Tuesday, December 18, 2018

As the camel-turd whirls.

Picture first, obviously!

Flopping camel flop is at it again, making up blog posts out of blocked comments and invoking my name to get rage-clicks from his flying monkey troupe.

My reply to his click-bait posted here, because I know he's not going to.

Gee floppy, that's a lot of work you did. However I am strangely unmoved by your Wikipedia research.

The core of your discontent appears to be that you assume all these data are honest. You seem outraged that I do not accept them too. Interesting thing to be upset about, floppy. Sacred cow being gored? Structural pillar of your worldview being undermined?

I merely observe that corrupt governments are disgustingly common these days, and their minions lie with every breath. I mean, do you believe any official number coming out of Venezuela right now? The people who live there don't, that's for sure.

Or the Canadian government. Guns, for example. They lie about that an awful lot, and really shoddy lies too. Easily exposed, you know. Pipelines? Windmills? The lies are numerous and flagrant.
Are they lying about population, immigration, things like that? I'd like to think they're not, but I'm not going to bet money on their veracity, lets just say.

Also, you have some interesting people commenting here. JohnQPuzzle for example: "So I am not swallowing Hoyt/Phantom’s crap until they give more than vague claims of non-white people being liars."

Curious how "non-white" got in there, I don't recall either Sarah Hoyt or myself mentioning race or colour. The boy must have just made it up out of whole cloth, eh floppy? There's a lot of that going around...
Well, there you have it. I'm not insisting the global population is hugely different than the official UN number of 7 billion, I'm just saying I don't take it as holy writ anymore. They may have lied about that in pursuit of an agenda. Wouldn't be the first time.

It is interesting how fast Lefties will begin howling when you question something like that though, isn't it? Almost as if there was money involved.

The Flop-Dodging Phantom


Robin Munn said...

"Almost as if there was money involved."

No need for that motivation: you've questioned a fundamental pillar of their religion, which is motivation enough for denouncing you. They believe fervently that Government Must Be Good. If it were not so, then their preferred solution to every problem (more government intervention) would not be the best solution in many cases. That's unthinkable, therefore anyone questioning Holy Mother Church^H^H^H^H^H^H Government must be operating out of evil, heretical motives.

The Phantom said...

"you've questioned a fundamental pillar of their religion..."

Yeah. I love doing that. ~:D

Jonathan H said...

I've noticed several areas where what appears to be the same number isn't, and Americans in general and the media in specific assume it is since it helps their position.
Following are a couple of statistics whose meaning varies widely from country to country.
(These examples are from memory...)
- One example is murder rate - in the US, it is a tally of people killed by others, not including accidents and self defense. In contrast, in England, the national tally is of murders for which someone was convicted that year. A couple of years ago, this led to a bump because the nurse who had murdered dozens of patients over decades had all of his victims listed in the statistics for the year he was convicted.
In Australia, they use a similar measure. For one thing, it allows them to claim there have been no mass shootings since 1996 since they have tried anybody in court for a mass shooting - since in all of their recent mass shootings, the perpetrator either committed suicide or was killed by police. Presto! No one to try, so the crime didn't happen!
- Infant mortality: In the US, every baby that is born and then dies before a specified age (I think 2) is counted as infant mortality. In contrast, in some countries, babies born under a relatively high birthweight are not counted. In other countries, especially in Africa, the only babies counted are those who are born and who die in government hospitals (i.e. relatively wealthy families living in big cities). In some countries, deaths are only counted if they happen after the full term delivery date, so premature babies who die soon are not counted.
These and other ways of counting are how the US has a higher infant mortality rate than much of Africa; not because US hospitals are that bad, but the numbers don't mean the same thing!

The Phantom said...

I run into it a lot in the gun control "debate". Some countries, like the UK, define murder conveniently. Gun grabbers then quote those numbers uncritically because it suits their agenda.

After 30 years of watching governments consistently lie about one thing, I'm disinclined to meekly accept their numbers on other things.

Christopher M. Chupik said...

Is Combustible Flatulence *still* going on about Sarah's post?

The Phantom said...

Oh yeah. He's three posts in at this point. Slow news week for Lefties.

Christopher M. Chupik said...

He sure seems hung up on Sarah, doesn't he?

The Phantom said...

Yeah. She really grinds floppy's gears. He's got a real problem with nonconforming people and opinions.

You notice he has nothing to say about the Obammacare debacle, or Russia etc? All that must be driving him nuts! 🤣🤣🤣

Orvan Taurus said...

Noting one comment regarding transsexuals and mythical beasts/creatures, I just feel this need to say that I am now, and always have been, and plan to continue to be, male. Mythical, yes. In some folk's world, being of the same simply-observed sex (or gender if you must) from birth on is probably in itself mythical these strange days.

Sam L. said...

"The Flop-Dodging Phantom" This reminds me of a model-airplane club shirt I saw many years ago. It said "Tom's Plop Dodgers" with guys flying models amidst the cowl pies on the ground.