to deny everybody else equal representation while demanding their own right to be heard and obeyed is hardly new or shocking, of course. These types of vulgar fans always existed, because fandom is just a portion of the population as a whole, and the population always includes angry self-entitled bigots.

In other words, it's fine to ignore them and to not care what they want or what they say, and to deny them the myopic whitewashed world they demand. They don't deserve representation of their ideas, since their ideas are backward, hateful, and devoid of merit in the first place. If you scream in anger about seeing other people represented, if you harass and insult and threaten marginalized people for daring to exist and to appear in movies, then you and your beliefs have no place in modern storytelling or modern society (except as villains to be defeated and cast aside forever).

Yeah! De-platform those assholes! No place in modern storytelling! Wait, wut?

Who -is- this maniac? Well, he's this guy. Mark Hughes.

Mark Hughes, screen writer and SJW weenie.

I work as a screenwriter for film and TV. In a former life I was a media specialist & campaign ad writer.

I think he left out a word. He meant to say DEMOCRAT campaign ad writer.

Thing is, I've seen this reaction before. Remember Fantastic Four? We were all nerd-racists for saying that was going to suck, right? Then when Marvel Comics was tanking hard in April last year? That was nerd-racism then, too. The four years of the Sad Puppies Campaign, super-duper nerd-racism. Kicking nerd-racist Conservative authors out of Guest-of-Honor spots at conventions, totally consistent with the narrative.

Prediction: If she doesn't get fired over the failure of Solo, Kathleen Kennedy will double down on the SJW themes for the next Star Wars. There will be gay droids and trans Jedi, disabled POC heros and the whole quilt-bag full of progressive agenda goodness. The movie will suck, the box-office will bomb harder than a B-52 squadron, and Ms. KK will be violently defended by Mark Hughes. Right before they fire her.

Dear Disney, save yourself the money and fire her now. Your shareholders will thank you.

The Phantom NerdRacist.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Prophet Mohamed cartoon contest!

Sharpen up those pencils, kids!

The Freedom Party of Dutch anti-Islam politician Geert Wilders will hold a competition of cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammad, it said on Tuesday.

The party said the plan to hold the competition in the party's secure offices in Dutch Parliament had been approved by the Dutch Counter-terrorism Agency NCTV.

Remember friends, Freedom of Speech is not the freedom to be nice to everybody all the time.

The Phantom

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Liberal science priorities: huh wut?

Question: What is the biggest priority to the Federal Science Minister of Canada? Getting more science done in Canada? Getting more money for more science? Developing more/bigger/better facilities and infrastructure for more/bigger/better science?

Answer: Nope. Gender bias.

Question: Seriously, gender? Are you fucking kidding me?

Answer: Nope. Gender. And you better report for some sensitivity training there, comrade.

Federal Science Minister Kirsty Duncan has made it clear that gender equity in science is a big priority for her. And now she's looking beyond universities to scientists employed by the federal government.

Duncan said in an interview in Toronto this week that she has asked science-based departments in the federal government to collect demographic data about their staff...

Should we have seen this coming?

Gender equity is something Duncan, a former medical geographer who studied diseases like the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic, has already shown she is passionate about.

"As a former scientist who happens to be a woman, it was not always easy, and I spent 25 years fighting for diversity in research," she said. Last year, she wrote an opinion piece about her experiences, including being paid in the bottom 10th percentile at her university and being told it was because she was a woman.

"We know that diversity and research excellence go hand in hand," Duncan said. "We need different ideas, different perspectives."

She gave several examples where male-dominated research has let women down, such as voice-recognition software calibrated to male voices, early airbags designed for men that injured women and children, and the first artificial heart valves, designed to fit a male-sized heart.

But her passion isn't driven purely by pragmatism. She also cited stories she didn't expect to hear about — the negative experiences that women are still having in science.

"A lot of young would women would come up and cry in my arms, no exaggeration. And I was determined that I would take action."

Yes, we should. You vote Liberal, this is what you get.

Now, don't forget that the NDPee [spit!] would be doing exactly the same thing, but harder and faster. They'd have made it illegal to hire a man for any job in science until the numbers matched.

Liberals Go Full Monty:Trump=Hitler!

The full Monty is when your "adult entertainer" takes it off and is left standing on the stage in a pair of shoes, letting it all hang out as it were. On Thursday night, June 7th, the Liberal Party was handed an historic defeat in the Ontario provincial elections. They were not decimated, a loss of one in ten. They were obliterated. Seven seats left standing, and Krazy Kathleen Wynne, Ontario's most powerful substitute high school librarian, won her seat in the safest Liberal riding imaginable by only 200 votes.

So today, Sunday June 10th, the Federal Liberal Party is going full Monty and letting it ALL hang out.

In the New York Times magazine:

During our conversation, Freeland — who insists that everyone call her Chrystia — came off as acutely conscious of the perils of the moment, of how a provocation or an insult, perceived or real, could damage Canada's relationship with the United States, or at least with the current president. What has been the most durable and reliable alliance on the planet for the past century now seemed to hang on one man's easily excited sense of grievance.

This is going well, right? Seems promising, fair and balanced so far. Go all the way to the bottom, you find this:

America's closest friend and ally and a country that might see America more clearly than it sees itself now offered a dire warning about the perils to liberal democracy in this "fraught" era. Freeland said she had recently come across a "terrifying" quote from Adolf Hitler, explaining his rise to power in Germany in a time of economic uncertainty and grievance. "I will tell you what has carried me to the position I have reached," Hitler had said. "Our political problems appeared complicated. The German people could make nothing of them. ... I, on the other hand ... reduced them to the simplest terms. The masses realized this and followed me."
She leaned forward, a look of concern in her eyes. "How do you attract voters and public support compared with the flashiness of exciting, chaotic, fact-ignoring populism?" she asked. "The reason Hitler won was because all of the other politicians were giving complicated and difficult explanations about difficult things. Hitler just told people simple things that they wanted to hear."

Full.Monty. The federal Liberals just dropped trou and showed us what they got.

And the resounding cry from the electorate is not applause. It is a cry no stripper ever wants to hear: "Chrystia, for the love of god, put it back on!"

The Phantom

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Friday, June 08, 2018

Ontario election and Fake News.

The results are in, here at Chez Phantom, and they are interesting. The Ontario election is over, and the Liberals are reduced to below official party status. In order to be an Official Party in Ontario, and partake of all the goodies inherent therein, you have to win eight (8) seats in the House. The Liberals won seven (7). That's got to sting a bit.

The interesting part is the role of the Canadian Media in all this. Two weeks ago we were informed that the NDPee [spit!] was surging, and that it was possible we would have a minority NDPee [spit!] and Liberal coalition egging each other on to ever-greater "acts of random kindness and senseless beauty"... at our expense.

It isn't philanthropy when the government does it, boys and girls. It's virtue signaling.

As Kate McMillan says in the link, the "experts" said this race was too close to call.

The tally this morning is PC 76, NDPee [spit!] 40 and Liberals 7. the Greenie Weenies squeezed out 1 seat.

58% voter participation too. Half the voting public stayed home.

All told, the media failed to anticipate a CRUSHING victory for the PCs and an utter repudiation of the Liberals. 7 seats means pack your bags, bitchez, and get outta town.

What I suspect of course is that they did anticipate it and simply lied about it. I think that was hubris on their part, the fear that reporting the truth from their outlets would affect the outcome. There's nothing they could have done to change this. Lying just makes them look like liars and reduces their effectiveness even further.

Nobody cares about Ford. He's just some guy who said he doesn't like tax-and-spend liberalism, and his brother was Rob Ford. Everybody cares about their job, and their taxes. They don't have any money, and the reason why is clear. Government takes it all.

The Phantom

Thursday, June 07, 2018

BigInternet openly works with SPLC.

In a development that surprises no one, the Big Internet firms are working with Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) on their "hate" policies.

Facebook, Amazon, Google and Twitter all work with or consult the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) in policing their platforms for "hate speech" or "hate groups," a Daily Caller News Foundation investigation found.
The SPLC is on a list of "external experts and organizations" that Facebook works with "to inform our hate speech policies," Facebook spokeswoman Ruchika Budhraja told TheDCNF in an interview.
Facebook consults the outside organizations when developing changes to hate speech policies, Budhraja said, noting that Facebook representatives will typically hold between one and three meetings with the groups.

Not to put too fine a point on it, the SPLC considers the NRA and the Tea Party to be hate groups, and while I've seen no public denouncement, I speculate they may also include the Roman Catholic Church and the US Republican Party as hate groups.

Which is right in line with what we are seeing out of Farcebook, Twitterer and Gloogle these days. Amazoon seems to be moving a little slower on the whole hate thing, maybe that's business managers with a brain or maybe its just inertia, hard to say at this point.

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Remember, all cultures are equally valid.

We must respect the beliefs of other cultures. Especially when they don't respect ours.

He rests in peace no more. The one bone is all that's left of the dearly departed. His remains were likely stolen by grave robbers who use human bones in religious ceremonies or sell them on the black market.

"There's a lot of witchcraft going on, and I've been offered $1,000 for a skull," Kennedy said. "It's inhumane how they're attacking the dead and dismantling the graves. Our history is buried in these cemeteries."

A rash of vandalism and an increase in trespassing at three of Miami's oldest cemeteries has not only disturbed the repose of the deceased but complicated the struggle of protecting and preserving historic sites that have been neglected for years.

Remember friends, that the White Xtian Cismale Patriarchy is the thing that's most dangerous in life and must be resisted.

'When men choose not to believe in God, they do not thereafter believe in nothing, they then become capable of believing in anything.'
G.K. Chesterton