Sunday, September 04, 2005

Half the story again?

Dear Mr. Brooks,

Regarding your Times article today,

As usual, I get half the story from the New York Times.  Where is your mention of the fact that only New Orleans is having major crime issues, among all the places hit?  Life in the rest of the affected areas seems to be going on without a great deal of shooting and looting, despite the higher level of destruction and lower level of outside aid.  Why is that, exactly?

Where is your research into who left half the buses in New Orleans to the flood rather than fill them with the poor on Sunday and drive them away to safety?  Who built the levy that broke, and when?  How many have raged at the N.O. city council to upgrade that levy, and why were they all ignored?

I see a list of supposed government failures from the Bush administration.  Some of them, Abu Graib most prominently, are 100% creations of the New York Times.

Where is the fact that WMDs have been found in Iraq, in significant quantity more than sufficient to poison half of NYC?  Where is the fact that the intelligence failures leading to 9/11 were created by the Clinton Administration?  Remember "The Wall?"

Where is Waco, Ruby Ridge, the embassy bombings, the Sudan aspirin factory, the first World Trade Center bombing, Monica, and etc?
You mentioned Rudy Giuliani taking control on 9/11.  He took control of NYC a hell of a long time before that.  He ended the systemic, top to bottom corruption in the NYPD by arresting and prosecuting the people responsible.  His "broken window" enforcement campaign virtually ended muggings and other street crime by jailing the perpetrators.  He ended the city's slow slide into bankruptcy by cutting spending.  Etc. etc.  In short sir, he was a Conservative.

And as I recall, the NY Times fought him every single step of the way. 

Now the Times opposes George W. Bush, another Conservative, for doing the broken window campaign on a much bigger scale.  If I want to know who's doing something that's actually working, helping people and making society grow and improve, all I have to do is look and see who the Times is down on this week.

If there's a bursting point being reached, the Times and the Democrats are the ones about to get the back-flash.  If you disagree, check your circulation numbers and results of the last three elections before flaming on.  People are getting sick of tired old Leftists who can't organise a two man rush on a three hole out house, and their willing accomplices in the press.

If you want to be taken seriously, find out who left all those buses sitting there and why.

The Phantom

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