Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Palestinians behaving as expected: badly.

Two articles (Article 1, Article 2) from Frontpage Magazine today regarding the Israeli pullout from the Gaza Strip, and the expected behavior of the Palestinians.  Which is to say, looting and burning.  Pictures are on the front page of the National Post.

When looting and burning are done in New Orleans or Los Angeles it is a "national disgrace", verily "a stain upon America".  But when it happens in Gaza its a frickin' national celebration.  Methinks these are not the actions of a people interested in peace.

The Israelis are probably doing the smartest thing they can right now.  Build a big wall and shoot anybody who comes over it.  Not a perfect solution, but better than the suicide bombings. 

Were it me I'd shut the gate on the bastards and let them eat sand for a couple of years.  See how the increased roughage in their diets improves their behaviour.

The Gated Phantom

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